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Manuel C
How do i beat a urine test using home remedies?
I smoke Marijuana at least twice a day and have been doing so for 5 yrs and weigh 200lbs.

Angie L
The tried and true method for me is simple.....bleach. Put a little on a band aid or your finger tip(your choice) and prior to urination rub the bleach coated object in the bottom of the specimen cup a couple of times. The bleach will over run whatever you have in your system. Make sure to drink WATER prior to your test this will also help with the dilution of the drugs in your system.

Well i would try one of thoes "drinks" with the triple money back guarentee but if that is not an option try mixing CERTO in a bottle of gatoraid or juice and drinking that i have heard it works. its the stuff you put in jams and jellies to get the gellitin effect. You can also try flushing your system with TONS of cranberry juice (natural anti oxidents) and water. You will have to do this for 4+ weeks (juice and water method) either way you go you will have to quit smoking for at least 2 weeks :)
good luck with your new job!
I always have prefered buying urineluck its "fake" pee you use instead of your own

get a detox kit and drink lots of water..

Depends on when it is and how long you are willing to stop before hand.
It is recomended that you not partake for 2-3 days before hand. THC is stored in the fat cells, I downloaded an e-book for about ten bucks....
Told me to wake up and not eat or drink anything except water...take 1/2 cup sugar and mix with a bottle of water....drink it down then drink another bottle of water...
no caffeine, no food, just water...
this tells your body you just ate a big meal and empties out all the toxins in your system...
I'd wait until i was peeing clear before going in tho......
worked for me

chicken noodle soup...worked for me!!!

Andrew A
Quick Fix synthetic urine works

You can't do it. Some tests go down to 2 nanograms. Even 1 joint after a month is 45 nanograms. In your case the tester could probably get high just processing the sample. They run a hair test and they can see it forever.

Well if you don't pass your pee test it's your own fault.

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