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 how do you gete taller?
im 13 in im like not even 5 feet so yall how do i get ...

 i share a room...............?
with my brother, he currently has a cold/sore throat, he coughs alot throughout the night and would i get sick by breathing the same air, and how can i prevent this???
Additional Details

 I'm coming down with a cold are there any good remedies that don't involve popping pills?

 Drinking other people's wee...?
My girlfriend insists that, whilst extremely inadvisable and unhealthy to drink your own wee, she extols the virtues of drinking other peoples wee.

Whenever confronted by rational, ...

 YOUR OPINION: Is marijuana addictive?

 what's the worst thing about running out of weed?
i hate when it happens cause i can't get ...

 What's a good way to get my adrenaline up?
Right before a football game? Any minerals or vitamins or something?...

 it seems that i have some ear wax right down deep in my ear and it seems to effect my hearing a quite bit?
my hearing is not noticble until i block my other ear with some ear plugs then i notice my other ear is really quiet i have used drops to try and get rid of it but it has not seemed to ...

 iam having chest pains and my husband is at work and i can't call him and i don't know what to do sign help as

 i need a hangover cure fast!!!?
went to a bbq birthday party yesturday
didnt drink as much as i usually do coz im at work today
but im more hungover than ever 2day
i start work at 12 but i just feel so ill
how ...

 Do animals also have diseases like cancer,blood pressure,diabetes........ect.?

 HELP does bleach and water help u pass a drug test?

 what's the fastest way to get rid of a headache?
I don't now why but every day i get this annoying headache and i don't have time to see a doctor because my scedule is so ...

 I need some remedies for sore throats that don't involve alcohol (no crude suggestions please!)?
I'm in the really rubbish position that my husband has been losing his voice on and off for the last 5 weeks, so I have been running his recruitment agency waiting for him to see a specialist. I&...

 how to improve your eyesight?
If one wants to throw off the glasses.Are there natural therapy?...

 Is it disturbing that a certain AltMed member on this board is recruiting people from other websites...?
...to join in their campaign against mainstream medicine on Y!A? Is this akin to cult activity?

I'll keep this short. A recent question was posted on this board regarding cancer, the ...

 I don't mind dying as long as I am there. True or False?

 Anti Antiabiotics!! HELP?
This question is for people who don't use antibiodics but rather natural treatments on themselves and their kids.....

I have heard that Antibiotics don't work on any viruses.........

 My knees hurt me constantly! What can I do?
My knees are killing me lately. I run a lot and about 3 years ago I was playing basketball and I tripped and dislocated my left knee. I went to the docter and found that I had torn my miniscus(...

 smoke weed????? help???m?
so a group of my friends that go to church with me are smoking weed, i just found out last night from my brother. ANd idk if i should tell my like this lady that i trust and she's like a really ...

How can I stop myself from thinking that I'm so much better than everyone else is, all of the time?

Thomas H
Move out of Arkansas. It's not your fault.


Susan Yarrawonga
Get your IQ checked with an IQ test. Perhaps you are a genius and your IQ is above 150. Most people have an IQ of 100 or close to it. 100 is the average.

If your IQ is only 120 to 130 that is quite common and it simply means that your intelligence is above average or even well above average but so what. Even people with an IQ of 80 to 90 probably have a few special skills that people with a much higher IQ do not have.

Quite often people with a high IQ have some defects (such as personality defects) that other people with a much lower IQ don't have so perhaps IQ does not mean that much. A typical example would be what you sometimes see in science fiction movies such as the mad scientist or the absent minded professor.

Truth hurts. Just live with that. Finally you will be reconciled to being superior. Bit lonely perhaps. But that is the wages of greatness.

miss ellie
I'm 'seasoned' with a lot of life's experiences under my belt...and if you don't want to see my belt I suggest sonny/sis or what ever you are...you get down off of that tower or high-horse of yours and be down here with us NORMAL people! Come on now.........lol

(You may read my answer with a southern accent ; if you please)

When you get it in your head that you are just a person and not god..You arent so much better you live and breath and I dont think you are any better than I am..Just put it in your mind sweetie that you are you no better and not any worse..just you. Really I know I am not any better than anyone else and never thought that I was. So what makes you so different? Email me sometimes I would love to have you give me ideas on why you are better...We love each other o n this earth not to make assumptions that we are better..but just human beings that care.Sorry about your troubles you have been having here , maybe its a wake up call for you..Hope so..cause we would all miss you.

Yi don't know!We'ens Nuts around here, so I suggest you hang around wit tus for a while.You'll eventually start to feel the loonies ease in and Bam! You're Cured.LMAO

Remember that bottle of gin? Love, honey

maybe you are

Meet ME. You'll actually see that I'M better than everyone else.

hang out with very smart models.

Remind yourself that you had to ask a bunch of strangers that on Yahoo.

Squirrel Cage
Holy freaking crap! Oh no, not the vitamin GCG, that is a hallucinatory drug that will turn you into a zombie think the Cubs will finally go all the way and win a World Series title after 100 years of being lovable <cough cough> losers.

Best to stick to mixing grain alcohol with your cheap gin to spice things up. You still drink it out of a mason jar from a brown paper bag, right Dingles?

I need more Cowbell!®
That's a common misconception among fry cooks. You all think since you control the french fries, you control the world of fine dining!

Katie H
sounds like you need a good dose of humility; serving others would be a good idea - go beyond "soup kitchen" ideals and start with your friends/family. When you get up to get a glass of water, ask if anyone needs anything and get it for them happily.

Start becoming a cheerful giver :) The more time you spend with people, the more you are able to perceive them as humans with gifts/flaws and the more able you'll be able to see the gifts/flaws in yourself.

You can't darlin...its a curse...i know i have it as well...we ARE better than everyone else.....live with it....I do....

See if you can fool the guy in the mirror.

♪ Peace Ninja ♪
hang around with that tom cruise for a while.

why deny the truth...?

Dr.Knowitall GCG MD ™
Pull the stick out of your as­s and shove it up somebody elses... ;)

Well it's simple... you don't need to stop. YOU ARE BETTER than everyone else.

MamiZ fa shizzle!
Seriously, have you SEEN the Q's?

"Am I pregnant?"
"Am I pretty?"
"Does my butt make me look fat?"[yes. i know it does. i'm just saying...]

"Which Jonas brother is the cutest and do you think they'll get Ally and AJ pregnant?"

Honey, YOU ARE BETTER....all the dammm time.

Oh, and I think Vitamin GCG is supposed to help.

Break the wrist, walk away.
Break the wrist, walk away.

GoCubsGo ™
Vitamin GCG™.

ompelle McCain
You're not better than Will Arnett and Amy Poehler... they dump jet fuel on their single friends and call up endangered species on the phone.... or whatever.

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