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i forgot about my drug screening.
i did lik 5 vicodin on friday.
my drug screening is on tuesday.
ive drank 2 gallons of water today
am i going to pass...
and does water ...

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HELP does bleach and water help u pass a drug test?


There is a detoxifying remedy you can buy at any head shop that should clean you out. Try that instead. Also, start slamming cranberry juice in the meantime. It will make you pee a lot, which will clear some of the THC out of your system. Then drink the detox stuff at least 4 hours prior to the test, pee once before you get tested, and you should be good. All this was told to me by a friend who KNOWS!!!

The only way that Bleach will help you pass the test is to put it directly in the specimen cup and let it eat the drugs in your urine.
The folks that told you that bleach will help are just not educated enough to know.
If you live in a city, you are already drinking bleach in the city water. Also you are ingesting fluoride which is good for your teeth but not your body.

well I personally never herd of drinking it....but from what I know you put a few drops in something small and when u pee in the cup pour a few drops of the bleach in it. I never tried it....but I know ppl who have.

No. Bleach is a bio-cide. POISON.
Use a purging liquid found at head shops. Use Goldseal. It is a native american herb. Ask for advice from the head shop.
Do not consent to a drug test.

No.1 Drug tests are not always 100% accurate. But drinking bleach is not going to help. I don't believe in mandatory drug testing, it is an invasion of privacy. Especially if you smoke pot, and it takes 30 days to get out of your system, even though you may not have smoked any for that long. But the powers that be, think if it is still in your blood, then it's still affecting your brain. What a crock.

If you really want to pass, don't smoke for at least a week before the test, and during that week, drink lots of water, cranberry juice, and green tea, and take lots of vitamins. The night before the test drink lots of water. The morning of the test, take your vitamins, drink more cranberry juice, and more water, then make sure you go at least 2 times before you take the test. By then your urine should be so diluted the test should come up negative. There are also things you can buy out of magazines, or in a head shop.

To all those who are going to come down on me for this: Yes I smoke pot, why? because I am in constant pain from fibromyalgia, and it is one of the few things that actually works, so that I can sleep at night, and function during the day without a lot of other un-natural drugs, clogging up my brain.
There has never been any actual scientific proof that smoking pot will cause you harm. Alcohol, and ciggarettes are far worse for you than a natural herb.

You won't need a drug test,because if you ingest any amount of bleach,you'll be dead.

You wanna know the best way to pass a drug test?

Wedding Planner
Sure...it can kill you and/or damage your body so that you will not be available to take your upcoming drug test.

Another no fail way to pass a drug test is to NOT TAKE DRUGS.

Stopping the use of illegal drugs will help you pass the test.

bleech can damage the kindneys and liver, your skin is your
largest organ so dont put bleech on you or in you.
For more natural healing tips ck out:

Mr. Mean
No. Your best option is dilution. Drink as much water as you can before you take the test. Try to plan it so that your urinating the clearest water possible. Most times you are given two hours to submit a sample take this time to drink as much water as possible. Most masking attempts will only get you fired, dilution will not. The company will have to either accept the sample or request a retake. So after your intial test keep drinking plenty of water. Time and water are your best chance. Also stay away from what ever could cause you to want to dilute your urine, you know what I mean? Any unusual chemical found in your urine that is determined to be a masking agent is justifiable cause for termination.

michelle b
bleach will make your vomit severely I know I drank it thinking it was my aloe juice .Happy vomiting!

Do not do this. You are endangering your health here.

No this will not work,once the drugs are in your system they can be there for several days

Winters child
If the bleach does not kill you the drugs will.

No, it does not work and can also give you false positives.

Funny you should ask.

I read an interview with a police chief just last week regarding this particular claim.

He said it was a laughable myth, more like a practical joke than anything, and certainly not true.

Any amount of bleach would interact with gastric fluids(stomach acids) and cause ulcer like holes to develop in the lining of the stomach and small intestines.

nobody important
No, it doesn't.

I don't think that will help at all...

I believe it's just a myth. BTW...bleach is poisonous and can kill you so I wouldn't recommend drinking any at all.

Also why are you in such a hurry to pass a drug test? School-related, work, police? (If i knew the exact test I may be able able to offer more advice)

you'll probably end up killing yourself. if you want my advice on how to pass a drug test, here it is...... STOP TAKING DRUGS!

There's only one sure-fire way to beat the drug test, but it's a closely guarded secret that I can't just give out to anybody.

Do you really want to know what it is?


Are you freaking out and dying to know?

OK, I probably shouldn't tell you, but you seem like a nice guy, so I will.

Are you ready?

Here it comes!

Promise you won't tell anyone else?

Allright, I believe you! The only sure-fire way to beat the drug test is:

DON'T DO DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!

Heaven L
lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllll if you drink bleach you wont have to worry about passing a drug test because you'll be dead.

mad mike
Yes, it will help you pass a drug test because YOU WILL BE DEAD!!! Don't try it.

No, but the bleach will kill you if that's an option you're considering.

Your kidding right? Drinking bleach could kill you.

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