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Guys I think I'm sick can you help me?
Well I don't know if I'm sick yet but the symptoms are stuffy nose, can't barely breathe through my nose, and it burns inside it. Can you guys tell me if I have a cold and please tell me what I should do. And do guys agree with me that jello and popsicles can get rid of a cold. I think I read about it. Please help me, I feel so miserable.
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Thank you sweeta for a decent answer. But I still haven't chose my best answer. I'm just reading my answers so I could pick the right one. I know all you guys arent doctors I just want to hear your ideas. I'm not stupid. Yahoo answers is for people answering questions. Who cares iF your not a doctor. I just want to see whats the best way to get rid of a cold fast. I might not word it right but you guys should know what I mean. Most of you guys answers are decent. But a few of you got attitudes so just chill.

yes you have what i have right now or you might have a sines infection. take some cold medicine and get nazal spray. spray twice in each nostrol.

Tommy M

Sounds like a cood. Have a hot bowl of chicken noodle soup works wonders

I don't know if eating anything could make a cold go away once you already have it. What you can do is take medicine to take away the symptoms, and just wait for it to get flushed out of your system.

Sadg A
take a decongestant and go to the doctor if that doesn't help.
airbourne works really well for congestion! it taste good too lol!

Karen B
Umm not much you can do about a cold love. drink lots of water take some pain killers or have a lemsip and go to sleep.

put thee book on thee table!!!
get mucinex if you can't breath or boil water and put a blanket over you're head and breathe in the steam..then blow..your mucus with a paper. No jello or popsickes make it worse! http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Ah.bknm8sUm1ZyO7QJ9kva3sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080916155549AA9Bdij

Click here
wait about a week then it will go away natrually

I don't think that jellos and popsicles will help you get rid of a cold, but have you tried medicine? Or have you tried covering yourself under a blanket until you sweat like crazy? Seriously, I've tried that and it worked...^^ I just hope you get better!

dr. dirty
ibuprofen and hot soup, and stay indoors.

D .N. M
get emergen C good stuff ask a pharmasist about it ......it gets rid of the cold naturaly but quicker

Bob P
well i think youare 2 so what id do is

1. go to da parmases and ask what thay have on stuffy noses

2. take it .

3. i agreewith u ithink i read that or my techer said about a week ago

Corey E
I only went in this cause your avatar looks like sarah palin LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

chantal n
my health teacher said when you have a cold if you take medicine your cold goes away in 1 week,and if you don't it goes away in 7 days i don't know if its true or not

Actually Jello is made from animal hides and bones. so i wouldnt be eating jello for anything.

Hello there.(;
you're sick with a head cold. take some cold medicine, avoid laying down, and drink alot of water =]

You just have a cold. drink lots of orange juice and water. Popsicles will help with your sore throat- buy the 100% fruit juice ones. I don't know about jell-o. To loosen up the mucus in your sinuses turn the shower on to the hottest and make sure all the doors and windows are closed and sit there and breathe in. you can put some lavendar and eucalyptus oils in a bowl of steaming water also and breathe that it. you can get essential oils at most drug stores. You can also take real sudaphed (the stuff you have to be 18 to buy) and that will clear you up.

Rich W
You might be sick or just have allergies. Try some average nose spray, it should give you temporary relief from your stuffed up nose.

As far as popsicles and jello, that's a total no.

Jill S
All you can do is rest and take it easy. Drink water, juices, and popsicles are fine to. Oh have you tried that stuff called Air Borne? It gets rid of a cold faster and potentially prevents you from getting one if you feel like one is coming on. They are vitamins and natural stuff. Sleep, sleep and sleep some more. Veg out in front of the TV and do nothing.

In God We Trust
YOU are not checking out your concerns in the appropriate way. Although we are helpful as best we can, we are not trained as a professional doctor. I want for you to get the appropriate assistance. Get up from where you are and get the right attention, this very moment. What shall we then say to these things? If GOD be for us, WHO can be against us? - Romans 8:31. The Lord daily loadeth us with BENEFITS, even the GOD of our salvation. Selah. - Psalm 68:19. I wish you well. Peace!!!

Brittney W
wow he's a little cranky :)
yes it sounds like you're sick. i would take some medicine.

You're probably sick, so just take some cold remedies.

If you don't, then cold foods won't help colds... Hot drinks will. You might have a sore throat too, because mucus running down your throat is making it raw. Hot drinks moisten your throat, and cause the mucus to rise, so you can spit it up or blow it out.

brendan s
I am no doctor, and cannot be sure to say if you have a cold by just telling if your nose is stuffy and burning. However, if it is infact a cold, try taking some cold medicine (and yes, I do know that there is no cure for the common cold O_O) and see if that works. If you take some and you are still feeling symptoms, you might want to try that popsicle and jello thing... although, your local pharmacist you could probably diagnose your problem, and give you a treatment... I have something like this, almost on a regular basis during the fall, Usually if I get a good night sleep, it goes away...

Mickey Mouse Spears
I can't help you, and neither Jello or popsicles will get rid of a cold. A cold is a virus, and there isn't a single virus in the world for which there is a cure.

NO jello does but popsicles are to be avoided when you are cold expecially when you have a cold. Makes it worse. Im in medical school andI know this stuff.

I think it's obvious you have a cold and that in no way will jello or popsicles get rid of it....colds are viruses that can't be gotten ride of, instead you body immunes itself to that particular virus.

Scott R
No, jello can't get rid of a cold. Sounds like you have one though.

yea. popsicles cures everything from a cold to AIDS... good luck with that

you have a stuffed up nose that burns.... sounds like you been doing too much NOSE CANDY, too much snow, blow, soft, adult pixie sticks.... COCAINE

Eric V
you have a cold . just drink lots of water take hot baths, sleep , eat soups. u probably got sick from someone else or from weather changes.

sweeta :
Sounds like a common cold. No, Jello and popsicles do not get rid of colds. Exercise, rest, plenty of liquids, and staying away from sugar are helpful for recovery. Staying in bed doing nothing beyond normal rest does no good. It's nice to be moving around and in fresh air. If the congestion affects your ears, take a decongestant to help prevent build up of fluid behind your ears. Prop your head at night, at 45 degree angle...to keep fluid from resting behind ear drum and increasing your chance of ear infection.

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