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Freelife Goji Juice is said ti have a "Special Spectral Signature". How can this be?

It's not hype or mumbo jumbo at all. Dr. Earl Mindell, world's leading Nutritionist, Pharmacist and Master Herbalist, spent 11 years studying this berry and how to process it to preserve the 4 natural polysaccharides. It is the only food on earth that contains these 4 natural polysaccharides.
What he means by spectral signature is that it is a true fingerprint, the FT-IR Spectral Signature for each type of goji berry is unique. It can also tell the subtle differences between single-variety berries from neighboring valleys. More impressive still, it can discern differences between berries that were grown on the same vine in different years or under varying climatic conditions.
Dr. Mindell puts his signature on every bottle so anyone can break down what exactly is in the bottle and see that it only contains berries with a particular DNA.
Freelife has the patent on this, and no other functional fruit juice can even come close to this breakthrough in health. It is the only functional fruit juice on the market with medical validation including over 72 clinical studies on Pubmed.gov....this is where the Doctors go to get their information.

Mystical mumbo-jumbo and (as mentioned) marketing fluff.
It doesn't mean anything - just intended to pull in the gullible few who are inclined to believe in that sort of crap.

Teri Jo D
Goji is a major scam. I have some serious liver problems and a "friend" who sells goji through Freelife urged me to try it. She said I had nothing to lose because they have a money-back guarantee. When the goji made me sicker than ever, I tried to get my money back and was given lame excuses for why the guarantee doesn't apply to me.
BTW, the ingredients on the bottle lists goji as only at most 20%. It is mostly commercial apple, pear and grape juice that you are paying $35 a bottle for...it's not even organic!

It's just marketing hype. The "spectral signature" on the Freelife Goji label is nothing more than a logo that incorporates an artistic rendition of a sine wave that could represent anything, and therefore represents nothing.


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