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Drinking other people's wee...?
My girlfriend insists that, whilst extremely inadvisable and unhealthy to drink your own wee, she extols the virtues of drinking other peoples wee.

Whenever confronted by rational, science based reasons why it is bad (or at least, not good) to drink any wee whatsoever, she responds with "Google it!".

I am reluctant to Google "Wee drinking", so I thought I'd ask here.

So, drink other people's wee. Good or Bad?

They reckon tap water in London has passed through several peeps before it gets to you.

Dale S
Ask your girl to drink the "other liquid" from your wee wee instead.

<3 my lil man
Ive heard good and bad things about it, and there is lots of info on the net. But years ago doctors used to taste peoples urine to determine whether or not they were poorly/what was up with them, such as high glucose levels etc. Also many religious and extreme fasters will only consume their own urine.

Basically urine is only water, with small amounts of urea, proteins and enzymes etc.

I personally wouldnt do it, but from what ive read, its not an impossibility/dangerous.

Mine probably wouldn't be too bad - I'm sure I pee pure white wine at least 3 days a week! As for drinking someone elses - sweet god, why would you even try.... Sounds like a fetish to me pal!

the queen of the east
Drinking urine
Relax. Take a deep breath.
We have the answers you seek

Recycle reuse laugh out loud!!!

Your crazy to be with her because when you kiss her you kiss urine!!!!!!!!!!

ok, so you dont want to look up wee drinking, but type "the golden fountain" , its a book by some really old guy who is certain hes as old as he is coz of the whole wee thing! ive read a bit of it, he says that you must have a full bladder, and that the first few moments of the wee shouldnt be drank, as they are poison, nor should the last bit, only the middle weeyness should be consumed. i personally think its very odd, but you never know, it must just sort out that bad back....

I have read that drinking your own is more healthy so long as you maintain a good vegetarian diet. Bottoms Up...literally speaking.

definatley bad can make you very i'll,however drinking your own is a bit differnt you can clean your own up through filtering many times over but still not adivsable unless life or death situation

Amy H
MINGIN' WITH A CAPITAL MING there's a reason your body gets rid of the stuff that's in urine cos it's full of toxins and excess water and I personally have a rule about things like that if your lower body holes want rid of it don't put it in your mouth. and if you drink urine no one will want to play with you.
And drinking your own is rancid it's even worse to drink someone else's

El Cid
The truth is that not everything you read on the web and turned up by Google is true or accurate (including YA!). Even if she could point to some site that backed her, it's not necessarily correct. Think about what she's saying. If your wee is bad for you when you drink it, why should it be good if SHE drank it? All the arguments about your won wee contains your own waste and therefore is not good for you, etc., is a lot of bollocks. Drinking wee is advocated by some nutters who practise yoga or something similar or think that a piece of quartz holds some mystical powers to heal. There is no true scientifc basis, except that some wee may contain hormones which some people may find beneficial. But it's better to take that in the form of purified preparations than to resort to untreated human waste.

Wrong way around.

By drinking your own urine, you can only catch diseases that you've got already!

Body fluids from other people can pass on all sorts of germs. Most of these are things that can make you a little ill for a while (often without even noticing), and thereafter immune. This happens all the time; you don't need to drink their wee to develop immunities to their diseases. And of course, some diseases can be more serious.

Drinking your urine in the morning can allow the level of melatonin in your system to remain high. This relaxation hormone is plentiful while you sleep, and your kidneys get rid of it when you wake up. Increased or prolonged melatonin might be useful, eg against jetlag, or it might make you drowsy.

(Some reindeer herders have traditionally drunk the wee of their beasts, in order to benefit from a hallucinagenic drug in the lichens eaten by the reindeer. The herders can't eat the lichen, because it's poisonous to people, but the drug passes unaffected through the reindeer's system. There are also stories about people drinking other people's urine to get a hit off drugs they have taken, but none that can be relied on.)

Try websearching 'Urine Therapy', or try this site:


Urine is waste and probably not a good idea to drink it. Some folks urine has diseases in it and not to mention some killer viruses.
Please do not drink urine!

tongue in cheek
shes mad

wee is waste

if your body needed wee it wouldnt expel it now would it silly

Fröken Fräken
Wee is waste! Why would you want to drink it? I actually know a woman who drinks something like half a glass of her own wee first thing in the morning and swears that it's great for you. But if you're going to drink any wee it should be your own, not somebody else's. Yuck!

Well as it's rejected by the kidneys to the bladder after all nutrients have been absorbed I would presume that nothing is left to be of benefit to be consumed again. Also, does she now have bad breath?!!!

Thanks it was certainly interesting reading a little off putting and at other times quite funny. Good or Bad----the taste the smell ---Bad and I don't care if it is even remotely good for you so is cod liver oil not something I indulge in. If I was foolish enough to be trapped in the desert I would probably have to if there was no other liquid but I would have trouble it would not be easy and I am talking about my own. I refuse to have a share of anyone else's. You do have a choice. I would choose to die of thirst sooner.

Dan's The Man!
Now, that's just taking the ****!!!

Ralf comes to mind, as I stick my head down the loo, shout for him and vomit. I've seen things about this before and it is so gross. Don't do it. It's BAD, BAD, BAD !!!!!!! I can't think of anything worse. x

Random Hangman
I "heard" many years ago that as your own urine is made up of toxins that your body has rejected it is highly poisonous. Therefore, someone elses is a different set of poisons and can be filtered by your body. However, although this sounds logical I am loathe to try it.

P.S. I think that avoiding the Google search is probably wise... Unless that's your "Bag" Baby!!!

Edit - Maybe your girlfriend is carefully trying to suggest a new game to "spice things up"??? Good luck, Mate


To my knowledge, once out of the body, wee is only good for one thing. Softening rock hard brand new army boots.
Even dying of thirst in the desert, no one in his right mind would drink piss !

kinky hmmm?

what ever happened to HOSPITALS

you know, wait 2 hours in line, then some guy say

take a aspirin, and you will be OK.

i hope she don't start eating number 2.


ξήĢ?ĭŞĦ ŗǾşξ ©® ღ?ღ
its not good .. you have no idea what disease & waste you are poisoning your body with ..

I think urine a bit of trouble, mate!

If it's on the net, must be true!

Honestly, the whole 'alternative medicine' thing leaves me gasping. If it works, it's not alternative, it if don't, it 'aint medicine!

New Age - Rhymes with Sewage!

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