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Does anyone know of a natural treatment for the symptoms of UC?

with the food you eat
be silent and only eat the food
slowly SLOWLY
BE SILENT for the food takes in YOUR silence
and you will receive silent food
Your GI tract will love it
This is above anything else a conscious and free method of deepening awareness and healing YOU.
Love Frans

YES, regular use of coconut oil is excellent for alleiviating the symptoms and in some cases reverses the progression of UC. Extra virgin coconut oil is best but you can get coconut oil at most grocery stores.
Read this. http://blog.360.yahoo.com/blog-zd__UWczd6edsUE015ZQHdxDPbY.bw--?cq=1&p=730 This guy has allot of blogs on alternatives and links to others who also work in and with these alternatives.

E-mail me Mandy.

Omega three's, folic acid, probiotics, aloe, methocellulose fiber supplements, tumeric, coconut......the list goes on. It is mostly trial and error. I found that staying stress-free is the best preventative measure because stress severely exacerbates gut problems, especially UC.

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