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Anvita Ganpriya
Do you believe that Herbs can heal?

only if the herbs weed!

some herbs contain chemicals that are capable of making certain ailments better, but chemicals are chemicals a molecule of caffeine is a molecule of caffeine weather you get it from a coffee bean or from a soft drink. a lot of medical drugs are discovered through the investigation of herbs and other natural compounds. the chemicals that are responsible for the "healing" are isolated and mass produced, allowing the take to get enough of that chemical in far lower doses than would be the case if you were required to eat the herbs whole, also you don't have to worry about the side effects of every single chemical in that herb, just the one that is in the pill.

what i don't believe is that you should give any respect for something simply because it is "natural" or because it was used in "ancient times" treatments are shown to be good or bad by their testable effects not by their origin, popularity, or age.

Toad- you should start your own web site called "The Ultimate Cure Zone". Give Tony I a run for his money.

William T
Herbs sometimes contain chemicals that can be used as medicine yes, but buying herbal supplements is a huge waste of your time and a big safety risk.

Depends if there's anything in them that might have an effect. Most are bogus or harmless, but some are powerful enough to harm you.

Some "real" medicines came from herbs originally. Most herb "cures" are placebo effect, so basically harmless as long as you aren't been overcharged for them.

I certainly wouldn't use them to treat any serious medical condition. But if you mean for tea and things like that, sure, why not?

Modern medicine came out of herbology same as astronomyh came out of astrology and chemistry out of alchemy.

In modern times, using herbs is kind of quaintly superstitious.

of course! thyme healed my blindness, savory cured my aids and peppermint made my hemorrhoids disappear!

when im not sure what's wrong with me i go to KFC for a bucket of chicken. those 7 secret herbs and spices will fix you up good, no matter what's wrong with you.

Dr. Suniel Kaushal
Certainly, herbs work wonder.
Herbs are used as "special foods" serving to eliminate excesses and strengthen deficiencies. While they may possess a power full nutritive impact on a weekened body, their primary action is to stimulate particular organic functions. This is the more illusive energetic aspect of herbs and indeed of all medicines, drugs and foods that need to be understood. Besides the specific function of a medicine or food, there is a more general effect in that for some who are predisposed, it can, broadly speaking, either raise or lower overall metabolism and stimulate or sedate nerve, nutritive or fire energies which comprise the Tridosha humoural system.
The fundamental error of western medicine it to TREAT THE DISEASE RATHER THEN THE PATIENT, If drugs were prescribed sensitively according to the individual nature of each person, as herbs are in Ayurvedic healing system, many of the side effects that result could be avoided. The value of using herbs and foods lies particularly in their relative non-specific action of their "mildness".
If one missuses an herb, the results are relatively minor and are generally completed in the residues of the herb from the system. It is extremely difficult with synthetic drugs or extracted concentrates of chemicals.
The liver may be unable to fully eliminate a drug from the tissues and cells of the body because it has not figured out how to neutralize it either for assimilation or elimination. Unable to fully process the substance, it is stored in the liver and tissues or circulates in the body, creating a toxic burden that impaires necessary organic physiological process.
After 23 years experience i find it it is impossible to understand Ayurveda in one life as a life of average 70 years is too lest to go through the vast knowledge and all Vedas and written books by Ayurvedic scientists since last 6000 years and combine them with our little experience.
A book can be written on your simple few worlds question, this answer is too short.

Herbs are a stronger version of food, but taken for a shorter time; while food has a weaker effect but can be taken for a longer time.

Herbs you take to rebalance and establish homeostasis of your body.
Any imbalance for a prolonged period of time (whether you are aware or unaware) can lead to symptoms and later on disease.

Understanding herbs is key, Ignorance doesn't heal...

Yes i do believe that herbs are the best medicines and can heal all of your diseases.
Just go here to my site to get more about this herbal healing at

yes, herbs can heal....in holistic heaing method, you can heal any disease with uncooked vegetables ....write [email protected]




Yes, I do believe that. Actually i know! I am a Holistic Healer, and i know herbs can heal. People always try to shun herbs but it can heal you. I have seen the wonders the herbs do. Sick people getting well because of herbs. It's a great alternative medicine, and i believe with my whole heart it can heal.

Ashley Jann Smith

Holistic Healer

For herbs all the way! Evirusth is a nut.First there are man made chemicals and wow there are natural chemicals.The word chemical should not always be a bad world there are healthy natural chemicals and not all chemicals are the same.
Janie hit it nail on the head with tinctures I make tinctures from herbs I pull and dig.I find it a waste to buy something in the store that is not at it's top performance.
I started using herbs nine years ago and I have only had the flu one time and a cold maybe four times,when I do get a cold it is 100% better in three days.Before I used herbs I was very sick and went to the dr for my sickness I got the flu at least every other year when I got a cold I would keep it three months at a time! I read a few things on herbs that keep you from getting the flu and cold so I gathered these herbs this year for my children because they get a cold two time in the winter.They have not got the first cold!

KochuKrishnan K
Sure, most of the Ayurveda medicines are herbal based and had no side effects.

this is the end
Of course, or get addicted to prescription meds that are actually bad for you yikes.

Since from ur birth i dont think u should have taken any medicine or injection to help u grow.U have taken food only to grow and the natural process also have helped u grow.Herbs are natures gift for us to deal with our body.There so much in herbs that we all dont know so much healing power.

Know the Cure
of course herbs heal.... iw ould never trust my childs live to sick pill pushing doctors all they want is my child to die so they can then sell me anti depressants and more medications for the anti depressants side effects.... I'll give myself and my family healing herbs anyday over those quack pikks...

दुर्गाश्री शक्तिदिव्याDURGASHREE
Yes,I do believe.that HERBS CAN HEAL.
Herbs that heal include:

Of course,
I am not an idiot!!

Tony I
Of course herbs can heal - they have been used for healing for thousands of years and the majority of people on earth continue to use them. To make a blanket statement that herbs are a waste of money and are dangerous displays either an incredible ignorance about herbs or else a bias against alternatives to mainstream drugs. Or both.

The US is the most heavily medicated country in the world. Despite that we rank below over 40 countries in overall health. Several countries above us, including two of the top three, rely more on herbs than mainstream drugs.

Saying that a molecule is a molecule is simplistic. Sythetic and isolated molecules found in pharmaceuticals are not the same as using nature and getting all of the supporting compounds found in herbs that have been used medicinally and/or nutritionally.

Each year only a handful of serious adverse reactions are reported due to herbs (and the denial that such reactions are not reported is a weak one since serious adverse reactions almost always require hospitalization or treatment). Unnatural mainstream drugs on the other hand cause millions of serious adverse reactions each year and are responsible for over 140,000 deaths in hospitals and homes even when properly prescribed and administered.

Like anything you consider ingesting or using medicinally, natural or mainstream, you should do your homework and find a trusted supplier.

Isn't it funny to see any report of healing via herbs discounted as anecdotal evidence or the placebo effect? Almost as funny as the pharmaceutical industry's admission that most of their drugs do not work most of the time for most people.

"The vast majority of drugs - more than 90 per cent - only work in 30 or 50 per cent of the people." - Doctor Allen Roses, worldwide vice-president of genetics at GlaxoSmithKline and academic geneticist from Duke University

Saying that herbs don't work is denialism at its work. Herbs do work and that is a truth that "they" do not want to be told.


Herbs are great and can do wonders.

I strongly believe in herbs.


but not poor quality herbs in the wrong form

One needs to use tinctures and not capsules which are very poorly absorbed. Tinctures bypass digestion and go right to the bloodstream.

Teas (infusions and decoctions) made using distilled or stream distilled water (as distilled water is empty and releases more of the phytochemicals and nutrients in the plant that cure and prevent disease) are 2nd best but tinctures are easier to take/make

Also the herb should b organic or wildcrafted (grown in the wilds) as these contain 7-10 times the phytochemcials.

I know they work..I have seen it repeatedly in my life and those of others I have given them to--even very ill people.

But herbs work best especially for the incurable diseases or tough illnesses in a comprehensive lifestyle changing program that uses a diversity of things to rebuild health such as detoxing of the elimination organs, exercise, positive thoughts, reducing stress and hate etc, goodenvironmentt, good air and water, health mostly raw plant based diet of whole foods, hydrotherapy, reducing use of chemicals in cleaners, thing you put on your body, clothes etc, and things like that..then you get your miracle cures that astound.

EDIT--to address the previous poster. It is not good to take isolated chemicals or standardized herbs such as they do with St John's wort.

One needs to take the whole herb or the part of the herb that is used of the pant (example burdock root one uses the root and not the whole plant but does take the whole root and not some isolated chemicals contained in the root alone) as the herbs God/nature makes are designed to work synergistically with all the other phytochemcials and nutrients and properties known and as yet undiscovered.

We often find out some foods or chemicals in herbs work together better than alone. for example if one takes iron rich foods with vit c rich foods, both nutrients are better absorbed.

We should not be messing with nature like we know more than God who designed it for the use of man and beast as we do so to our downfall.

George thomas
if herbs hadn't helped in healing we shouldn't have been breathing now, our race would have been wiped out.
this is the best proof of healing power of herbs.

why not, our forefathers could survive only due to herbs

yes.. certainly..

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