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Can You treat fibromyalgia naturally?
Does anyone know of any herbs, vitamins , minerals that help with Fibromyalgia? I already know about standard meds. Massage and hot baths but I am searching for a dietary cause. Something I need in my diet or need to get rid of. I have had this for a long time but I am having a rather sudden very painful flair up and can't figure out why.

There is not much that can be done for it. A family member has it, and gets by.

Hi Vinney, I have fibromyalgia,and i know how you feel. There are some foods that will cause you to have more pain. My doctor gave me a list, and of course i lost it. Talk to your doctor,and get a list of foods that will make your condition flair up at times.A Friend.


Try a natural alternative , I HAD it and now feel great.
go to www.MangosteenExperiences.com , on the left is a list of persons testimonies and also for doctors audios go to
www.GoXanthones.com/Olivia , check out the pictures with different issues to and read about the XANTHONES in this fruit.
for the science of it go to www.pubmed.com (a government site) enter the word xanthones and/or mangosteen. You will be surprised how this works.
I can send you more of this email me. [email protected]

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia at 15. I was the youngest person my doctor had ever diagnosed. My mother is a nurse practitioner who was diagnosed at thirty. She had taken pain medications and also changed her diet but nothing seemed to have lasting results. When I was 19 I decided to find another treatment after counting the 17 pills I was taking a day. I went to acupuncture, physical therapy and so on. Then I found a book called The Bible Cure for Fibromyalgia by Don Colbert. I'm not even a Christian but of all the books I had read his was the best. I followed his diet plan for a year. I cut out all white flour, sugar and most dairy. It was difficult but I began to feel better. I also took a month long body detox (you can get that at a health food store). I did feel worse before I felt better. That was my body ridding itself of toxins. It took a year but I began to exercise again and feel like a real person. I went back to the doctors who were treating me, the ones who said there was no cure, and they could find no longer find it. I have had no symptoms for three years now. I hope this helps you.

Mad Roy
Magnesium and malic acid supplements have helped some people. Others have gotten some relief from taking MonaVie juice.

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