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Best 'cure' for common cold?
I am that kinda person who is always getting colds, and I have just caught another one! My mum swears by just about everything but I wanna hear some cures that actually work...
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I take vitamin supplements daily, wash daily and I'm not usually allergic to anything!
I think its more likely I have a bad immune system because I was always ill as a young child, any advice?

Mike J
Keep a healthy cardiovascular system.
Get plenty of vitamin C from natural sources like fresh fruits and vegetables. For example, tomatoes (really a fruit, not a vegetable) are one of the highest sources of vitamin C.
Eat your food fresh and stay hydrated with plenty of water.
During cold season, shower often. I will brush my teeth more than the usual times, and rinse my nasal cavities to avoid collecting infected stuff in my head.

Echinacea has had some successful clinical trials that help to ease the effects of a cold. You can take a prophylactic as well as a treatment dose - see the packaging for details!

rest is the best

Homemade chicken noodle soup, lots of rest and TIME.

stay in bed

marie m
At the first sneeze or tickle in the throat, start taking Echinacea drops in a glass of water, and high dose vitamin C capsules; I have found this does not actually "cure" the cold, but holds off the worst symptoms and shortens the duration of it; it's gone in a couple of days.

Dr Frank
There are no solutions to your question that are at all practical. Ignoring vaccines Anti-viral drugs do exist. There are a number available for various types of influenza and specifics for herpes and varicela. None exist for the common cold.

Buckets full of vitamins, specifically vitamin C, groves of lemons and hives of honey have no effect at all. Most of the studies on Echinnacea show it to be on no benefit, but one recent study suggested, if taken every day it might reduce the average number of days spent each year with a cold by 1-2 days a year, but the publishers of the study felt this was just not worth the effort or cost.

Are you sure it isn't allergies? If you have a fever, then it is a cold. The best way to deal with a cold is drink plenty of fluids, including a glass of juice now and then (I prefer V-8 with extra A, C and E). Some people take cold medicines, but I prefer plain Robitussin expectorant to keep the fluids in my sinuses flowing and Tylenol if I'm in pain.

If it's allergies, see an allergist, your doctor, or an Ear Nose and Throat specialist.

I'd be concerned that your immune system seems to not work well. I'd get tested for auto-immune disorders. Your doctor, an internist, or a rheumatologist can best diagnose and treat those.

Good luck.

tea tree oil I find helps

louby loo
boiled lemonade sweats it out works for me

Minor colds I just ignore.

Heavy colds I take homeopathic Gelsemium.

Blocked nose/sinusitis, I take homeopathic Nat. Mur.

Sherry.. without a doubt the best thing to help a cold. Have a couple of sherries with fizzy lemonade and then a couple of neat sherries and go and have a sleep.

Vitamin C. You have to let it run it's course... usually about 7 days. Feel better soon!

Are you sure it is just a cold? Might be allergies.

Vitamin C is your best bet.Or try and nip it in the bud if you feel it coming on with a lemsip and an early night.It takes 7 days to cure a cold with anti biotics and 7 days to cure a cold without anti biotics. So just keep warm and drink plenty you dont need a doctor for a cold.

Two things - do not afraid, do not afraid to catch a cold.
- do not take umbrage in any situation. That mean do not stress yourself,keep your mind and body well balanced. To reach the balance clean your body with the help of hot bath, with liver cleaning natural medicine, with good sleeping, listening harmonious music, not overeating, etc.

At the first sight of a common cold, drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice, ginger juice and honey. Try its effect and tell others so they will also be benefited. :-)

Home made chicken soup and increase your vitamin C to 1000 mg a day. Rest & warm.

i like lemsip.not a cure but they sure help.take vitamin supplements and eat lots of oranges to try to keep your immune system up.

vitamin water...rasberry apple "defense"....works for me everytime

There is no cure for the common cold, but I recommend Lemsip (lemon flavour tastes nice) for fighting the symptoms. It contains paracetamol and a decongestant. If you get a cough with it then you should consider another medicine. I find that Lemsip always makes me feel better. The paracetamol takes care of the headache and muscle aches and the phenylphrine (decongestant) looks after the snotty nose. The hot lemon flavour just makes me feel better about myself, too.

Don't use with any other medicines containing paracetamol, check with your pharmacist if you are unsure.

warm lemonade in pan, add 2 crushed anadin,get your jammies on and get in bed. Toss olbas oil all over pillow, drink warm lemonade and sweat it out while you sleep... works for me everytime.

A smile a day keeps the doctor away or is it an apple!! Do both. At the same time preferably!!

As my gandmothe used to say " treat it and it will be gone in a week." Leave it alone and it will be gone in 7 days." You can only ease the symptoms and pass the virus on to others

Plenty of fluids
Get lots of rest

There is currently no 'cure' for the common cold. You can get less by washing your hands more frequently and taking vitamin C daily!

rest and soup!

Chicken noodle soup-homemade...and some warm tea with honey no milk.atleast for me

chicken soup

Sophie L
What absolute horsesh*t! I bet you dont even have a proper cold, not like me.

But try drinking onions, I HEAR thats good.

=) 10 points please

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