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Anti Antiabiotics!! HELP?
This question is for people who don't use antibiodics but rather natural treatments on themselves and their kids.....

I have heard that Antibiotics don't work on any viruses.......isn't pneumonia a virus??? what would you do if you had this? meaning the doctor told you that you had it...and if your kids got sick with it what would you give them? the doc perscribed antibiotics but I am against them...please help! tell me what you would do! (please no answers like follow docs orders)

pneumonia is not a virus!!!!! its fluid in the lungs. Doc shouldn't give you antibiotics anyway WTF are you from??????

put Saffron in milk and drink for few day you will be better

Try Homeopathic

Diamond In The Rough
well, pneumonia is not a virus but you need antibiotics to clear it up. if there are natural herbs or something to cure it, you better get researching because pneumonia is not a joke you can die from it, you will drown in your own fluids! I'm pretty sure though, that nothing will help except antibiotics! and probably a breathing treatment! its nothing to goes on its own, you need treatment, otherwise it will only worsen!

Antibiotics work on "bacterial viruses"..Viral infections they do not work for. Pneumonia is, depending how long you have had it.. Does not work on the flu.

Oh with Phneumonia or RSV or even Rohda Virus,

I would opt for the one dose, or two... The anitbiodics that are not working are the full seven day ones, for they have become over used and now we have out breaks of MRSA thanks to them!!

Yet any of the coditions above I would not risk, my life or my childs.. And trust me I was tested to the core, when my daughter was about 2 to 3 she contratced the Roda Virius and almost died on me, with antibiotics, but with out, she would have...

I called my dad for he is a funeral director when the doctors said make arragenments, and he sent a priest instead.. Two days later she was home... God must have worked, so I now am a Catholic...

Here is a great place for home remidies... I just do not give meds for nothing instead I use teas and herbs,... Thomas the Tank Engine, humidifer seems to work great!!


It is great, even for headlice cures, that work!! Good Luck!!

Oh and take some advice from the doctors, for you want to be around for a while right?? Just ask for a different medicine or other things you can use!!

Well i would PERSONALLLY Ask the doctor if there is any sort of other way of a different medicine orrr you could let your kids suffer:(


P.S Im not being harsh

You could go to mercola.com. He's a natural doctor and may have some helpful info on that.

eeEK a mouse
You DO use antibiotics for this, if there is ever a time to use antibiotics it would be for pneumonia, vitamin E is the closest thing that I can think of that would replace it, that and a few things like Spinach, and other healthy foods. Sure you don't wanna use doctors remedies alot, or count on them always, but I would almost guess that anti-bodies were designed for pneumonia, this is an infection in the chest (lungs) you don't wanna go wrong with this one, my brother died from this.

i would only use antibiotics if i was really sick. once i had to take antibiotics even tho i wasnt sick, after i got surgery, which i can understand why i had to take them. but after i stopped the antibiotics and was healed from the surgery i got really sick like a week later. its because antibiotics breaks down ur immune system. so its best not to take them unless its really necessary.

how about you think about your children, and stop punishing them for you beliefs. I mean seriously...how about YOU take your herbs and spices...and give your kids the stuff that works!

if you were taking care of their colds with medicine, fluids, and rest the way you should have been they wouldn't have pneumonia! One gets pneumonia by negligance!

Is it bacterial or viral? If it's viral you don't even need antibotics!

I sure hope they dont get respiratory and circulatory failure
or pleural effusion, empyema, and abscess!

My Goodness!

roshani d
Get plenty of rest. Even when you start to feel better, be careful not to overdo it.
Drink lots of fluids, especially water. Liquids keep you from becoming dehydrated and help loosen mucus in your lungs.

nomatter how against you are with the antibiotics dont play with your kid pneumonia can be dangerous if not taken care of consider 2-3 doctors that means that take a second and a third opinion if you want and act accordingly

Proud Parent of 6
My daughter is 8 months and was on antibiotics about 1 month ago, from pneumonia. I think that antibiotics are necessary, in the right amount. For every little ache or pain I'm not going to give her antibiotics, but I think pneumonia can get serious if not treated. My mother's sister (well, in other words my aunt) died from pneumonia when she was 3 years old, because she didn't have the kind of medical care we have today. I recommend using it. Things like strep throat try a home remedy, but this could get serious. Please use antibiotics.

Pneumonia can be viral or bacterial, depending on why you have it. And viral pneumonia can turn into bacterial pneumonia. See, suppose a virus is attacking your lungs. Your lungs become inflamed and filled with fluid. The fluid provides a rich breeding ground for opportunistic bacteria that are always in your body, but that your immune system is usually adequate to deal with. But you've been weakened by sickness, and the bacteria have been strengthened due to the yummy fluid now in your lungs. The bacteria increase in number in your lung fluid, and pretty soon, you have bacterial pneumonia on top of your viral pneumonia. This is why, even though antibiotics don't work on viral pneumonia, doctors usually give you antibiotics anyway--to prevent your viral illness from turning into a bacterial illness. Pneumonia, which typically kills those who are weak--old, young, or already sick with something else, then progresses in a well-seen path. Your body is weakened because you can't breathe well, so it's unable to fight off the bacteria or the original problem--the virus. And you get sicker. And sicker. And then your body isn't getting enough oxygen because your lungs aren't working right, and damage to your internal organs begins. And they start shutting down one by one in a very rapid cascade, and then you die.

I don't know why you are against antibiotics. Certainly antibiotics are overused for things that they are not needed for, and that's bad. But it's in large part due to antibiotics that there are 6 billion people on earth today rather than 2 or 3 billion. Antibiotics save lives every day, all day. Pneumonia can and does kill. It's not a minor cold or flu. It can be deadly. It's an infection of the lungs. Even if your child recovers from it, there can be permanent lung damage from the pneumonia as the very delicate, thin alveoli that make up the lungs are eaten through by bacteria and fluid, making your children more likely to get pneumonia again in future. And they could struggle for months to be cured of pneumonia without medical intervention, while 4 days on antibiotics will put them well on the road to recovery. While rejecting antibiotics for unnecessary things like bad colds might be a good idea, rejecting them when you have a potentially fatal illness can very well get you dead. Or your children. Why put them through such trauma when the solution is right at your fingertips?

You have been given some great advice!! Reread Michelle's and Q's answers, both are really good.

The Pro Biotic and Acidophiles help keep your body from over producing yeast, which can be caused from antibiotics. But, that is a small price to pay when you are dealing with something that is life threatening. In this case, you are best to follow the doctors orders. Go ahead and use the antibiotics.

If you plan on raising your child in an all natural way, please, find a great well respected All Natural Doctor or Holistic Doctor. This way you will be given the correct advise from an educated standpoint. I have never been told to go put a home remedy together for whatever, from a regular MD.

Also, read up on Colloidal Silver. I just looked for my info and can't find it, in this pile of books and papers. If I find it I will write back.

Ya'll need to be on a good vitamin regimen. Lots of vitamin C to keep that 'ol nasty crap from returning.

Good Luck

Pneumonia there are two types viral or bacterial...Doctors will prescribe the antibiotics when it is bacterial. As for you if you don't want to take the antibiotics that's your own decision. But as for your kids pneumonia is more likely to cause death to children, elderly and the sick. So i recommend to give the antibiotics to your children so they do not have to suffer with the symptoms that go along with pneumonia

most pneumonia's are bacterial in nature, and if you choose to not take the antibiotic, then you will be sick much longer, and will probably get worse. your oxygen saturation will go down, and you may start to hallucinate , speak incoherently, and you could end up dead because your brain isn't getting the oxygen it needs. so good luck

You pretty much have to take antibiotics for that. My uncle died from pneumonia b/c he waited too long to go to the doctor. By the time he got treatment, his kidneys could no longer function. All his organs shut down and he died. Really young, I might add. Don't take chances... especially if you have kids. Take the drugs. Also, take some probiotics as well. They will help maintain the good bacteria in your intestines and help keep good balance.

There are different types of pneumonia...Viral,Bacterial and Fungal...you are on the right track as far as Viral Pneumonia not being treated with antibiotics, but Bacterial and Fungal should be. I raise my children in a Holistic enviornment...I believe in Preventative Medicine ...keeping the body healthy as a means of fighting disease..I have 3 children 2 of which have been on antibiotics 1x each in their lives and the 3rd never has been , they are 12, 13 and 17 years old respectively...but there are times when an antibiotic is needed and Bacterial or Fungal Pneumonia as well as Strep are a couple of them...if you decide to use the antibiotic then also give the child immunity builders such as Pro-Biotics and Acidophilous Culture..both at the health food store

David B
pneumonia is a condition...can be caused by viruses, bacteria, chemicals, etc.
people survived it before there were antibiotics, mostly by meticulous nursing care, rest, fluids, nutrition etc. I wouldnt make that bet for someone I loved though.

☮Jen D☮
Pneumonia can be viral, bacterial, or fungal.

Tea made from fenugreek and sesame seeds can be helpful, along with large amounts of garlic, and a diet of vegetable juices and raw fruits.

If you decide to use the antibiotics, be sure to administer a probiotic as well.

I've had pneumonia and I know how horrible it is, and it can get worse quickly, and I wouldn't fool around in this instance, especially with my children!. Pneumonia can be caused by different things, and it can be bacterial. I'm sorry if you don't like this answer... there is nothing wrong with antibiotics. Penicillin is made from a fungus, you don't get any more natural than that. God gave us a mind so we could use it to create drugs so we could overcome illness. It's a disgrace not to use God's gift.

By the way people, antibiotics do not work on viruses! They work on bacteria. Pneumonia can be caused by either.

Quiet Curiosity 1970
Pneumonia is not a virus, it is fluid in the lung. It can be prompted from a bacterial, fungi, parasitical or viral attack. However, it is generally bacterial. Additionally, if it is prompted by a virus, the fluid in a warm atmosphere, such as your lungs, is the perfect growth medium for bacteria. So, the chances are high you will get a bacterial infection.

The alternative to "following the doctor's orders" is allowing your children to run the risk of becoming seriously ill. I understand your resistance to the broad use of antibiotics. However, in this case, it is most wise to make an exception. The risk and forgiveness factors are too high; meaning, that if and when things go from bad to worse, it is harder to deal with and the results are more devastating.

Please reconsider.

For something as serious as pneumonia you damn well better take the antibiotic. Nothing else is gonna work. All that herbal remedies is for 3rd world countries. Here in AMERICA we treat our illnesses will medicine that is proven to work!!

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