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 how can you deal with sudden reactions to food & drink?

 My tonsil is swollen, my throat is very sore and i can't swallow, any solutions?

 My allergies have been driving me insane what to do?
I can't hardly function I am rubbing my eyes, sneezing and blowing/wiping my nose so much! I have tried several different things the 24 hour claritin, a sinus allergy medicine and they didn'...

 I Get SUPER Tired/Fatigued & Dizzy After Eating Wheat?
If I eat wheat (which I hardly do at all anymore), about 30 minutes later I get really tired (like it's hard to stay awake), and then I get really dizzy. If I do fall asleep, I ALWAYS wake up ...

 What allergy medicine works best?
My allergies are killin' me right now. Any help would be appreciated....

 Itchy Legs after exercice ?
i get itchy legs the day after i go to training (at like 10am), its not the skin, it feels like its under the skin like muscle, its REALLY itchy sometimes any suggestions?...

 Why are so many people allergic to peanuts now as opposed to years past?

 How do I unclog my nose?
I have allergies because of the season and my nose has been stuffed up for weeks now. I've been taking singulair and some other cheap allergey meds and I'm getting sick and tired of it. I ...

 Does gravy contain gluten?

 does anyone know why me eyelids are swollen?
i have had this problem since before may last year and steadily got worse i look like a black moor!!! im not allergic to anything i have a blood test which has revealed nothing any ideas would be ...

 Can someone be allergic to agave?
For years I thought I just had a bad reaction to alcohol. The reaction was always that my chest starts feeling incredibly tight and I have increasing trouble breathing where I feel like I'm ...

 How do I get rid of liquid-filled bubbles on my hand from my allergic rash?

 first bloody nose and dizy all day. whats wrong with me?
So today I got my first bloody nose, im 15, and I've been feeling dizzy and forgetfulish but more dizzy than forgetful, and im starting to get a headahce/head pain but not that bad. Whats wrong ...

 Would an insect bite or something leave me feeling like this?
I woke up the other morning with a huge red lump which was rock hard above my left eyebrow and it was quite sore and even if I raised my eyebrow it was so sore and gave me a headache, I tried ...

 Allergy attack?
No medicine has ever worked for my allergies except for Allegra BEFORE they changed the formula. I've also tried the shots, but I went into anaphylactic shock 3 times, because the doctors ...

 How to get rid of my dust allergy?
Since i was a kid i'm often allergic to dust. When i go to sleep i often wake up usually after only 4 or 5 hours of sleep and i have asthma and sometimes cold too. When i feel that, it's ...

 I need some help with people who are highly allergic! I'm afraid of what would happen...10 POINTS?
I work at a sandwich store and someone asked for sandwiches and one of them can't have tomatoes or touch tomatoes because he is highly allergic. My co-worker told me to just take off the gloves ...

 fragrence allergy???
theres a possiblity i have a frangrence allergy, however i dont often use fragranced items, however i do have purfumes in my room, is it possible im reacting to them even though i dont use them often?...

 Eye crust and redness in the morning
I wake up in the morning with crust all around my eyes I try to remove it but when i do it gets bigger and eyelashes comes with them and my eye gets red both inside and out and sometimes the corner ...

 What can I put on it to stop the itching..?
I have these two really huge insect bites...well im not sure if its an insect bite but thats what it looks like..Picture two enormous mosquito bites...they are located right above my pelvic area but ...

Prashanth K
without using any machinery or medicines how to decrease the belle?

Mohammed Y

Modern Education Review
Strong will power to continue with the resolution.

Lilly G
You got question,we have the answer just visit healthonclick.com to post your question.

Exercising. Swimming, jogging, yoga etc.

Do only those exercises which effects your belle

1) Stomach crunches
Almost everyone knows this basic abdominal exercise: knees bent, hands behind head, feet and lower back flat on the floor, lift torso upwards slightly and come down. Here are some basic pointers to keep in mind when performing this exercise:

1. Don't bring your elbows close together when you lift your torso off the floor.
2. Don't try and touch your head to your knees. You don't have to get up completely. Just lift yourself a few inches off the floor.
3. EXHALE when lifting yourself, and INHALE when coming down.
4. When you lift yourself, try and hold this position for a few seconds. Start with 2 seconds, and work up to 5 seconds. This is far more beneficial than doing numerous quick crunches.
5. Gradually increase the number to sets of 10-15 crunches. Do around 5 sets. If you manage to hold each lift for a few seconds, 5 sets should be more than sufficient. Once you've mastered this, you could gradually work up to 10 sets.

2) Reverse crunches
1. Keep your hands flat out on your sides.
2. Lift your feet off the floor, so your knees form a 90 degree angle with your torso.
3.Using your stomach muscles, EXHALE and bring your knees forward so they touch your chest. Hold.
4. Slowly, INHALE and push them backwards till they reach the 90 degree position once again. Do 5 sets of 10-15 reverse crunches.
5. Once you've mastered the basic reverse crunch, try this: instead of bringing your knees forward, straighten one leg at a time till your toe touches the floor.
6. Slowly, work up to straightening both legs together, and brining them up again. Remember, the key is to do this slowly.

3) Stairs Climbing
4) Swimming
5) Jogging
6) Skipping

and to serve as topping to this all a good diet plan which should include less Carbohydrates and Fats, like green vegetables, salads, fruits, fresh juices, Soya Milk, no solid food after 7:00 PM just soups and juices Plenty of WATER, a big NO to any Fried or Sweet foods

strict following the plan and NO NO Crash Dieting.....

divide your meals to many small meals and never full your tummy at one go. keep it at least 20% empty

follow this for just one month and see the difference.

i personally hve reduced 3 inches in 2 months. ;) with the above plan used only no. 1, 2, 3 exercises and rest of the diet plan.

one secret. drink 1-2 glass of water before having your meal this will make you eat less.. ..

sivakumar s
attend isha yoga classes

Aerobic exercise is the only way to burn fat. Doing things like crunches and sit ups will help to strengthen your core muscles but you wont see the results of that until you lose the extra weight. You need aerobic exercise to do that. So, start walking.....everyday for at least 30-45mins, or if you are very overweight- start will smaller amounts of time and work yourself up to 30-45mins. Make sure you eat right (no more sugary snacks or chips or soda). You will feel the benefits shortly after your lifestyle change and be ever so grateful for it. Make sure you drink a glass of water before going on your walk because you can get muscle cramps if your not well hydrated and if your body is not used to doing that work. Good luck

sit-ups walking and the proper way of eating would also help. It helped me . I tried everything but meds made my heart speed up and I live in the middle of no where so no gym are machinery here...

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