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 can anyone suggest a good allergy medicine for me?
so i have AWFUL seasonal allergies and its spring and there is a TON of pollen where i live (tennessee) . like, you could drop a ball on the ground and it'll make a yellow poof.

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 should schools ban chocolate and peanut butter since so many children have allergies to them?

Additional Details
my son had a sever asthma attack today and spent five hours in the hospitol because he came in contact with chocolate at lunch, we do not allow chocolate in our home ...

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why some people get scared of a peanut?
i threw a party at my house and this girl i know who is 26 fainted due to a peanut on my floor. she had to go to hospital. i heard of people having phobia by eating peanut butter but never heard of people getting scared of a peanut. btw she is okay now and she told me that she had peanut phobia when she was a child. but why?!?! getting scared of heights or bugs, i understand but its a peanut. can someone explain?

thank you. no offense if i sounded mean.
Additional Details
ofcourse im with peanuts. actually im eating peanuts and walnuts right now. i cant ask her because i dont want her to get scared.

Surge P
Peanuts have been known to come alive and kill people in ancient mythology. Have you ever been alone with a peanut? I didnt think so. The peanut conspiracy is catching alot of peoples attention lately. I would hate to have to come face to face with a live peanut.

Maybe she is afraid of being attacked by Mr. Peanut.

Nuts are our friends!

its probably a mental thing. her brain keeps telling her to avoid peanuts.

she cant help it

Tony Montana
In North America (not anywhere else) people are way too much allergic to peanuts. They all had some sort of bad experience with peanuts. So yeah.

Lacie (:
idk maybe shes allergic or she knew some1 who was but i kno wat ur talkin bout i have a friend whos scared or kraft cheese singles

I came across a peanut in bed once. I did not like it!

You should watch the Maury Show where one girl was afraid of those little cotton balls, they was flipping out because one was on the floor.

Its just a phobia that people have, theres nothing you can do about it.

She probably choked on one as a child.. I honestly don't know.

kelly v
There many things in the world that cant be explained.Its just natural.

Katie K
It could be related to a allergy but it could also be because peanut butter is made of peanuts and when you eat peanut butter your mouth kind of get stuck together temporarily and people can have a phobia of their mouth getting stuck shut permanently and they won't be able to breath. But phobias are weird to us sometimes and totally logical to the person who has them. Maybe you could ask her.

one time I came home, and there was a peanut in my living room. it still gives me chills.

Raj Kumar
Some people who are allergic to peanuts can fear for their life because it can be deadly. There are several high profile cases of the allergic deaths. The link below is about a 15 year old girl who died from kissing her boyfriend who had eaten peanut butter hours earlier.

I think I can understand your friend's concern.

I am a little afraid of peanuts too. I almost died from a peanut allergy and have had many other extremely unpleasant reactions to even small quantities of peanuts. There have been cases of individuals dying after kissing a person who just ate peanuts or even from smelling peanuts. I don't faint because of my fear of peanuts, but I do get anxious and I will leave the room as soon as I see or smell one. Your friend has probably had a reaction to the smell of peanuts and is terrified of the possibility of another reaction. In my case the allergy has grown stronger over time, which means that she could be afraid that the next reaction will kill her. The best response to her fear is to seal all peanuts and keep them away from her if you want her to come to your future parties. This fear is unlikely to go away because the allergy will not go away. Be understanding and try to protect your friend from a reaction.

Extra Ordinary
people can have extreme peanut allergies, so it is reasonable for some people to have extreme fear about these small nuts. there was a news story a few years ago about a girl who had died because she kissed her boyfriend (who had eaten some peanut butter earlier that day)

Fear of going into anaphylactic shock? Idk. Why don't you ask her?

maybe she had a bad experience with an alergic reaction or saw what it could do to someone that had one...it can kill you.

well maybe she had once become a nut because of eating peanuts lol

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