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 what are you allergic to?
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 Can a school ban all kids from brining food w/nuts if one kid is allergic to nuts?

why do we get snot in our noses?
where does it come from? why is it really bad when we have a cold?

john c
The human body is about 65% snot. We only notice it more in the nose.

whenever we breathe the tiny hairs in our nose acts like filters. it tries to prevents dust from entering.. after a few hour the dirt gathers up... and hence; the SNOT

Nose hairs capture impurities.....causing dried mucus.

It is dirt filtered out with our nose hair and mucous, which dries out collecting in our nostrils.

Hedge Witch
I KNOW!!! And how on earth, when we have a really BIG blow can SO much snot come out - I mean - sometimes you just fill tissue after tissue!
(OK - I asked this at an evening class once when I'd had a really good blow & was told by the tutor that that was the sort of thing his 13 year old daughter came out with - sadly I'm 46 :-()

It's a mechanism of our body to trap germs and rid of it. You do the rest by blowing your nose.

mucus...from the lungs...simple as that!

Mucus clears out Bacteria and some of it is dust!

The fluid that helps the tract from buring witht he het produced. And helps for traping the budt and dirts in the air we breath.
Good but then when its cold, the glands and lungs have an infection and malfunction.


See link for more info

That is disgusting. but snot is mucas formed by the body, usually it's bad during a cold as the bodys attempt to wash germs out of the nasal passages, or the throat. aslo bad during allergies as it's trying to wash away any irritants.

bleh gross lol

You should Thank God that we do have "SNOT" as you put it.

If we did not have this bodily function, some debris from the environment would get into our nose, go down into our lungs and we would have died a long time ago.

Remember of bodies are made up of mostly water. This is where the mucus comes from, and why we have so much. This is a very vital function for the body to keep all of the impurities from our bodies filtered out so we don't get sick, and die.

I will tell you after the fight!!!!!!!!!!

Because in our nasal duct membrane their are goblet cells which secrete mucus....There are cilia (which are like little hairs) which brush mucus allong the ducts...The mucus traps pathogens,dirt and bacteira and the cilia help get it to the entrance of the nasal passage where it can be blown out or swallowed into the stomach where the acidity of it and digestive enzymes distroy any bacteria which could cause illness.....

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