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 DO all people get allergic reactions to poison ivy?

 when seasons change, i get sick?
The weather is starting to warm up. And whenever the seasons start changing, I get sick. I cough, have a sore throat, sinus drainage. I think it might be allergies. But today I started getting an ...

 How can I wear a nice watch if I'm allergic to metal?
Whenever I've ever gotten a watch in my life it's always been the cheap one with a leather strap and the metal buckle. Then I would put fingernail polish on it which would rub off in a ...

 i'm allergic to the cold, does anyone have any ideas on how to beat this thing, other than moving to Florida?

Additional Details
I get red spots on my skin, then hives, like you would from a mosquitoe bite.. eating cold food, lately, also seems to ...

 Can you have food alergies to organic and naturall foods?
I have been feeding my daughter more organic and natural foods. She has been breaking out alot latley and I don't know if that is the reason. I took her to the doctor and I have to put her on C...

 Professionals, please - two questions about allergies!?
1) Without going to the doctor, how can I tell if I'm getting a cold, or developing allergies?

My nose is continuously running, I keep sneezing, and my throat hurts from the random ...

 Why does the mosqitoe tends to target me more?
This sounds like a stupid topic, but I'm still concerned. You know how some people gets attracted by mosquitoes more than others , I want to know why. Some people say its the acidic level in my ...

 perfume allergy symptom?
I just bought some new perfume from Victoria's Secret, and it seems that every time that i put it on, i soon after start to get a stomachache followed by (sorry) diarrhea. Does anyone ...

 gluten allergy?
I have an allergy to gluten, diagnosed by my specialist. Recently though i have eaten bread and biscuits and no ill effects, can anyone explain? Is it safe to do so? I find it hard eating gluten ...

 How can I make my throught not sound scratchy by tomorrow?
I have a major talent show tomorrow and my throught feels terrible! This talent show is so important to me, and I am up agenst a super talented girl named Mikki Hankins. She is on YouTube, just ...

 Can my sinus problems be cured?
i have really bad nasal allergies. Every morning i wake up and blow my nose for about 10 minutes, then drain with a netti-pot. most days i have a lot of pressure in my sinuses. It seems like when ...

 why am i allergic to all types of metal? (piercing)?
the first time i got my ear pierced, i used 14k gold earrings. Then i switched to silver and had an allergic reaction. I got it repierced with the same gold afterwards, and then had an allergic ...

 How to get rid of a stuffy nose in 1 day!?

 any of you ever had an allergy test done?
whats it like? what do they do? does it hurt?...

 I'm allergic to dairy products: I want to know is it ok to drink whole organic milk instead of regular milk
Would I have the same reaction with the organic as I do with the regular milk....

 is it possible to become allergic to meat..?
for the past week, everytime i've eaten meat or beef i've become sick. my stomach starts hurting alot and i get the runs. is it just bad meat or am i becoming allergic?

PS: ...

 Do the allergy-free goose feather comforters work?
I've tried and I get itchy when I use goose feather bedding. However I went into a store today where they assured me they have bedding with goose feathers but anti-allergic. I'm doubtful ...

 accidently took 4 benedryl?
i accidently took 4 benedryl. i missread the box and thought it said take 4 every 6 hours.

it said take EVERY 4-6 hours.

i feel kinda woozy and dizzy but otherwise fine.

 Are people who are allergic to cat hair always allergic to dog hair too?

 Milk subsitute for 19 month old?
Your Question
Milk susitute for 19 month old?
He has not been doing well on Pediasure, it is lactose free, but still milk based, no appetite, loose stools, got his appetite back on soy milk,...

swollen, itchy irritated eyes would anti-histamines work (look like been punched!)?

That happens to me after I've peeled vegetables, carrots in particular but sometimes potatoes.

I have to make sure I wash my hands thoroughly with soap straight away to stop it happening!!

Anti-histamines should work.

Lindy L
yes they would work fine,
but go to your pharmacy or doctor if they dont work as it may be conjunctitus or a serious reaction.
if the anti histamines dont work, for the time being, use boiled water (not straight from a tap as it will still have bacteria in it) to just wash around the eye, this should help if there is any infection at all and will just help to keep it clean.
if its very sore, just use a cold flannel over them to help soothe them

I really sympathise with you as every day I look like I've been punched in my right eye.I had a stye on it a couple of months ago and was given antibiotics and eye cream and drops! The stye burst [urggh] but I still have a' punched in the eye' look and they itch and water every day. I've been back to the docs.,had more eye ointment.more eye drops and now a suggestion to go to the opticians. I have been put on Loretidine which is an anti-histamine but I gave up as that didn't seem to work either!
Sounds like you need a Holiday and to give your eyes a rest! I'd send you a presription for one if they were on the NHS.!

Chloramphenicol drops from the Pharmacy will help if the eyes are infected. Antihistamine will help if it is an allergy. Use cool boiled water with salt in it. Ratio 1 pint water to 1 teasp salt as this is like tear fluid and the salt will help to cleanse. Use an eye bath and bathe the eye. Do this every hour. Hygiene is important if it is an eye infection and do not use face cloths or towels only disposable ones. If it is an allergy, then the anti histamine will help. Your Pharmacy will be able to diagnose it for you.

scott emt, nursing asst
yes it mite but also you may need is eye drops and a cream for the allergy ? but you need to really know how it happen so you can get the best treatment. call your doctor or go to the emergency room. but it could be any thing that made this happen to you. like was it you eaten something was it a new soap , i hope your going to be OK take care and another thing wash your hands and after that run water over your face to keep your face clean

The Trickster
Yes they would also so would eye wash!

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