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 can one die from severe hives?
I'm pretty sure I am allergic to gluten's (celiac) My feet have are so swollen I can barely walk on them. Antihistamines do not seem to be working on the condition. Can this condition cause ...

 is it possible for someone to be allergic to water?

 Am I allergic to Banana flavored "Laffy Taffy" and "Now & Laters"?
Every time I eat a banana flavored candy (Now & Laters or Laffy Taffy), I feel like my throat is closing up and it's hard to breathe. I can't stop coughing. I always figured it was ...

 Please help - mosquito bites!?
i am absolutely COVERED in mosquito bites, and i seem to have reacted much worse this time with many of them being hugely swollen. and the itching is driving me insane - i got less than 2 hours sleep ...

 My wife's eye is very red and bloodshot. Any idea what might have caused it?

 Does anyone know of anyway to get over sinus pain without having to take medication?
Get headache and congestion....

 My son is allergic to...?
cow's milk, gluten, oats, wheat, egg whites, peanut butter (he has eczema). Now my concerns are cooking. Do any of you know where and what brand I can get goat milk products (not just goat milk) ...

 I'm allergic to cats, is there any way to get rid of this allergy?
I'm allergic to cats, but I don't wanna be, where I live there are LOTS of cats, and I can't touch them without havine to sneeze and scare them away (Im not allergic to dogs though, I ...

 Every morning i have itchy eyes, tickly throat,blocked nose, and sneezes.DO I HAVE AN ALERGY/ALERGY PROBLEM?
i have cats and dogs in my house, so could i be allergic to them?
Additional Details
i do have hay-fever, but it's horrible weather, raining, so it couldn't really be hay-fever ...

 am i allergic to weed?
okay well yesterday i had smoked weed (marijuna ) for the first time and i took about 5 puffs . i got high and everything then i went home and fell asleep i woke up the next morning and i had rashs ...

 Adults only please.?
Last week, I noticed that my hands where getting a rash on them. I found out that I'm allergic to the latex gloves I wear at work.
If someone is allergic to latex gloves, would they be ...

 Food allergy possibility....?
My son was with his father for the weekend and he had a food allergy while with him. His whole body turned red. He said it was because he ate broccoli. My son is 3 years old and at my house we eat a ...

 How to cure my blocked nose?
ive had a blocked nose for around 3 days now.
it gets much worse at night when im lying in bed, so bad that i cant even slightly inhale through it.
Ive tried the vix inhaler but its not ...

 How can you tell if you're allergic to a certain food?

Additional Details
Every time I eat onions (of all things) I get horrible stomach aches, acid reflux, nausea, and vomitting. My parents thought it was just an onion thing but not ...

 What's wrong with me? Allergies or something else?
My right ear is clogged and I can't hear very well, as if I have water in it, my nose is plugged up and kind of runny at the same time, and my head feels like its going to explode and hurts all ...

 Is it true that butter causes lung cancer????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

 Can a person who is allergic to peanuts eat peanut butter?
I know it sounds like a dumb question but let me explain. This couple I am friends with used to be my roommates. The girlfriend says she is allergic to peanuts. Well I have seen her eat peanut butter ...

 I cut and cut and idk don't know why?
Ok before anything is said I AM NOT EMO ok get that through your head now.

ok then now that we have that ...

 How do I keep bees away from my yard, with a child that's allergic?
allergic to all types of bees, I live in the country in a subdivision....

 How to get swollen eyelid to go down?
Me and my daughter just wike up this morning and I noticed her left upper eyelid is swollen. I tried holding a warm rag over it, but it isnt helping. Shes only two, should i take her to the doctor or ...

should schools ban chocolate and peanut butter since so many children have allergies to them?

Additional Details
my son had a sever asthma attack today and spent five hours in the hospitol because he came in contact with chocolate at lunch, we do not allow chocolate in our home and had no idea he was allergic.

in pre scool yes possibly elementry but jr. high and high school people should be able do say drr bot eat that thats got somthing im alegic to in it i think its stupid for older kids but great for yung

i guess....they ban everything else

my school cant have calogne or deodirant or perfume anymore
(high school)


The child should learn what he/she can and cannot have. My children at age 3 knew their list and knew to ask for the ingredients or say no. There is no way to ban every ingredient that a child may be allergic to. Peanut allergies get all the publicity but there are also wheat/gluten issues (celiac for example), dairy allergies, sugar issues (diabetes), egg allergies, fish/shellfish allergies...


yes because im one of those peanut butter children!

Houndstooth Army Wife RTR ♥
No. If a kid is allergic to them they should stay away from them. It's far and few between that the Reese's cup I'm scarfing down on my way to class will cause an allergic reaction in someone else.

Now, in a preschool, peanut butter IS banned where I live because of the young age and the small space.

ily <3
No!.... im allergic to any type of peanuts I just wont eat them

Schools should ban anything that contains sugar.

No. The children who have those kinds of allergies should take precautions to avoid those things. All the students in the school shouldn't be deprived of chocolate and peanut butter just because a few kids are allergic to it (and yeah, I do only know "a few.")

no. Its not fair that one kid has to ruin it for everybody at lunch. If we cater to everychild kids won't be able to stay at school for lunch. At my elementary school there were all these allergies and we weren't allowed to bring peanut products, shellfish, eggs, chicken cuz kids all had allergies. So what are we suppose to eat?


I myself have severe nut allergies...just being around them gives me a rash and my throat swells. Yes allergies Can get that bad. I can't eat in the collage Caf anymore because being in there longer than 5 min. makes my skin break out...and that's only if I don't eat anything.

It makes me angry that people think that you only have to eat the nut to have a reaction. If someone were to eat a Reese's cup, than touch me, I could break out in a rash...if you talk to mne to close, guess what? It's on your breath. I can inhale that. I get rashy.

I have no problem with what people do, and I know it's your right to "eat whatever you want to". But, that DOES NOT give anyone the right to make me so sick I could die. So yes, food that causes allergic reactions like that should be banned. I think schools should have safe areas at least.

noooo! parents should let their children know. or tell the teachers or maybe the ones in charge of the cafeteria or student store. eating the chocolate or peanut butter did not cause the allergies in the first place. just some complications in immunity stuff i guess. banning is a little to big of a step.

many schools try not to sell peanut butter as their main foods and what not but if you're alergic to peanut butter you usually bring your own lunch just in case. i don't think they should ban it because peanut butter makes your skin softer and hair shinier [: also, my school has 6 vending machines, so avoiding peanut butter products is hard and MANY foods contain traces of peanut butter and getting rid of it for the small percentage of kids allergic to it is stupid.

Jessica B
Nope, I think it is the parents job to make the children know how important it is for the kid not to eat them if they have a problem, plus the parents should also make the school aware of the issue. It wouldn't be fair to other children who don't have allergies.

Emily S
I think more people have allergys to peanut butter than chocolate so they should ban peanut butter but NOT chocolate!

No. I think they should be aware of who has the allergies and look out for those kids. My son has celiac disease which means he can't have wheat or anything from the wheat family, which is in almost every product you can buy. ( its used as a natural flavor as well which is used in everything from candy to 100% juice go figure.) i don't expect the schools to stop serving wheat. we work around it.

Judie(((ST JUDE KIDS)))
I think they should especially in Elementary Schools because it is such a temptation to small children.A child with a nut allergy doesn't always have to eat the nut to have a reaction he can just touch it most of the time and have a serious reaction.

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