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 what's the best way to get rid of a blocked nose?

 my eyes are itchy;my throat hurts; stuffy nose and i've been sneezing ALOT;?
since this is allergy season; maybee its that right?
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 am i allergic to chapstick?
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and i dont know why but i found this cool looking chapstick
so i bought it,
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 Is it possible to be allergic to popcorn?
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 Can an allergy make you crazy.............?
Seriously......I just heard crap in my life but this one is just taking a micky.

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 I have the WORST stuffy nose ever...?
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 i need people to help me out!! please i am begging!!?
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 Am I allergic to cake?
Everytime I eat a birthday cake I always get a headache and I started having this thing since I was 10.
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 my hamster drinks alot should i be worried?

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 Is anyone allergic to something they really wished they weren't?
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The Lone Wayfarer,aww,so ...

 i have this feeling in my throat is it serious?
i have this fuzzy like feeling in my throght is it anything serious?my mom thinks it may be just allergies
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yea i live in phoenix arizona so there is alot of dust so ...

 I lost my nose, help!?
I was surfing the internet one day, my nose was itchy. So i decided to scratch it, and, omg, like my nose was gone! Would anybody be able to tell me where it might of went to. Because i really need ...

my poor sister is sick and we don't know what to do??? Her throat is very red?
My sister is young and she has a cough a sore throat and is losing her voice. I feel really bad because it hurts her when she breathes. What is it? And how do we cure it?

he throat is dry tell her to drink water.

It's probably a strep thoat caused by post-nasal drip comming from her nose. That basically means the mucus from her nose is dripping down onto the back of ther throat and tounge and the germs are causing a 'sore throat'.

I hope she feels better!

go yo a doctor it could be strept or something worse sounds like it needs antibiodics

she might have strap throat..... a really bad throat sore that needs to be seen by a docter immedietlty... dont wait any longer.... it might get worse...

There are lots of colds right now and she has the symptoms. There is no way of knowing whether the sore throat is viral or bacterial unless you get a throat culture performed for strep. If it is bacterial, antibiotics will be prescribed. If it is viral, then tylenol or ibuprofen on a regular basis, increased fluid intake, rest, gargle with salt water (one teaspoon salt in one glass warm water, gargle and spit out) you may do this as often as you would like. There is nothing you can do to speed this process up. Consider getting a throat culture for strep performed and then go from there.

umm you might want to try...
...lol but she may have strep throat

go to a doctor. sheeze

Amanda F
Can we say doctor ? My boss just got over something that sounds similar. She should go to the doctor ASAP. If you can't afford it give them a fake name. OOPs I mean talk to the payment office they have programs that waive fees for those who can't afford.

Much luv,


Take her to a doctor( EENT specialist.)

Beth D
Get her to the doctors

Sistah Flow
my guesses are laryngitis, or strep throat, both takes antibiotics, must see doctor! Very painful and red throat, contagious also is strep

coo-coo for CoCo Pops
Jessi........What are you doing asking a bunch of strangers on Yahoo about the very possible life of your beloved young sister??? PLEASE get her to the doctor like NOW. IF you are in a position where you cannot do that for whatever reason you may have, then PLEASE PHONE NHS DIRECT. If you've no phone access, then STAY ON THE COMPUTER YOU'RE ON NOW, AND GO TO www.nhs.co.uk AND YOU WILL FIND HELP THERE, I ASSURE YOU.
PLEASE, please do not ask a bunch of strangers, you must take what you are describing MUCH MORE SERIOUSLY. I'D call 999 if need be-THEY WILL BE THERE, WITH OUT A DOUBT!

Take her to a doctor.
He should know.

Drink tea.

Truth ?
One thing, if she is poor, help her financially.
And secondly take her to a good doctor for her physical ailments. Only a qualified doctor can diagnose her illness and treat her and cure her.

Have you triend the doctor also keep her in bed and have her drink tea and eat soft food like popsicles and ice cream so it doesn't hurt as much to swallow down her throat. i hope this helps

May be a little of vinager with water and she needs to rinse her mouth, you will see the difference.......

brandon b
If your little sister is anything like the rest of us, right now she is suffering from sinus drainage. The mucus is running down the back of her throat, irritating it. This problem (depending on age!!!) can be solve with Musinex or Tylenol Cold and Sinus. But ONLY if she has a "wet" sounding cough! Truth be know, she really just needs to go to the doctor. Let me know if she gets better, and if not, send me some more info on her and her condition and ill talk to my dad for an analysis.

Peace and God Bless!!!

Mark D
I'm no doctor, but sounds like an infection.
If that were my child, and it has continued for a couple of days, I'd get her to a doctor for some antibiotics. Specially if she is little. Why take the risk?

Liquids - keep giving them. Lemon and honey drinks with warm water, will sooth her throat. But not hot water as it kills the vitamin C.

If she's having trouble breathing, I'd get her to inhale steam from some hot water in a bowl with a towel over her head. If you have some vicks, or friars balsam and eucalyptus, put a few drops in the water.

She needs to rest her throat, not get cold, watch her temperature, and if she gets a stiff neck get her to a doctor quickly.

Look into her throat and check to see if there are any white spots in the back. If so than she has strep and would need to see a doctor. also she might have Tonsillitis. either way you need to take her to the doctor

Have her try gargling with warm salt water or sipping on a "hot totty". You can make a hot totty with warm water, honey, lemon, and, if permissable by a parent, a little whisky. It needs to be warm enough that she can just barely sip it slowly...not so hot that it burns her but very warm. You also might try Chloraseptic spray to numb her throat if it is real painful. She probably should see a doctor if the soreness exceeds 2 or 3 days. She may need prescription medication and antibiotics.

Could be strep throat or larengitis but to make sure everything is ok and so she can be treated properly with the appropriate antibiotics take her to her doctor. If he/she isnt available immediately take her to the emergency room. Good luck!

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