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 What is the best allergy medication that doesn't cause drowsiness?

 Can people develop allergies?
When I was born the doctors said I was not allergic to anything.
And I guess they were right because I never had any symptoms during allergy season and I never had to got to the hospital because ...

 I'm choking on my cat, please help?
Now that I have your attention through means of a somewhat funny title, can someone please help me? I have severe Post Nasal Drip and I'm choking on my cat, his dander is causing my mucus to ...

 My nose is like a faucet, its been occuring all night, help?
In the afternoon I inhaled too much dust while cleaning the inside of my computer, then my nose kept on running like a faucet all night! Help me! I kept blowing my nose and it keeps on comming T.T...

 I am choked with catarrh i am a non-smoker its driving me mad anyone any advice?

 please don't think im dum,but I wanna put bleach in the humidifier,?
I hate germs and I really think if I put some bleach in the humidifier it will clean the air,when I put alittle my boyfriend grabbed the kids and ran out the front door,and said well have a happy ...

 can someone alergic to milk eat cheese ?
Im lactose intolarent but cheese is already fermented... can I have like 1 piece of it ?...

 does rubbing vicks onto a chest help a cold ?

 Are you allergic to anything?
I'm allergic to red wine (I think)...

 Any housecleaning tips for someone who struggles to clean their own house b/c of allergies? Should I hire out?
I don't know what all I am allergic to, other than when I was tested many years ago, and found that I was allergic to dust mites, mold, pollen, etc...all the things I seem to struggling with now....

I think my hay fever has started. Has yours?...

 is it possible to suddenly become allergic to something that never bothered you before?
Ordinarily i am not allergic to orange juice or lemonade concentrates. I recently have developed a weird blistering of the tongue when I drink it. Whats up with that? I have no problem with the ...

 Am i allergic to weed?
I've been smoking weed on and off for the past year and it used to not have much of an effect on me but now whenever i smoke i get horrible headaches and usually throw up. I get really strange ...

 Help!Perfume gives me migraines and effects my breathing.?
I'm a receptionist in a dental office in a very affluent area. Perfumes trigger my migraines when the perfume has been applied too much. Expensive perfumes seem to effect me more that the cheap ...

 my mom is allergic to bees and got stung and she took her epipen thing but what do I look for...?
before I have someone take her to the hospitol?...

 What's the best cure for a post nasal drip?
What's the best cure for a post nasal drip? When the back of your throat itches really bad?...

 Pain in left side of throat while swallowing food drinking water.?
since 2 weeks before i have pain in left side of my throat while drinking water and swallowing food. i have survive doctor and he advised some pain killer and antibiotics. when i take medicine pain ...

 i have hives!!!!?
i had hives now for 10 years, out of the 10 years i was 2 year hives free, i am aware of my food allergy it's wheat, peanuts, shell fish, milk, eggs. i am not eating those items at all, i have ...

 What are the symptoms of pink eye?
My left eye has been watering and itching and all day and past several days, around the tear duct, if you touch it, it feels like there is a needle poking it. And just earlier tonight, it itched, and ...

 What effects do you get when you drink alcohol and you're allergic to it?
All I see is that people get red or get red blotches on their skin....

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Ella "Nya Nekone" A.
When do you know a cat is sick?
After asking the question about cats and chocolate, I tried to see if my cat is sick. How do I know if he's sick or not?... Read More


Kay H
What will doctors do to see if you have spring allergies?
I have allergies in the spring like to pollen (well i think i do). My mom is taking me to the doctors to see if i should take any medicine. Do you think they will take blood? I Absolutely hate when... Read More


how do you cure nettle stings to a dogs nose,ears and neck?
I have a patterdale terrier and he loves mooching about in long grass and bushes but he occasionly gets stung off of nettles. When i get him home he goes crazy rubbing his head and nose on the floor. ... Read More


what to do about the most intense clogged nose ive ever experienced, I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!?
I just ate a whole box of altoids, i have my vaporizer on and im basically inhaling vicks vapor rub, but NOTHING is clearing this up. I ate a lemon and couldnt even taste it. I NEED MAJOR HELP!!!!!


What is causing these allergy symptoms????
My eyes start watering within 3 minutes of my laying in bed to either watch TV or go to sleep. The symptoms get worse the moment I start waking up in the morning. Then I get a runny nose and start s... Read More


Question About Fluid In Ear?
Hi - I have been sick for three days now. Nasal congestion, sore throat, slight body aches, and a cough are my primary symptoms. Today I took a trip via airplane and the pressure of the cabin combined... Read More


my nose ring is stuck! help!?
its the straight kind with the little ball thing on the inside. I cant get it off! the back wont come off. how do i get it out??????... Read More


Should i be able to go to school tomorrow.?
I have been sneezing, coughing, and weezing all today it has gotten worst today. I already missed one day out of school but i had a note is wasn't counted against me. My allergies are crazy my no... Read More


will zinc oxide help a mango allergy?
I have a mango allergy on my mouth. will zinc oxide help?
Additional Details
Its just a rash on and around my moouth. I do not have any problems inside my mouth.... Read More


Why am i allergic to fruit all of a sudden?
Just after i began recieving that monthly gift that women get, i was suddenly intolerant to all fruit and dairy products. Is this weird? I have had seasonal allergies all my life, but never a proble... Read More


in love love love...
reaction/side effect from cortisone injection?
Yesterday, I had a cortisone injection to my knee. I have a slight tear in my meniscus and am trying to get by without surgery. I felt fine, until about 24 hours after the shot. My neck and face tu... Read More


'хcσnníєє. *♥
How do you cure a blocked Ear?
I have a bad case of the cold, and it's getting to me. It's like somethings in my ear, but it's OBVIOUSLY not. It's just irritating me, that's all. It's christmas day - s... Read More


Ear allergies? Sterling silver or.....?
So I think my ears get irritated with silver earrings. But not sterling silver. Sterling silver I believe is the one that doesn't bother my ears. Can I get any other types of earrings, like 14kt ... Read More


Sunshine (:
Is beer nut free?
If not, are there any brands you know of that are?... Read More


Is it possible that I am allergic to apples?
I used to eat apples all the time. But a year ago when I ate one, my mouth, throat, & lips felt itchy. I eat apple pie and drink apple juice, and my mouth throat & lips feel fine. Am I allergi... Read More


Is it possible I'm allergic to fruit?
Whenever I eat ANY fruit my ears and throat itches me like crazy. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE fruit, but ever since I was about 6 my throat has always been itching me whenever I eat any... Read More


Extreme allergy or just bad batches?
okay so i love big macs and mckie d's fries

but every time i eat at my local mcdonalds (move here few months ago, only have ever had this problem at the White Spot at Play Land 5 years ago)<... Read More


Sun allergy or something else?
This has been happening for the last few years but this year it is the worst. I notice it happens in the spring and all through out summer until fall starts. When I get out into the sun and hang out f... Read More


I'm still sick and need more advice on what to do asap!!! Been sick almost a month.?
Hey everyone! I went to the doctor last Thursday after being sick for a few weeks, the doctor asked me whats wrong I told him my symptoms. He checked my back, chest, and then nostrils and told me I h... Read More


Annie Anderson
Can you develop allergies later in life?
I am 38 years old, have never suffered from allergies in my life except for slight sniffles in pollen season (I live in Atlanta!) It is almost July and over the past month I have had recurring sore th... Read More


jasmine :)
home remedies to get rid of coughing?
I have no phlegm but my cough is pretty annoying :/

Ive tried throat and cough Tylenol but it only helps my throat.

any home remedies anyone?... Read More


How to stop nose bleeds?
This is weird on friday satuday and sunday i got a nose bleed. Now today i have school. I really don't want one again. Kinda embarassing. Does anyone know any tricks from stopping a nose bleed. O... Read More


Ryans Mom
Smell of Food caused tingling lips?
Last night my husband brought home Chinese food. As soon as I could smell it, my lips started tingling...like I've had in certain allergies. They tingled until I couldn't smell it any more... Read More


do you think i should get allergy shots?
im 12 years old (almost 13) and im allergic to all pet hair and i have asthma which makes it worse. it really stinks because all of my friends have pets and whenever i go over their house i cant stay ... Read More


Possible food allergy? Anyone else had similar experience?
Every time I eat any type of fruit or vegetable, except grapefruit, my ears start itching, my mouth starts hurting, my lips swell slightly, and I get terrible heartburn that keeps me up all night. Do... Read More


gluten free diet and hives?
i am going on a gluten free diet because it may be causing my hives.

i am on my first week, but my hives are still bad.

could it take longer than a week to see any results whatsoever?

... Read More


Minor allergic reaction to Tylenol 3 with codeine ?
I spoke to a pharmacist, and he said, " I may be allergic to the codeine. "

" I can try it again, but if the symptoms take place again, stop using it. "

The medici... Read More


Allergic reaction due to make-up.?
Two days ago, I used some eye shadow. It turned the skin above my eyes red. Do you know anything I can do to make it go away in a few days?... Read More


minnie m
How can I get rid of this rash on my neck... i think it might be eczema but i was wondering how to rid of it?
Skin Condition... Read More


Feel like I have snot in my throat?
So, At my school, everyone is getting the flu, but I don't think anyone has my problem.

I'll start to cough, or it might just happen randomly....

Like, a small ball of snot W... Read More

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