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 Do you pick your nose?
Every morning?

 I have runny nose what is the fastest way to get rid of it?
my nose is so runny and i used a hole roll of toilet paper. what can i do for it to go away the fastest, is it safe to use flonase until it goes away for this runny nose?...

 What Are You Allergic Too?
me nothing that i have come into contact with or smelled or tasted yet but im sure if i go somewere outside the us i will find something im allergic ...

 Is it possible to be allergic to water?

 My nose has been stuffed for like 3 months?
No temperature, no coughing...
I always need Nasal Spray before I go to sleep and the stuffed nose wakes me up.
3 or more months! is this normal???...

 Is there a way to avoid a runny nose?
I keep getting a runny nose during class and its really annoying because sometimes our classroom is out of tissues (sad huh?) and I'd rather not raise my hand to ask for a tissue instead of ...

 What are the most common side effects for someone allergic to dogs?

 Drinking milk when you're lactose intolerant - can it kill you?

 Can you develop a food allergy from food you've never had problems with?
I've eaten shrimp my entire life, but last night I ordered some at a mexican restaurant, and after I had eaten a few, my tonsils felt tighter, like maybe my throat was beginning to swell shut. I ...

 My nose is runny and I don't want to blow it.?
Any other ideas to take care of the problem....

 can anyone suggest a good allergy medicine for me?
so i have AWFUL seasonal allergies and its spring and there is a TON of pollen where i live (tennessee) . like, you could drop a ball on the ground and it'll make a yellow poof.

 The question's personal...?
ok so i have these little red bumps in between my lips of my vigina and they arent std's or anything i think they are from my laundry soap because I went from using high dollar "no dye no ...

 flaky ears?
why is the inside of my ears always itch and get flaky? I have tried anti dandruff shampoos,peroxide,hydracorizone cream,antibiotic ear drops, and just about every thing you can think of this is ...

 should schools ban chocolate and peanut butter since so many children have allergies to them?

Additional Details
my son had a sever asthma attack today and spent five hours in the hospitol because he came in contact with chocolate at lunch, we do not allow chocolate in our home ...

 Why does pasta make me feel so ill?
At first I put it down to coincidence but now I'm pretty sure there's something about pasta that doesn't agree with me.
- I can't finish a plateful. I adore pasta, it's ...

 i always been hot headed. now that i take steroids people look at me different. what do i do?
i always been hot headed. i have the attitude, when there is a punk being an idiot im the one with the audacity to tell him off, but now that i take steroids people think its roid rage and that i ...

 Am I allergic to grass?
Yesterday I was rolling on the grass and my arms, hands (the only part of my skin that wasn't covered) got a lot of bumps. The bumps are red and a little itchy....

 I'm allergic to Peanut Butter, but not allergic to peanuts...how can I make safe Peanut Butter?
For some reason, I get allergic reactions to Peanut Butter. Maybe because it touched machines that process other nuts(which I AM allergic to), but when I eat peanuts straight out of the shell, NOTHIN...

 I just got a piercing that isn't healing because of nickel allergy, what do I do?
I got a piercing 3 months ago and it hasn't healed well at all. Turns out the 14K white gold stud seems to have nickel in it an I'm allergic to nickel. Is there anything I can do to heal ...

 When I wake up my voice is gone? Throat filled with mucus?
Every morning I wake up and have no voice. My throat is filled with mucus and I have to drink two cups of hot chocolate (no milk, just the powder and boiing water). I have to clear my throat ...

Jessica B
is my nose really horrible?
i am really obsessive about my nose! i think its horrible! i mean people say im pretty and what not but some people just tell me i would be gorgeous if it wasnt for my nose. i think im going to get a nose job when im 18!...here are some pics of me. my nose doesnt look bad in the front at all..

im the one with the brown hair

again im the one with the really dark hair next to the boy

in the front..

side view of my nose

these are really bad pictures of me but i did this in like 2 seconds so tell me what you think.
Additional Details
um..also im 14 and im literally 4'11 feet tall

Princess Of MJs Dreams <3

All Seeing Eye911
i have important matters to discuss with you. as for the second picture, i don't think it is wise for someone like...uh...you should be hanging around with boys. In my personal opinion i think your time would not be wasted if you spent your evenings in a little friendly tea party with your stuffed animals. and when i say stuffed, i mean DEAD STUFFED ANIMALS.
have fun.

p.s. yes your nose is big. DONT LIE TO YOURSELF.

front the front not too bad from the side, you poor child D:

no i think urnose is very normal as long as u don't sound like ur high on helium i would think u were perfectly normal.

I don't think your nose is bad at all!
You're really pretty!

I Love Kyle!
There is absolutely nothing wrong with your nose. No need for a nose job.

you are very pretty. I WISH i looked like you! you're nose is perfectly fine.

I think you are very pretty, you definitely don't need a nose job. You could end up regretting it, which is what happened to me. I wish I hadn't obsessed about my nose. I looked much better with the old one..... Just be thankful for being as beautiful as you are!

Miss M
Not at all. It's a very pretty little nose.

But if it makes you feel better, mine isn't "horrible" and I am still going to get it "fixed" when I turn eighteen, too haha.

I know it sounds shallow, but whatever makes you more comfortable, you know?

(:I luv colours of the rainbow:)
your nose is fine

i really dont see anything wrong with ur nose ur pretty

Kevin J
No matter what the people on Yahoo Answers say, you need to be happy with yourself; for your own self esteem. If you still don't like your nose when you are older then you should get the surgery to make yourself happy. It's as simple as that.

(By the way, it looks fine to me) Good luck

alittle big but ur cute enough that people wont pay attention to it

I think you're very pretty. I know how you feel I obsessive over my nose a the time.

Dr who
you look great nothing to worry about keep smiling.

whats wrong with you?
your nose is perfectly normal

Your obsessing about nothing, you have a roman nose, its a strong nose but it suits your face.

Ellie J
OMG you are so pretty and your nose is peerfect ! I don't know where you got that idea from hunny!! ..x
There is absoloutley nothing wrong with it!! .XxX
And you can't change the way you are without plastic surgery with hurts and you have no need anyway ..XxX

Hope I Helped ..xxX
You Are Really Pretty ! ..XxXxX
Love Ellie..xXx
Happy to help..x

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