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 what kind of rash is this?
pic is on my 360 page. its all over an 8 year olds body and quickly spreading within today it started and now its from head to toe. the hospital gave him meds for dairy allergy but its gotten even ...

ok guys thanks soo much in advance... my friend is allergic to cats,and her step dad bought her 1 but he doesnt kbnow shes allergic. and what if the cat rubs its tummy aginst her leg what will happen?...

 Does anyone know hwo to get rid of a stuffy nose?
Please answer i cant breath my i already blew my ...

 Allergic reaction- Please help!?
My boyfriend is breaking out with an itchy rash. I recently got a new laundry detergent and we are thinking that that's what is causing this. It starts out looking like mosquito bites and turns ...

 I just found out im allergic to wheat?! What would be ok for me to eat?

 What are your weird food allergies?
I am allergic to peaches.

I am also lactose intolerant.
Additional Details
I am also allergic to chamomile tea....

 Am I allergic to rabbits?
kso, i have had my rabbits for at least 4 of 5 months, & all of
a sudden my mom is starting to wheeze and cough and cant
really breath. Im wondering if its because of my rabbits.

 Are allergies to plastic in earrings common?
I have sensitive skin, and I've heard of people being allergic to various metals in earrings, but what about plastic?...

 My son has a peanut allergy?
Hi everyone! I gave my 15 month old son a little bit of peanut butter, and he broke out with a rash around his mouth and his right eye got puffy. It was scary. We got some epipens from my doctor, ...

 Hello' my wife and I luv pets. But she gets severe eye irritation when around them. Any resolve on home tips?

 What are you allergic to? What happens to you personally?
I am trying to figure out my source of hives and maybe you can help me narrow it down....

 I'm tired, I have a headache, it's hard to focus on things.. and I have allergies... related?
for the past week or so I have felt really fatigued, I get like 9 hours of sleep a night but when I wake up I just wanna go back to bed again!! I don't even work that much. I do go to bed ...

 do you think im allergic to water?
after a shower my feet goes fully red but gets better later and also my chest is red like spots but these also goes away after few minutes? it sorta itches and wondering if im allergic to WATER? or ...

 What if you're lactose intolerant and win the Indianapolis 500?

 I get an itchy throat after eating melons and mangoes...?
For about 20 minutes once eaten...

Why does this happen?

Thanks. =]
Additional Details
Yep, I get really bad hayfever....

 Why do I keep coughing and spitting & how to make it stop?
Two-three days ago, at night, I started randomly coughing before going to sleep. And it's not those super harsh kinds, and my throat isn't sore. My throat feels like something's there, ...

 Do you think this is reasonable?
I went to the doctor about 2 weeks ago with
increased thirst
increased urination
weight loss

my doctor just said it was hormones and allergies....

 Best treatment for rhinitis?
I have a steroid nasal spray and antihistimines but do worry about using nasal spray long term.

can I just take an antihistamine instead.?..noticed slight tinnitus since using nasonex ...

 What is going on with allergies? My kids can't bring food to school now?
First it was peanuts,then sea food,then eggs,then milk,then wheat,there are so many banned foods at my kids school I am at my whits end at what to put in their lunches.If it is good for you it is ...

 Is goat milk good for you?? I've heard it helps allergies.?

is it possible to suddenly become allergic to something that never bothered you before?
Ordinarily i am not allergic to orange juice or lemonade concentrates. I recently have developed a weird blistering of the tongue when I drink it. Whats up with that? I have no problem with the actual fruit of itself or cooked. but the juice. I drink nothing bottled or powdered, and drink only tea and coffee and tap water. I do not eat MSGs [cook everything, no boxes or froxen prepared foods] so could this be it? I am deathly allergic to synthetic hormones, synthetic antibiotics, and calcium suppliments [but not milk products] go figure....hm. This has me stumped.

I is always possible to become allergic to something you weren't allergic to before. For instance Me and hair dye. The doctor said that your body can change and you can become allergic to something you never were before. Especially if you were exposed to too much or for too long.

well maybe you've consumed too much of something, and you're body is now rejecting it

I GET THE SAME THING. I've always had that weird blistering too, on my tongue from strong citrus juice. I don't think its an allergy thing, I think its just the taste buds reacting to such a high concentration of acid... or something like that. Very painful!

Lmao, sorry it might be the acid, to much acid will take the taste buds off your tongue and it gots a wierd feel on the tounge, but also yes you can get allergic to anything at anytime...the body develops over 8 year periods and does different things, thats what i heard from my doctor im not sure, try asking your family doctor and see whats up. Hope I helped!

It's probably just too much acid. I get that every year when my father-in-law starts bringing us fresh tomatoes from his garden. I eat so many my tongue is covered in sores. But it's worth it for those tomatoes!

i think it is possible to suddenly become allergic to certain things. maybe it could be that they changed some of the ingredients.

Allergy is actually your immune system's reaction to some external stimulants. Your immune system changes and hence allergies will change too. I was told that it takes 7+ years to develop hay fever. e.g. you move to a new country, the pollens in the air are different from those you were exposed to at your own home. Sometimes, your body does not react to the next pollens. But after 7 to 10 years, the allergy will start to surface.

Some scientists believe that allergies are on the rise because people disinfect everything they touch nowadays. When the body has no real bacteria to fight, it will fight any foreign matters including food and pollens. Ask yourself, do you live in a germ-free environment? If yes, perhaps that is the cause of all your new allergies. That theory makes sense if you believe allergy is just your immune system took a wrong turn.

Cleaning and sanitizing are quite different. When you are clean, you reduce the severity of your exposure to bacteria and viruses. Your body still encounters a trace amount of these bugs and develops immunity to them. On the contrary, when you sanitize, your environment is sterile, i.e. your body never needs to develop any immunity and when you encounter these bugs for the first time under a less controlled environment, you can get really really sick. Besides when your immune system is bored, it will attack anything including your orange juice.

My kids told me that one girl in school uses hand sanitizers to clean her hand after each time she turns a page of a book. Believe it, this how our world has become and that explains why allergies, asthma cases are on the rise.

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