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 I have very severe seasonal allergies, can anyone tell me how to make them stop?
I have tried clariten, zyrtec, and benadryl and a few other meds. I cant seem to find anything that can even phase them. Any advice?...

 Does the Neti Pot actually work?
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 every time i cut an onion, i seem to tear up, could this be some sort of allergic reaction?
I tried to wash my eyes out with water and then recut them, but it continued. Should I see a doctor and what do you think I should or can do about this?

Thanks in advance....

 are hives dangerous?!??!?
are hives dangerous??? can hey lead to death??? can they lead to something more serious???

how long will it take for it to clear up?? do i need to seek medical help immediately?


 I am allergic to my favorite necklace!! how can i fix this?
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 Is it possible to have a adverse reaction to..?
Chlorine and Sodium Chloride? I mean just.. Anything chloride related like even in shower gels and stuff like that. Anything that is a Chloride compound.
Thanks ...

 Can you be allergic to anti-allergy medications?

 I am lactose intolerant...?
....and I hate the taste of Soy Milk. Just ugh.
I have heard of Lactose-Free Milk, or lactaid.
People have said that they like the taste of lactose free milk, people have said there is no ...

 Is this a typical allergic reaction or is it herpes?
My son is 18, when he drinks milk, or some brands of ice cream, and use crest toothpaste.. and chapstick of all kinds...

his lips would swell up the next day and secrete a sticky liquid. ...

 My nephew has a peanut allergy? can he eat coconuts?
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 Can you get an allergy from an anti allergy drug?

 How do I blow my nose effectively?
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 How to get rid of a stuffy nose without medicine?
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 How long after a cat or dog has been in a house is it safe to assume all the pet dander has died?
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 anyone know how to treat rashes(like) in arms..they look like goose bumps and they're not itchy.?

 is acne an allergy ?? is acne an allergy ?

 anybody sick right now or getting sick?
i can't get rid of this cold. sneezyin,sore throat no fever tho....

 why have I got puffy eyes?
My eyelids are puffy, the first one 2 days ago, it was itchy and I rubbed it then woke up with it all puffy and almost swollen shut. It seemed like it was because I rubbed it. After 1 day it went ...

 are expired allergy meds ok to take?
I have some severe allergies going on right now. I live in kentucky, and this time of year we have pollen, hay being cut, and tons of humidity....My allergies are going crazy right now! when i blow ...

 If you are lactose intolerant, can you still consume soy milk?
Isn't it still considered dairy? When I drink cows milk, my eczema will flare and I will be moody. So is Soy milk still considered safe?...

im very gaseous when i eat cheese and drink milk or eat eggs and drink milk?
i hope im not lactose intolerant, becaue i love milk and cheese. It has been happening for several years now, but i try not to eat cheese and eggs or milk together in one day like i would have one but not the other two because i would have gas and fart very very smelly gas. its usually whole milk, regular cheddar cheese and regular eggs. My other family members don't have this problem. what can i do to reduce the smelly gas i have? its not all the time its only when i eat those foods.
Additional Details
its really really smelly smelly... if it was regular i would not have a problem but this is like horrible rotten food smells lol.. sorry if its sound totally horrible

You are probably lactose intolerant. Your body has stopped producing the enzyme lactase, which digests the sugar lactose in dairy products. Instead, the bacteria in your gut digest this sugar, and they produce all the gas that you are experiencing.

Lactose is found in all dairy products to some extent. However, in cultured dairy products, the bacteria have already digested much of the lactose for you. So cheese, especially hard cheeses, and yogurt shouldn't bother you as much. Also, this may sound strange, but cream and butter shouldn't cause problems for you: to make cream and butter they skim off the fattiest part of the milk, and neither has any of the lactose left in it.

Also, there are pills you can buy at the drugstore that contain the enzyme you are missing. You can simply take one of those pills when you are going to have dairy.

Sorry, but it does look to me like you're lactose intolerant. Either you have to avoid milk, or you might want to look into something like Lactaid and see if that can help.

Good luck.

Daisy 21
yeap you are lactose intolerant, but hey don't worry. At least you are not getting the runs.

Just drink a small glass of milk with some food and you should be okay.

Eat only small portions of cheese and eggs along with other foods like bread or vegetables and you should be okay.

I'm alittle lactose intolerant, but didn't really know it until I had a glass of Instant Carination Breakfast every morning and boy was I very gassy. I didn't fart or anything, but my stomach kept making weird sounds. It was so embrassing. But yeah, after a few days I learned it was the milk.

Also, drink 1% milk. It's better for you. Hopes this helps.

sounds like you have some sort of intolerance to these foods, which is not uncommon. both dairy and eggs are "clogging" foods. they are common allergens and create more mucous in the body.

try sheep or goat dairy rather than cow. many people who find it difficult to digest regular dairy have no problem with sheep's milk. the more natural, the better, so try to get organic dairy whenever possible.

eggs are a very common allergen too. try to eat them as seldom as possible, and again, free range organic are the best choice for your body because they are usually grain fed and hormone free.

ask your doctor for a food allergy test if you would really like to get to the bottom of this. they can give you further advice on any dietary changes and supplements like digestive enzymes to help make your life a little easier!!

*Grey's Anatomy*
I'm sorry to say this but its almost certain that you're lactose intolerant. See a doctor if you're not sure. If you don't want to go to the doctor then try an experiment. Try lactose free milk and lacotse free other dairy products for a week. If you see a difference then continue with the lactose free products.

hate to tell you this, but ..... it sounds like you are lactose intolorant. try lactose free milk and cheese and see if it happens again.

Somebody else
It sounds like you are lactose intolerant. A lot of people do develop lactose intolerance in adolescence or adulthood. If you want to be sure, you can see a doctor and there's an easy, painless test they can give you to make sure. If you are lactose intolerant you can buy lactase enzyme caplets which you can take before eating or drinking food with lactose.

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