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if someone is allergic to bee stings, what happens to them when they're stung?

Additional Details
its actually my little boy and he has a severe nut allergy. He has an epipen 4 that but i was just wondering if it would be the same kind of reaction

depends how serious their allergic to it, if its serious they can die. cause the throat swells up and they cant breathe

have you ever seen the old film 'my girl'??

They can have serious pain and swelling where they were stung. They also can have respiratory problems, especially if you are stung anywhere from the neck up. Then your tongue can swell and you can possibly die. You need to get to a hospital immediately if you are allergic. Also if you are stung anywhere from the neck up, and NOT allergic it can be life threatening as well. If you get stung and are allergic, but can't get to hospital right away, apply ice to the site and take Benadryl(over the counter) medicine.Get to hospital right away.

They explode.

[usually just swell where ever they are stung, or get a rash....different people react in different ways]

janelle t
well unfortunately it does vary from person to person. However common side effect include but not limited to Bee sting allergy symptoms often begin with a dry cough. Then, the eye area begins to itch and swell. As symptoms progress, the patient begins to sneeze and wheeze, and develop hives that itch. These symptoms may be warning signs of a dangerous condition called anaphylaxis. Symptoms include sudden anxiety and weakness, difficulty breathing, tightness in the chest, very low blood pressure, loss of consciousness, and shock. Anaphylactic shock can occur within minutes and result in death. A patient in anaphylactic shock needs immediate medical treatment.

I have a severe allergy to bee stings and have to carry adrenalin injection pens just in case I go into anaphylactic shock.
I have only ever been stung twice and both times I nearly died. My airway closed and I swelled up dreadfully preventing a stable airway from being established..
Without the prompt action of the paramedics on both occasions I would have died and not be here to tell the tale!

Typical allergic reactions include pain, redness, possibly itching, and most important.... swelling, which can become extremely dangerous when it spreads systemically and involves the throat blocking the persons airway and potentially leading to death without quick medical help.

This can all depend on several factors tho, such as the number of stings received, and just how allergic the person is. Different people can react differently to the same amount of venom. See the following website for more info...

well in the worst case they could possibley die but i wouldnt worry mostly the sting just swels up.

i hope this helped and if you want any more help feel free to email me

they have an allergic reaction

Like any allergy, it is more and less severe for different people. Some people vomit and it makes them feel unwell, others go into shock immediately and fit.

From personal experience:

My whole body begins to itch, even the palms of my hands and then I notice a rash occurring all over. The rash becomes especially prevalent in the warmer areas of my body. The rash not only spreads but it swells like an infection. Then I'm rushed to an emergency facility where they ask if I'm having trouble breathing. If I can still breathe okay, they they inject me with epinephrine while checking my blood pressure. People who die from this have their trachea swell so badly that they can't breathe.

i go mental

The swelling from a bee sting for someone who is allergic can vary from excess swelling to severe anaphylaxia (swelling of esophagus causing trouble breathing). If someone is stung and experiences more of a reaction than a red swelling larger than a quarter or half-dollar, they are likely allergic, and the next sting will probably be worse.

Talk to your doctor if you think you may be allergic to bee stings. They can give you medication to take in an emergency to avoid severe anaphylaxis.

»-(¯`v´¯)-» xox
anaphylactic shock usually occurs minutes or seconds after you get stung. Your throat swells up and it is very hard to breathe. You need an ER right away. you can also get dizziness, swelling, rashes, and lose conciousness.

Manc Lush
They turn into a bee

Sod that - what about what happens to the poor bee? The pointy bit she stabs you with is barbed, and it cannot be withdrawn from your skin. So, when she decides to hop it rather than face your righteous indignation at being stung by a stripy little git of an insect, she leaves disembowels herself and leaves her guts attached to the sting. How's that for a reaction to a bee sting?

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