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 Am I allergic to rabbits?
kso, i have had my rabbits for at least 4 of 5 months, & all of
a sudden my mom is starting to wheeze and cough and cant
really breath. Im wondering if its because of my rabbits.

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I have sensitive skin, and I've heard of people being allergic to various metals in earrings, but what about plastic?...

 My son has a peanut allergy?
Hi everyone! I gave my 15 month old son a little bit of peanut butter, and he broke out with a rash around his mouth and his right eye got puffy. It was scary. We got some epipens from my doctor, ...

 Hello' my wife and I luv pets. But she gets severe eye irritation when around them. Any resolve on home tips?

 What are you allergic to? What happens to you personally?
I am trying to figure out my source of hives and maybe you can help me narrow it down....

 I'm tired, I have a headache, it's hard to focus on things.. and I have allergies... related?
for the past week or so I have felt really fatigued, I get like 9 hours of sleep a night but when I wake up I just wanna go back to bed again!! I don't even work that much. I do go to bed ...

 do you think im allergic to water?
after a shower my feet goes fully red but gets better later and also my chest is red like spots but these also goes away after few minutes? it sorta itches and wondering if im allergic to WATER? or ...

 What if you're lactose intolerant and win the Indianapolis 500?

 I get an itchy throat after eating melons and mangoes...?
For about 20 minutes once eaten...

Why does this happen?

Thanks. =]
Additional Details
Yep, I get really bad hayfever....

 Why do I keep coughing and spitting & how to make it stop?
Two-three days ago, at night, I started randomly coughing before going to sleep. And it's not those super harsh kinds, and my throat isn't sore. My throat feels like something's there, ...

 Do you think this is reasonable?
I went to the doctor about 2 weeks ago with
increased thirst
increased urination
weight loss

my doctor just said it was hormones and allergies....

 Best treatment for rhinitis?
I have a steroid nasal spray and antihistimines but do worry about using nasal spray long term.

can I just take an antihistamine instead.?..noticed slight tinnitus since using nasonex ...

 What is going on with allergies? My kids can't bring food to school now?
First it was peanuts,then sea food,then eggs,then milk,then wheat,there are so many banned foods at my kids school I am at my whits end at what to put in their lunches.If it is good for you it is ...

 Is goat milk good for you?? I've heard it helps allergies.?

 i drank milk, now i'm getting sick?
i got up in the middle of the night because i was thirsty, so i had milk. nothing else in the house . i couldnt get back to sleep so i started watching some TV and about 10 minutes ago i started ...

 I have a sore in my right nostril that developed after a cold. It hurts and won't go away.?

 I can't cough my phlegm up?
My throat is really very sore and I can't cough my flem up because it hurts so much and feels as if its stuck. It feels as if I'm going to puke every time I try and cough it all up. Is ...

 Can someone who's allergic to bees still eat honey and watch reruns of Roseanne?

 Is anyone besides me allergic to gluten?
Just wanted to know...
Additional Details
i wasnt tested for celiac but i had my blood tested and i think i am allergic. i get migraines after i eat wheat/...

 Can you go to your doctor and ask for an allergy test? if not where can you go?

i have hives!!!!?
i had hives now for 10 years, out of the 10 years i was 2 year hives free, i am aware of my food allergy it's wheat, peanuts, shell fish, milk, eggs. i am not eating those items at all, i have drug allergy, to benadryl,zyrtec and more. and yet i still get alot of hives, it
s really bothering me, i am taken 300 mg of atarax, and still doesn't work, i wake up with schwollen eyes, lips and hands, sometimes my ears! i have to give myself the epipen once a week and the doctors are no help.. if there is anybody out there who can tell me what else would work, because those hives have put me into depression.
Additional Details
i have seen over a 100 different docoters. and they all say just avoid the foods and drugs, they say there is no cure for the hives and they don't know what causes hives, i am really on the end of my ropes, i have seen more ER visit in my life because of this that i can't even count on my fingers. if this is life then this life sux big time..

D'Shante L
Have you tried going to another doctor I had hives about a year ago and i went to the emergency room and they gave me a prescription it cleared it right up. Yea I would just try and go to another doctor tell him what you're allergic to and what you tried and see what he suggests. Hope this helps

I have hives too. Mine are probably from stress. You may want to look into that. You know, a teacher at school gets cold-induced hives. Anytime the weather is cold or the air conditioner is on, she gets hives. Another allergy could be dust and mold. Get a mold tester and test the area where you sleep. Your detergent could be a culprit or the dryer sheets/softener. Another possibility is dust mites in your bedding. Get dust covers for your mattress, etc. Try not to get depressed, you will find the solution.
" Other major causes: Viruses and certain diseases, such as lupus; medications, such as antibiotics and aspirin; sunlight; heat; cold; pressure (as in the pressure of a chairback when you sit, or a tight waistband); exercise and sweating. But virtually anything can cause hives."

Go here:

Monika, I had hives for 10 years but had them under control for about 5. I am going to tell you what worked for me and hope that it gives you some ideas that might help.
First of all, my hives were very bad- if I got them on my feet, my feet would blow up like footballs, same with my hands.
My hives went away when I went gluten free which means not eating anything with wheat, rye or barley in it. I found out I had celiac disease which is an intolerance to gluten. It causes the lining of the small intestine to break down and cause severe malabsorption of nutrients. So along with going gluten free, I started a program of gluten free multivitamins and omega complex capsules to help my body repair itself. That's how mine went away.
Now they were mostly controlled for 5 years by taking claritin and either serevent or advair which are asthma medications. I know of several other people who have their hives controlled by different asthma meds too. The other thing that helped but may cause its own problems is prednisone or medrol.
My expereience was that an allergist was the best specialist to work with for controlling hives but you have to find one willing to try different drugs and dosages until they are under control.
The other thing that I wish somebody had done for me in retrospect was to put me on an antidepressant like prozac or something because of how life altering the hives were for so long. I understand just how hurting, life altering, activity altering hives can be. Consider talking to a doctor about trying an antidepressant.
Lastly, I am attaching an article I read not to long ago about hives.
I hope some of this has been helpful and if you want to discuss this or just unload to someone please contact me through here.

Go to a different doctor and don't give up until somebody finds out what's causing the hives.

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