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i have allergies, not asthma, but i cant run straight for even 10 minutes?
my allergies have almost disappered, but i cant run for more than like 10 minutes straight, i try my best and i get sooooooo out of breath. we did pacers da other day and i did like 25 and threw up afterwards?

see your doctor again 'my granddaughter had allergies ' now she has asthma' and allergie specialist would be best to see'.

When I was an adolescent, I had a huge ammount of trouble with bronchitis- which is like asthma in that it keeps you from breathing properly. When I wasn't sick, the gym coach had us doing a lot of running. I think I was the only one that tried- and I felt out of breath too.

It's simply a matter of your body not being used to the work.

Mystyria xMYQx
you may have excercise-induced asthma.

grace l

You may check with the doctor to see if you have exercise-induced asthma. I had that when I was younger and had the same problems of being able to run continuously. They may give you an inhaler to use b/f your workouts. Good luck! Make sure you take your medicine too. If you aren't getting enough air b/c of congestion, that may make it hard, too.

You could have allergy-induced asthma, like me, or even exercise-induced asthma. I generally get cold air-induced asthma when exercising (mostly walking) in the cold. You may want to go to the doctor to see what they have to say about it. They may give you inhaler for the exercise-induced asthma, if that is what you have.

Jeff P
Though allergies can impair breathing during running, your body is probably not used to running and you have to build up your lungs to handle the running. However, if you've been training for months and you are still having trouble breathing you may have exercise induced asthma. You might want to talk to you doctor about it because the condition is more common than one would think.

If you don't run alot that can happen its not because of your allerigies its how much in shape you heart lungs and whole body is. That happened to me i ran alot and i don't normally run that much so it made me sick and totally out of breath if you were to run a lttle bit all the time and not just run once every 4 months your running would be better

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