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I love my airman<3
i drank milk, now i'm getting sick?
i got up in the middle of the night because i was thirsty, so i had milk. nothing else in the house . i couldnt get back to sleep so i started watching some TV and about 10 minutes ago i started getting the feeling, the watery mouth and the slight stomach pain that i was going to get sick. i haven't thrown up yet, but im starting to feel alot more sick

what could this mean? i mean i absolutely hate milk, never could drink it and ive been tested for lactose intolerance but it came out fine so im not that
could the milk just be older? or idk

just wondering
i hate getting sick, but you know... cant say i wouldnt mind missing class today lol

Additional Details
hey guys i cant check expiration date
we have bags of milk up here, [cartons too but we prefer bags]
so the only way to know is from the package it came in and we throw that away once we get the milk

but thanks!

I'd guess that it was expired because i did the same thing
i drank milk an i was puking for the next two days
i figured that it was expired

Christian H
Check if the carton of the milk if its expired. Either that or you are lactose intolerant or you just drink too much milk. (milk is very complicated stuff with too much of it you could feel bad)

Athren the Glorious
Sounds like milk to you is like Eggnog, your body is not use to it you really don't like it but you drink it anyways. And your mindset is effecting your body on handling it.

I will be fine and get over it, unless you constantly tell yourself your sick. Then perhaps you will become sick, mind over matter.

sometimes you get bad milk even when it hasn't expired..Hope you get to feelig better!!

Your obviously not used to drinking milk so this might just be your body trying to reject or get used to it. Its unfamiliar to your body. The milk could possibly be expired or if you drank too much and moved around a bit you feel bloated.

If you don't often drink milk, then your body will act differently to it because it is a new substance. You might get a bit sick if you drink too much as well, so that might be it...

I am lactose intolerant (bugger on school camps :P) and if you are getting stuff like an itchy throat or swelling in your mouth and lips, you might be lactose intolerant too.

Otherwise it is just your body reacting to the new substance. However, just to be sure, just check the back of the packet for the used by date, and if it's old, tell your mum or dad (yes I spell mum the Australian way)

Hope this helps

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