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 Is everyone in the world allergic to poison ivy? VOTE!?
My friend(bob) says everyone is allergic to poison ivy because they have a reaction to it. I(Fred) say that everyone will have a reaction but the people who are allergic will have a more severe ...

 I'm Allergic to Bananas, any solution?!?
I haven't had a doctor conclude I'm allergic but I'm pretty sure seeing how every time I eat them:
1. my throat gets itchy
2. my nose gets stuffy
3. my stomach hurts

 Please name some antibiotics medician for allergy.. Thanks!?

 Sinus Infection, Sinuses, Mucous & Drainage..?
Alright, so, for probably about the last week or so, I've had what I think is a horrible sinus infection. Every 5 seconds, I'm hacking and spitting up post-nasal drip. I hardly have to blow ...

 is it possible that my son is allergic to nesquick the Chocolate powder you put in milk and not to Chocolate?
candy? thank ...

 I seem to be allergic to all cosmetics. Is there an organic line anyone knows of that I might try?
I have used all the cheaper products for years (Maybaline, etc.) Then it seems my body chemistry changed, cause I can't use certain hair products, body soap, or cosmetics. I have since tried A...

 i have itchy bumps, what are they?
I have tiny itchy red Bumps randomly on my legs and arms and a few on my stomach they itch what are they? they are about the size of a bug bite but have stayed much longer than one. they itch bad ...

 What is the best allergy medication when you have watery eyes?
I have allergies just want to know what kind of over the counter medications work best for your eyes. Others that I have tried are for runny nose, sneezing etc....

 Have you had allergy testing for migraines?
My dr said he wouldn't test for food allergies for my migraines. Has anyone been tested and what were the results? Also did you have a hard time convincing your dr to try an allergist?

 Why does sunlight and other bright light make me sneeze?

 how to remove a mold?

 Allergic to CARROTS ========== ???
I just had the worst allergy attack of my entire life.

I started cutting raw carrots to eat as a snack. I just started sneezing CONTINUOUSLY and my nose was running like CRAZY and I was ...

 My son has allergy rhinitis?
My son has allergy rhinitis, He takes actifed tablet for his blocked nose. When his nose blocked quite bad and he has to blow and blow his nose, it was very noisy and wake every body up when it ...

 itchy bed?
every time i sleep over at one of my friend's houses i get really itchy the next day and my face breaks out! i think it's the bed sheets? like the detergent they use? also i dont think the ...

 i'm allergic to water based lube?
i've tried astroglide and KY and both are water based. it stings and burns when i use it. I dont use condoms so it's not latex. any good lube suggestions?...

 Both my ears are blocked, how do I get rid of the pressure?
I'm doped up on cold meds but I can't get rid of the blocked ears and the pressure is starting to hurt.

If I have to burp I'm screwed.
Additional Details

 What 's left for me to do to get help with my allergic symptoms?
I've been to e.n.t. doctors. Had cat scan done. Only thing came
up with was dry sinuses. Been to several allergists. Tried all
types of medications. Had allergy tests done. No ...

 I had colonic hydrotherapy.........?
On thursday, once it was done and the nurse / health care lady assessed my 'deposits' she said I have a wheat, dairy and caffeine allergy and candida (allergy yeast infection due to allergy ...

 why do people smoke cigarettes? i doesn't taste very good.. and it makes u cough. its hurts ur throat..?
also.. when u do smoke.. what do u after u inhale it?? swalow the smoke?!? or do u jus blow it bak out? i dont understand. sumone explain ...

 Gluten Free Diet Help?
I am new to this,are you familiar with this diet?What kind of foods do you recommend???
I love pasta,most recently changed to a organic brand....

i bleed from my nose every day what could it cause it?


You should probably ask your doctor about this

i used to get those all the time, and before i did i had never gotten them before. and i was just getting them ALL THE TIME, for no reason. then they just all the sudden stopped

since it's in the allergy section, my guess would be, your sinuses are too dry. (if you are taking any kind of allergy medication or decongestant it can happen easily.) try getting a simple saline spray. any grocery pharmacy should have it and it's not very expensive.

Orange Julius
well i used to get a bloody nose everyday, but then i told the principal and he got expelled..never got another bloody nose again

Mischele, RN‚ô•
High blood pressure, dry nasal membranes....... Have your blood pressure checked, try fish oil or flaxseed oil which is a natural way to help lower it a little bit. For dry membranes, get some saline spray and use it daily. Also avoid picking your nose too.

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