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she has with her eyes, burning itching, and after a while her eyes close up. She just puts a cool wet wash cloth on her eyes until they get better, then she finally is able to open her eyes.

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 How to raise a child with food allergies?
My two year old has multiple food allergies including milk, soy, wheat, eggs and peanuts.

He is very thin and it is a daily struggle to find tasty and healthy meals due to the elimnation ...

 I've broken out, had a sore/swollen mouth/throat and my skin felt like it was on fire after i had peanuts?
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Additional Details
I am not allergic to anything, that I know of! :)...

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 i get a tight chest when theres dust in the air is it serious?

 i think my stuffed animal is sick?
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what ever shall i doo!?...

 i have been sick, and now both of my eyes are blood shot red,what do i do to get get rid of the red eye?
they some times hurt,but i went to bed last night and when i woke up it was really hard for me 2 open my eyes because eye burger type stuff was in them,but now they are just really red....

mr monkeeman
i've had a bloody nose at least once a day the past 5 days, whats wrong with me?
I've gotten bloody noses before but this is different, it wont stop, im kinda worried. Is it just bad allergies?

i dont know but if you find out, please tell me! its happening to me TOO!!! and it suxx

Could be food allergies.

I used to get bloody noses ALL the time! It was gross, and inconvienent. The last time I had it, I went through 2 towels, and I was rushed to the emergency room very weak from the blood loss. They packed it and it drained into my stomach leaving me sick to my stomach. The next day I saw a specialist that cautaurized it and I have NEVER had another one again. Sometimes the blood vessels are weak, and they can use a tool to shut off the vessel or capillary that keep breaking open. Seek out and Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist and you'll feel much better! I haven't had a bloody nose in 20 years. I had them for 6 straight before I saw one! I was so happy that they were able to shut it off. The blood clots are so nasty! --By the way, allergies, and dry nose can cause it too. But your best bet is the specialist.

Without knowing how bloody your nose actually is, it's difficult to say. If your nose is oozing blood, I'd definately see a doctor, however if it is just some blood on the kleenex when you blow your nose it might just be an irritation from allergies or excessive nose blowing.


There is a thin walled vein in the nasal cavity which can be cauterized very easily.. had mine done when I was about 14 and never had another one for almost 60 years.

It may be intensified during hot weather, which could be elevating your blood pressure somewhat.

Sometime that happen when move to a city at a higher elevation, like Santa Fe, NM. It could be the medication that you are taking. Aspirin or blood thinners will cause you to have a bloody nose.

Polyps? See a doctor.

i get bloody noses when the air is really dry. try using a saline spray (only a few bucks at Target or wherever)...make sure you don't use one that has steroids (I know Target brand doesn't) n that will moisten the inside of your nose....if that doesn't help, go to your doctor and get professional advice on it.
oh, and nothing's wrong with you (= just ran into some bad luck with your nose.

it could be the air or the change on weather

It could be blood-pressure related, or dry membranes, or weakened blood vessels in your nose. And I know sometimes it shows up in diabetics. But since you said this was sudden, I don't think it's that. See a doctor- and good luck!

It could be any number of things. See your doctor. In my own experience, it happened to me the same way once. I went to the doc and it turns out that I had a small slice on the inside of my noise caused by dryness first then excessive sneezing from allergies. They cauterized it and it worked great. Hasn't happened again since. GL

depends on how much blood there is. is it pouring out? or is there just some blood on a tissue? If it is pouring out you need to see a doctor. if there is just a little you probably have got some allergies, or your nose is too dry inside, or if you do drugs and snort them there is your problem, if you pick your nose you may be picking to hard( don't try digging so deep, there is no gold) or you may have gotten something in your nose like metal shavings, fiberglass, plastic, chemicals or glass: if you work near these things this could also be the problem. if the problem persists you should definately see a doc.

I don't think its allergies (but I'm no doctor)
It could have something to do with your blood pressure
Have you started any different medications lately?
I recommend that you go to a doctor asap

I have just found this website you might find it interesting
Hope it helps

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