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 will a vinyl matress cover keep dust mites from coming in or out of the matress?
i have bad allergies, and have ruled out most everything except dust mites... i think this is the problem... i'm sicker in the morning, which could be attributed to dust in the mattress... ...

 Throat's sore & my left ear won't clear when I hold my nose & blow them out. What do u think is causing this?
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 how come im not allergic to anything??
from good to medicne im just not allergic what does this mean??...

 Skin hurts after shower. I use a moisturiser and vaseline after shower, but skin burns and hurts. Why?

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 My whole family has allergies/asthma.I've heard all my life that moving out west(US) cures them.Is that true?
If it is and you could point me to some information about moving out west to cure allergies/asthma I would really appreciate it
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Maybe I wasn't specific enough, I ...

 I'm allergic to cats, but I have one! Besides getting rid of the cat, what can I do to help me?

 Help me plz?
well im like sneezing every five min and im takeing this tyenol allerge but its not working give me some help ...

 I woke up death in my left ere help what could it be?
I woke up and im death in one ear?! Im really worried! im only 15 is there any illnesses i might have?


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 What is your opinion of head &shoulders shampo ?
What is your opinion of head &shoulders shampo ? I see that it really cleans but it is too veavy on the scalp and sometimes it itches it ....

 Can an allergy cause a sore throat and stuffy nose?
I have not cold a cold as this is a result from a cold i had weeks ago im thinkin its somethng else now. Im also tired alot.
Can anyone shed some light or has anyone else got this

 Does anyone have any suggestions for managing bedroom allergies? Please no sarcastic answers?
If you have any websites, that will work also, thanks!
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Just wanted to say that these are all great answers. I appreciate every one of them! I will try to extend the ...

 am i allergic to smthng or it is a mosquitto bite...?
i hv hd this problem since birth.. its tht sometimes i wake up in the morning and both or one of my eyes are swollon like hell...
its not often... bt happens atleast once in 6 mnths...


 How do I know if I've got a cold or hayfever?
I've never had hayfever before in my life, however the past week I've had a runny itchy nose, puffy eyes and a feeling of lethargy!
Any idea's?
Oh, and food tastes different ...

Chocolate cake
i'm sick what do i do?
i'm sick right now is there anyone that can tell how to unstuff my nose and stop my itchie throat if my mo doesn't think that i'm really sick but i've been throwing up everyday for the past week, and no i ain't got no baby in me cuz i haven't even done that yet. but my throat is itchie and i'm coughing every 10 seconds ( for real).

drink a hell of a lot of water

Boil water with honey and lemon ...drink it warm every now and then. it will really make you feel better

hope it helps :O)

Sounds like you have a cold and maybe the stomach flu, or possibly allergies. Do you have a fever? Does your mom know you've been throwing up every day? Don't take any medicines without your mom's approval. Ask her to take you to the doctor if you feel you need to go. Drink plenty of fluids, especially juices and hot tea with lemon. That will help your throat. Hope you feel better!

Make a 50/50 solution of hydrogen peroxide and water and spray it into your nose. It may help your throat too, but it will at least help with the stuffiness rather quickly.

Princess M.
You should blow your nose.Cover your mouth with your hand and take some cough medicine.

Jim A
Go to the doctor girls if you throw up every day u sick get yo ma to take you it would be bad girl..

To unstuff your nose, pour a cup of "warm" water with a little bit of salt, and lower your head down over the bathroom sink, you'll need something with a large spout, kinda like a genie lamp, pour the liquid in there, place the long nossle in your nostril, tilt your head and the water will come out on the other nostril, repeat on the other side, after your done, blow your nose. For an itchy throat, get some hydrogen peroxide, pour 1/3 into a cup with 1/2 warm water, gargle with it, until you finish the whole glass. Make some tea with honey. That should help you. Good luck!

its probably allergies,get someallergy tablets and start there

well you definetley need to try to convince your mom that you really are sick. if anything let your school know how you are feeling and usually they will try to get you some assistance in getting the medicines that you need. usually the best thing is vicks..they make it ion liquid and in pill form. during the day they have vicks 44 in an orange box this will help with 1 to two days. but at night you need to use the nightime vicks. i'm telling you this stuff really does the trick. its only about 5.00 for the medicine. you need chicken noodle soup and sprite to drink definetley. and one natural help but it doesnt last long is go to the bathroom shut the door and let the steam form the shower feel the bathroom ou have to stay in there in order for the process to work. the steam and vapors coming from the very hot water clear up the congestion which causes the itchiness and congestion. good luck./

take a big bowl and fill it with hot water place
your head over the bowl and cover your head
with a towel and breath the steam that
should help with the stuffy nose.
hot cocoa or hot tea with lemon and honey should
sooth the itchy throat.
Ginger should help settle your stomach or peppermint
both of which can be made into tea or buy store
bought already made teas with ginger and peppermint

Hope you feel better.

kellieanne h
Drink honey and tea.. it will coat your throat and stop you from coughing. and if the coughing stops you may stop throwing up. but if you get fever you really should go to the docotrs.

Jazzy, I Miss U Love!
Go to the doctor or go get you some cough syrup.

Next, go cough on your mom so she gets it and then she will understand the next time you tell her you are sick.

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