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how can you deal with sudden reactions to food & drink?

Amanda L
wait it out.

Roddy S
Quickly. Run for that pan.Pray to the sacred porcelain.

Storm Chaser wannabe!!
A sudden reaction to a food/drink actually sounds like an anaphylactic reaction, which if it includes swelling of the tongue, mouth, throat etc can be life threatening. You would need urgent medical assistance, call an ambulance and say (or if someone else calls) "SUSPECTED ANAPHYLAXIS". If you know what it is that you've reacted to, avoid it at all costs. If you do get such severe reactions, you should ask your doctor for a referral to an immunologist who can do tests to see what causes the reaction and then prescribe "Epi-pens" to help with such a severe reaction. Your first port of call is A & E (in emergencies) or your GP.

Edit- The last time I had a reaction I had accidentally eaten something with eggs in it and injected myself with the epi-pen and was still unconscious about 3 minutes after the product entering my system, I was told after treatment that my breathing had dropped to a dangerous low because me throat had swollen - I'm not telling you this to scare you, just to show how bad a reaction can get !!

Depends on the reaction. If it's hives or a rash, Benadryl or similar will help. If you feel sick, go ahead and vomit--get it out of your system. If you have cramps and diarohhea, get to a doctor--fast.

LA Woman
I would probably drink water and contact your GP or NHs 24 for advice - DO NOT make yourself vomit - this could cause more harm

don't eat or drink anything

If it effects your breathing and or your tongue lips etc swell up get urgent medical help. Do not use the food again and get help to identify if it is the food or something that it has touched or cleaned with. It is not always the food or drink that you have had

Always carry some antihistamine tablets for emergency use!

Naturally it goes without saying-once you actually know what triggers it ,avoid that like the plague!

Che? O . . . .
For allergies I always carry Claritan. As soon as I start to itch or swell, I pop one and it takes care of it.

Like most drugs, it works better for some people than others. My doctor had me try two or three different medications before finding that Claritan was what worked for me.

If you have a rash or a sneezing fit, just take an antihistamine - anything on the market that helps with hayfever or similar. Otherwise as someone else has said on here wait it out and just drink lots of water.

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