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how can i stop nose bleeds?
okay i just had a really bad nose bleed plus i'm sneezing a lot (i'm sick plus the pollen is bad and i have allergies!)
well the blood was in running into my throat and a chunk of blood got caught in my throat(it wa slike thick blood) and i finally spit it up but the bleeding started again. i have had about 5 nose bleeds today! this last one lasted maybe....15 mins. the others about 5 mins..
what should i do to stop them?
(i've already taken an allergy pill and used saline)

Don't lean your head back! Sit normally and place a tissue or whatever over your nose while you are pinching the bridge of your nose. That should help.

get your nose saudered at the doctors

I have 10 finger on my hand, you can use any time.

Make sure your hydrated and also dont tilt your head it makes all the blood go to your head. Squeeze your nose and dont let go for 5 minutes also try contacting your doctor or physician.

Daddyof J
When I was younger I was a lifeguard and everyone who had a nose bleed came to me because I could stop one in 30 seconds. Someone has already mentioned this a few times I bet but you pinch the bridge of your nose semi has hard as you can and then lean forward as to let it drip but with a rag, tissue, whatever you have handy. I had a kid that was gushing one day and his parents were trying to keep it from bleeding more for like 5 mins. One of the other guards told them I knew a trick and they went and got me, within 30 seconds the kids was blood free and back in the pool!

dont breath through your nose (hopefully this will help your sneezing

get an ice pac on your nose if you can (cools the blood so it will clot and stop bleading)

dont tip your head back, usualy doctors will advise you to sit with your head tilted slightly forward so the blood with flow out of your nose, not down your throught.

John Killer
okay. that's bleeding due to trauma. take tranexamic acid, it will thicken blood. doctors give that to post operative patients to lessen bleeding. but consult a doctor first because several precautions are needed before taking that med (eg. blood pressure). stay away from pollen sources and other nasal allergens.

take tissues and hold it on your nose and hold your head against your knees.

My son had these due to allergies when he was younger. What we did for him.. was at night we put medicated gel ointment up high in his nostils.. not a lot but enought to line the inside up high (try using your pinkie finger or a q-tip is best). This helped to keep the inside walls of his nose moistened so that the blood vessels had a better chance of not splitting open the next day. We did this per a doctors instruction and it helped significantly!

I went to the drug store awhile back and bought a kit called Sinu-Cleanse. It was what is called a Neti pot and packets of Sodium Chloride and Bicarbonate of Soda. You mix te packet contents in luke warm water and pour it through one side of your nose and it washes your sinuses and comes out the other side. It is not at all an unpleasant sensation and is easy to do. I had a bad sinus infection and nosebleeds and doing that twice a day for three days cleared it up.
I have since recommended it to several others who have also had great results.
We tease about it and call it a teapot nose douche but it really is a neat way to treat a condition at home. You've never felt your head to be so clear.
Good Luck!

Kaitlin B
I'm so sorry! I hate nose bleeds and 5 a day is torture!!!! Plus they sound really bad. I think you should go to the docter. If you get a nosebleed, sit down and lean slightly forward. Keeping your head above your heart will make your nose bleed less. Lean forward so the blood will drain out of your nose instead of down the back of your throat. If you lean back, you may swallow the blood. This can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.
Use your thumb and index finger to squeeze together the soft portion of your nose. This area is located between the end of your nose and the hard, bony ridge that forms the bridge of your nose. Keep holding your nose until the bleeding stops. Don't let go for at least 5 minutes. If it's still bleeding, hold it again for 10 minutes straight.
You can also place a cold compress or an ice pack across the bridge of your nose.
Once the bleeding stops, don't do anything that may make it start again, such as bending over or blowing your nose.Why is the nose prone to bleeding?
The nose has many blood vessels in it to help warm and humidify the air you breathe. These vessels lie close to the surface, making them easy to injure.What causes nosebleeds?
The most common causes are dryness (often caused by indoor heat in the winter) and nose picking. These two things work together--nose picking occurs more often when mucus in the nose is dry and crusty.
Other, less common, causes include injuries, colds, allergies or cocaine use. You can stick small objects up the nose. Older people may have atherosclerosis ("hardening of the arteries"), infections, high blood pressure and blood clotting disorders, or they may be taking drugs like aspirin that interfere with blood clotting. The cause of nosebleeds often can't be determined. If the bleeding doesn't stop in 15 minutes you need to see a docter. Also just incase bring tissues and water bottles woth cold water everywhere with you. Make sure you drink lots of water. Make sure you keep taking the medicine and tell your parents. Good luck and I am really sorry about your nose bleeds! Also you should try looking this up on yahoo, yahoo answers, google, ask, and all those other websites.

ok i have had alot of noseleeds before from allergies. this is what you should do. keep your head straight up, alittle down if you want so the blood doesnt go down ur throat. pinch your nose tightly so nothing comes out. if you feel blood starting to do down your throat let go for a second...blood will come out, and it might look like alot but trust me you're fine. stay calm and dont freak out because it will only make it worse. when it starts to slow down alot, and it is just alittle bit of blood put a piece of tissue in your nose untill it is completely stopped.
to prevent them just try not rubbing your nose that much. and i have heard that if you put a piece of brown paper bag on your tounge, the nose bleed wont last as long. but ive never tried that before so idk if its true or not.
good luck :)

do you think you could give me the best answer?? please

Rachel C.
What ever you do don't tilt ur head back like every one says!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no real way to just stop a nose bleed,all you can really do is keep your head tilted forward and just wait.

The best thing to do is consult a doctor. If you are taking over the counter medications for your allergies or for headaches, some of those can cause internal bleeding if taken in sufficient quantities or in combination with other drugs. Your doctor may suggest changing your medications.

don't tilt your head because then you could possibly chock on your blood again. Get a cold cloth and just pinch it shut. That will colt the blood.

Put some Vascline in your nose. Depending on what the cause is, it can completely stop them.
While the nose bleed is happening, get a wad of tissue and hold it under your nose while your head it tipped to let the blood flow out of your nose, and not your throat. Also pinch the bridge of your nose. It might seem like it will cause more to come, but it prevents it from going down your throat, which seems like whats happening and the pinching will help the bleeding stop. make sure you dont pinch the nostrils, you need to let the blood come out, or else you will encounter your current problem in your throat.

~~Good Luck

what ya do is put i tissue on your nose then tip your head back hope it all comes to a end good

tim g
For allergies, take a half of a Benedryl tablet every 4 hours as needed.

Taking too much medicine may be thinning your blood out. Be carefull with the saline. Rinsing is good, but you maybe squirting the saline up your nose incorrectly at an angle and tearing the membrane inside your nose, which could cause a nosebleed too.

You should consider seeing an allergist.

i've struggled with nose bleeds in hot weather that are 30-60 minutes long and have found that the most effective thing to do is focus on prevention. stay hydrated and don't blow ur nose too hard. once u do get it don't lean ur head back. just put a tissue in =ur nose, sit down and spit out the excess blood. pinch ur nose in the middle as well.

Wow! That's terrible. Maybe call a doctor or something? I don't get them that bad, but I usually just put a toilet paper tissue to my nose and lay on the floor. I don't think that will help you, however. Good luck!

when you have the nosebleed, tip your head forward and keep your body straight. Just tilt the head forward. that will let it clot and not go down your throat.

As for how to stop them permanently.. if this is ongoing, the doctor can sauterize the nerve endings.

Okay, first off, the allergy pill likely dries the mucus membranes in your nose and will only make the nose bleeds worse.

The old advice of tilting your head back is no longer accepted. This causes blood to run down the back of your throat, and you swallow it, which could cause vomiting. That clot collected in the cavity in the back of your nose. I know... that's gross.

Tilt your head forward, so that any blood running out of your nose goes out the front, not down your throat.

Pinch your nostrils together firmly and hold them. Do NOT apply a warm cloth to your nose, this will only dilate the blood vessels and make bleeding worse. Apply ice instead, which will reduce blood flow.

You can try pressure to the area between your nose and your upper lip, right at the base of your nose. This is where the major blood vessels are that feed the nasal area.

If you have had five today, I suggest a visit to the Emergency Room for the next one. It sounds like you may have popped a blood vessel. At the ER, they can cauterize the open spot and then pack your nose, to maintain pressure and keep the bleeding from recurring. The packing stays in for three or four days, allowing the spot to heal.

Mark W
well.. it sounds like you have a violent case of hyperonuslexicsublimena, which can be very damaging for the nervous system . good luck in finding a way to stop them o/`

Im the same with you.
I hate it.
This is what I do.

I get a tissue and hold it at my nose.
I grab a ice pack an put it on my head at the top.
and I pinch the bridge of my nose.

Sometimes I go in the shower an put it real cold . and it works and its more comfortable.

You can also buy this special treatment for nose bleeds.
Its like cream and you shove it up there but I havent tried it yet.

Hope it helps. ..

never lean your head back...keep ur head in a neutral position facing forward pinch ur nose and some ice at the base of ur nose right below btwn ur eye brows helps

sometimes your nose being too dry causes nose bleeds
also you could be dehydrated
or your blood is really thin because you dont have enough vitamin k in your body(eat carrots)

Matt P
this allways works; get a cloth,tissue,napkin,etc and put alcohol (like the ones they sell at cvs/grocery stores) on it and put it in your nose and it will slowly stop

woe. Go to the doctors.

there is nothing you can do....it's your allergies doing this.
your immune system is working so hard, it resulted in you getting nose bleeds

apply pressure and tilt your head down, not up cause you will choke on your blood. It works for me

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