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 I really want to become a vet in the future as I love animals however I do have mild asthma.?
I really really want to become a vet in the future however I do have mild asthma. I am thinking whether to do A-Level Biology as I am very keen on it. My uncle has a parrot and I have no reactions, ...

 How do you eat wheat, gluten and dairy free at a wedding?

 What kind of Dessert can I make for someone with wheat & dairy allergy?
I'm going to my Dad's for Thanksgiving, and his new wife is allergic to Dairy & Wheat. I want to bring a dessert that she can eat too, because she's been the nicest step-mom I'...

 How bad is my baby's peanut allergy?
My baby has a peanut allergy blood test # of 3.9. I know she's allergic (you're allergic if your number is over .35) , but how severe is 3.9? The doctor said "very significant" ...

 Can I use Benadryl cream on my infant's face for a rash? I think it is an allergy to wettness from saliva

Additional Details

 Any way to physically stop yourself from sneezing?
Sorry its a stupid question lol, but was just wondering if there is an actual way to stop it? Besides drugs and meds? I mean something like holding your nose lol...anything like that? Thanks.

 Can I be alergic to Honey?
I was just wondering.....If someone is allergic to bee's (Bee sting) can they or will they be allergic to Honey?...

 Help! My eyes are VERY swollen from what I think is allergies. Can anyone recommend something!?
I've taken Claritin and Claritin eye drops and they do not seem to be helping the swelling AT all. My eyes are almost swollen shut, I'd appreciate any advice!...

 Can I drink alcohol if I'm taking Desloratadine?
I had an allergic reaction on Saturday because of animal bites, and my doctor told me to take Desloratadine. I've been taking them since Sunday, and I still need to take 5 more pills in the next ...

 allergy symptoms. help?
ok, i think i got an allergic reaction to something i ate, but i dunno.

it started out w/ small white itchy bumps, like hives, on my arms 2 days ago. later that day, my feet started to ...

 Is it true that if you're allergic to cats you're allergic to dogs?

 What kind of milk can lactose intolerant people drink?
What kind of milk can lactose intolerant people drink? Soy? Almond Breeze? And what are some alternatives to sour cream and cheese?...

 Constant blocked up nose.?
Hi everyone, i always have a constant blocked up nose. I mean i can breath out of it but the canals feel very small and not as open as they should be. Could this be down to sleeping with a fan on ...

 Nosebleeds, nose up or down?
Recently i had a nose bleed and my parents said put your head up and get a tissue then head down.
But like last month when i had it in school the teachers told me to keep it down at all times.<...

 My nose is always blocked everyday. My mom says it has something to do with when i sleep (Around 12 A.m)?
just not enough space..is she correct?...

 Earache, headache, Blocked nose?
I have earache, headache, blocked nose, coughing, itchily nose & eyes

It's a month I am taking some pain killers, etc from Pharmecy.
Today I went to see my GP and he said it&#...

 My throat is really sore & im losing my voice.. Anything i can do to make my voice better?
I really don't know how i got sick. first it started witha runny nose but i figured it was just allergies. then one morning i woke up with a really sore throat. it was so sore that i couldnt ...

 My boyfriend is a snot eater! ?
My boyfriend eats his snot all day. He will pick and eat, sneeze and eat, and blow his nose on his hand and eat it. I am being serious. No Joke. Surely this is not healthy. Why would you do that?

 If I'm allergic to shellfish, but not regular fish can I eat imitation crab?
Or does it have some actual shellfish in it, even ...

 Why won't doctors give my boyfriend an allergy shot?
My boyfriend has allergies and has gotten allergy shots before. When he asks doctors to give him allergy shots now, they always say no and prescribe him some medication that won't work. He ...

do animals suffer from allergies or is it just a human 'thing'?

Yup, animals also have allergies... most will sneeze.

Bitsy Fairview
Yes, animals do suffer from allergies and some takes meds and allergy shots, just like people do. They are actually some specialized vets that only deal with pets and their allergies.

I have definitely heard of cats with Asthma

F. Carr
yes they do.. my dog is allergic to flea bites, to some shampoos, she has rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis...

animals suffer from allergies too...

i suppose animals can be allergic, but that's a good question

Yes, why not? Just like mad cow disease and bird flu, they may have taken something that is allergy.

My dog has allergies to grass, fleas among other things not sure what all...He takes Benadryl daily :)

Animals do suffer from allergies. Most tend to be seen in the form of itchy skin although cats do suffer from cat asthma, possibly linked to allergies in cats.

They can also have intolerances to various foods (usually seen as diarrhoea or vomiting) and rarely allergies also to food.

Some animals can also have extreme allergic reactions, otherwise known as anaphylactic shock to various things, most commonly stings, bites and some medications.

Yes, they do.

Animals can have alergies too

mom of 2
I know dogs can suffer from food allergies.

Yes, animals can suffer allergies as well.

good question...well,animals also suffer from allergies if you have a dog or cat and hear it sneezing it is most likely that their allergies are starting up.

moira m
white dogs are more prone to allergies than any other dog

Yes animals do suffer from allergies. I have a dashchund that has allergies and takes medicine given to her by the vet.

Yes. animals do.

Djembe J
Unfortunately, because animals are being fed absolute JUNK today, they have no choice but to react with allergies, and various diseases. Ever since WHEAT became the dominant grain in dog foods (20 years ago China decided they had had enough of our wheat, and the surplus started to supplant CORN as the number 1 grain in dog food), the health of our pets have gone to hell. Or, check out Sodium Selenite at www.toxnet.com and find the seedy details about this carcinogen. Its what they put in pet food, along with dozens of allergy causing chemicals. Www.centrumistoxic.com is a good reference if you want to look up the chemical junk in your dog food.

Look into Sojo's dog food, and other "raw" and wheat free approaches to feeding your animal.

Animals do suffer from allergies. I don't know if they can experience post nasal drip but they can certainly be allergic to things that come in contact with their skin i.e. grass, talcs, repellents etc. all which can cause allergic reaction on the skin.

Yes they do, My Golden Retrever has them as soon as spring comes and go's away when winter comes back....Benydrl is what helps him, The same kind that people take....


Yep they sure do. I have a friend that has a shar pei and it is allergic to everything from mold to foods and she spends over $100 per month on Dr bills.

Yes they have allergies. One of our cats has hayfever complete with asthma if it's bad, she doesnt get it in winter. One of our dogs was allergic to flea poo!

mams brown eyed gel
We had a dog who was allergic to the flea shampoo stuff, and fresh strawberries and worse allergy of all the one spot flea treatment. That made him so poorly we nearly lost him.......

sarah c
Many pet dogs are seriously allergic to flea bites, grass pollen or tree pollen. An allergy is just a reaction from the immune system so its not just confined to humans.

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