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 where can i get wheat germ in delhi?
i want to buy wheat germ to add to my babies' diet but i don't know from where can i get it and what do we call it in delhi. Can anyone help me to get it? I will be very thankful....

 Sick or just Allergies?
Okay June 20th I went to Kings Island in Ohio, and ever since I came back I have had this cough, first I had a sore throat but it only lasted like 2 days at the most and then I just had this horrible ...

 Have you used kirkland detergent from Costco? Does it make you itch?
I've heard a lot of great stuff about the Kirkland brand deteregent at Costco, Its just like Tide, but a lot cheaper. My only problem is TIDE causes me to break out in horrible itches and hives. ...

 I keep having to blow and blow and blow my nose again?
Why? I had a really bad sore throat this week, but it went away yesterday... So now I'm just stuck with a stuffy/runny nose and LOTS of blowing. It seems like there's never ending snot! A...

could it be allergies?
My 1 1/2 year old developed a rash on her back around her shoulder blades. we thought it was dry skin. a few days later the rash was gone and moved to her legs . we are at a total loss and are not sure what it could be. i thought it might be an allergic reaction to food. the only thing different she ate was fish last friday and we have not given her anymore since. this morning when she woke up she had a very very water rust color stool. then 2 minutes later more ....(YUCK) i am at a loss, we have not changed her diet (except the fish) nothing in her environment has changed either. what could it be??
Additional Details
we have an appointment with the pediatrician this afternoon. thank you all

Rashes in babies could be allergy, but could also be disease. You need your pediatrician to evaluate it.

Bernard T
See a Doctor, it sounds like she is deficient in something. This does not sound like a allergy.. See a doctor soon.

Proud Momma
Could be a wide variety of things.

Food allergy reactions will occur almost immediately, so if it didn't develop within an hour, then that's probably not it. Food allergy also do not persist for days. The reaction usually goes away once the food is out of the system.

Could be detergent, sweat, or any number of things. Give a call to the nurse at the docs office. They can help you determine if she needs to see a doc.

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