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allergy symptoms. help?
ok, i think i got an allergic reaction to something i ate, but i dunno.

it started out w/ small white itchy bumps, like hives, on my arms 2 days ago. later that day, my feet started to swell and it hurt to walk. at night, the hives went away.

then yesterday i woke up and my hands and feet were swollen again, only worse. also, my face had small bumps on them that were very itchy. they got better by the end of the day, but again, i got hive-like symptoms.

today i woke up and my face was swollen around the eyes and my face is still itchy. my arms and legs are are red and itchy and im starting to get big white bumps on my arms/wrists. the only thing that got better was the swelling of my feet and arms.

ive had the swelling before, allergic reactions, but im worried becuz they r not going away, and because the white bumps are really big and itchy.

can anyone diagnose wat it is?
Additional Details
o and the white swollen bumps look like this, only a lot bigger


I agree that you should go to the ER to get treatment and it could not have been a one time food allergy exposure. Either you have continued to eat that same food over and over OR it is something in your environment: perfume, pesticide, soap, detergent, etc.

You can get Benadryl without a prescription. You should keep some on hand. Warning: it might make you sleepy so don't drive after you take it. You may want to see an allergist to be tested so that you can discover what you are allergic to.

Some common food allergies include: milk, wheat, corn, peanuts, tree nuts (walnuts, almonds, pecans, etc.), and soy. There are others. If you find out you are allergic to a particular food you would then be able to avoid it. You need to know that if you are allergic to a food, each time you are exposed to that food your reaction will be worse. Food allergies can be VERY serious.

Did you eat anything you don't normally eat? Have you had a similar reaction before?

Ankhesan Amun
Oh my gawd! Go to the freakin doctor, will ya?!

Swelling of hands and feet (especially feet) isn't something that should be taken lightly at any time....so go get yourself checked over!!


Your definitely having an allergic reaction and a bad one. Go to the ER now. You don't want it to get worse and your throat swell.

Mum Mum
It is a severe allergy. Take some antihystamine straight away, and go to ER.If your throat swells you are in BIG trouble OK!

I see the Hive ,I get those when I get nervous.You bet best is to go to the Dr and have him test you,Then you will know everything you are allergic to.

Jessica M
if it was a food allergy it usually happens immediately after injesting the food in question. it may be a new lotion or even new detergent since it happens in the mornings and gets better during the day, when you are not in the bed touching the blankets and sheets.

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