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 What is the best eczema treatment?
My skin has become blotchy on some places because of some strong chemical reaction. Did anyone have the same reactions too?...

 Allergic to mosquito bites?
So yesterday i got bit by a mosquito. I woke up today and my arm is really swollen in that area and it hurts. It more hurts then itches. But whenever i do get bit the bites are usually big. I think ...

 Am I allergic to soy?
Everytime I drink soy my throat gets reeeeeaaaaaallllllllyyyyy itchy.

 is it tru that?
is it tru that all the peopl that live in the scenter of the earth can never com up bc they r alergic 2 the sun???...

 if you weren't allergic to latex gloves in the beginning is it possible to be allergic to them trough time
like last week no this week ...

 Is their a test that you can take to find out what foods your allergic to?

 How do people who are allergic to milk get calcium?

 I've been suffering with my allergies for a long while now...?
maybe I have a sinus infection my head has been killing me and I don't want to eat anything, nose stuffed all the time until I take nasal spray can I just see my family doctor for diagnosis? or ...

 DO all people get allergic reactions to poison ivy?

 when seasons change, i get sick?
The weather is starting to warm up. And whenever the seasons start changing, I get sick. I cough, have a sore throat, sinus drainage. I think it might be allergies. But today I started getting an ...

 How can I wear a nice watch if I'm allergic to metal?
Whenever I've ever gotten a watch in my life it's always been the cheap one with a leather strap and the metal buckle. Then I would put fingernail polish on it which would rub off in a ...

 i'm allergic to the cold, does anyone have any ideas on how to beat this thing, other than moving to Florida?

Additional Details
I get red spots on my skin, then hives, like you would from a mosquitoe bite.. eating cold food, lately, also seems to ...

 Can you have food alergies to organic and naturall foods?
I have been feeding my daughter more organic and natural foods. She has been breaking out alot latley and I don't know if that is the reason. I took her to the doctor and I have to put her on C...

 Professionals, please - two questions about allergies!?
1) Without going to the doctor, how can I tell if I'm getting a cold, or developing allergies?

My nose is continuously running, I keep sneezing, and my throat hurts from the random ...

 Why does the mosqitoe tends to target me more?
This sounds like a stupid topic, but I'm still concerned. You know how some people gets attracted by mosquitoes more than others , I want to know why. Some people say its the acidic level in my ...

 perfume allergy symptom?
I just bought some new perfume from Victoria's Secret, and it seems that every time that i put it on, i soon after start to get a stomachache followed by (sorry) diarrhea. Does anyone ...

 gluten allergy?
I have an allergy to gluten, diagnosed by my specialist. Recently though i have eaten bread and biscuits and no ill effects, can anyone explain? Is it safe to do so? I find it hard eating gluten ...

 How can I make my throught not sound scratchy by tomorrow?
I have a major talent show tomorrow and my throught feels terrible! This talent show is so important to me, and I am up agenst a super talented girl named Mikki Hankins. She is on YouTube, just ...

 Can my sinus problems be cured?
i have really bad nasal allergies. Every morning i wake up and blow my nose for about 10 minutes, then drain with a netti-pot. most days i have a lot of pressure in my sinuses. It seems like when ...

Why won't doctors give my boyfriend an allergy shot?
My boyfriend has allergies and has gotten allergy shots before. When he asks doctors to give him allergy shots now, they always say no and prescribe him some medication that won't work. He said the allergy shots always worked wonders. Is it because he's seeing general doctors? Should he see an allergist?

www. Drop Your Allergies .com
the only " Club in your Dr.'s Golf Medicine Bag is a DRUG Club... and we know Med's mask Symptoms .. they do not treat Disease Source... and your Disease only gets worse.

He really does not have Allergy Vaccine capability on his own .....

unless he uses an Allergy Services Company like Primary PHYSICIAN Diagnostics who support Primary Physicians with Allergy Testing AND ImmunoTherapy Vaccine in either traditional Injection or Under-the-Tongue ImmunoTherapy DROPs.....

OR.. he could tell you to go to an Allergist ...

But in many cases they do not prefer .. because Patients generally see the Allergist .. who also has other Dr.'s with him / her .. and the Patient goes to them...and he never sees the Patient again.

May I suggest visiting www.DropYourAllergies.com ..
to learn how your Prime Dr. can Help You to Say NO To Your Allergies.

Lorraine W
yes general doctors, wont give allergy shots go to a allergist instead you get better results

You can only get allergy shots every now and then, they can't be to close together because the previous allergy shot probably hasn't completely dissipated from his system.

after awhile of recieving the same treatment any drug or shot will lose effectiveness. general doctors might be looking for a way to resolve the issue without resorting to allergy shots. They are trying to find a more permanent solution to the problem, either removing the allergin from the environment or controlling it through medications. Allergy shots are sortof a last resort and if nothing esle helps then you should consult with an allergist. He or she might be able to find a way to control the allergy permanently if not get allergy shots on a regular basis.

Yes, he needs to see an allergist. He probably needs allergy desensitation shots instead. He would get those every week for several years.

they're after your/his money

with a shot, no prescription is involved.

doctors get kickbacks from pharmacists

BYB's suck Saddam'sPen..
If the medications aren't working, then he needs to stay in touch with his doctors and tell them that. He can't wait 6 months and then tell them. Give them 2 weeks to a month and then call the doctor for a new one.

I don't know why they won't give him shots. Have you asked the doctor?

Yes, it could have something to do with just seeing a general practitioner. Ask for a referral to an allergist of some sort and see if he can get your boyfriend on the right track.

The previous answerer was wrong. Allergy shots are also prescription. And doctor's don't prescribe to make drug companies happy. They prescribe what works. Doing anything else is illegal and grounds for a HUGE malpractice lawsuit. If it is a money issue, its because the insurance company may not cover it, not as the first answerer implied.

I hope your BF finds relief soon. : )

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