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 Best treatment for Hives?
Besides salt baths and Hydrocortizone cream, I am wondering what I can do. It has been 2 days...arms, fingers, face....

 Possible allergy to hair?
Shortly after my fiancee and I got together I noticed i would start having hive outbreaks in various parts of my body, (never all over at once only isolated) A few months after we were together i ...

 I sneeze with my nose plugged and my mouth closed?
Could that do any harm?
I can't sneeze normally. It hurts, makes my throat itch, and causes me to sneeze even more.
Additional Details
But it is bad!...

 where can i get wheat germ in delhi?
i want to buy wheat germ to add to my babies' diet but i don't know from where can i get it and what do we call it in delhi. Can anyone help me to get it? I will be very thankful....

 Sick or just Allergies?
Okay June 20th I went to Kings Island in Ohio, and ever since I came back I have had this cough, first I had a sore throat but it only lasted like 2 days at the most and then I just had this horrible ...

 Have you used kirkland detergent from Costco? Does it make you itch?
I've heard a lot of great stuff about the Kirkland brand deteregent at Costco, Its just like Tide, but a lot cheaper. My only problem is TIDE causes me to break out in horrible itches and hives. ...

 I keep having to blow and blow and blow my nose again?
Why? I had a really bad sore throat this week, but it went away yesterday... So now I'm just stuck with a stuffy/runny nose and LOTS of blowing. It seems like there's never ending snot! A...

Why do people have spontaneous nose bleeds?
Now i used to have random nose bleeds as a child often and heard it was common for some kids. I haven't had this happen in years, but i am almost 21 and today my nose just randomly started bleeding while i was sitting down at work. No picking of the nose at all and the weather is definitely far from cold, can anyone tell me what could be wrong?

Pop Star Diva
Yeah, air pressure can affect it. Major changes in temperature and abnormal weather could also by why.

lots of things can cause nose bleeds such as changes in air pressure, high blood pressure, allergies, temperature changes, etc

Sandra G
Its the heat, usually it will happen if you don't get enough water in your body, this happened to me too, in middle school, I was in the middle of class when all of a sudden I felt something dripping from my nose; it was blood. My hands hadn't been anywhere near my face when it happened...and I was feeling rather hot.

Bob N
I had that before too -- usually when the seasons or air pressure changes. No reason for it, it just happened.

it could be because of stress or its way to hot outside and inside its cooler so u mite of been exposed to that,,.....that happens to me sometimes in the summer....

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