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 Is it Ok to eat something with traces of nuts even if I'm allergic?
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 Can a milk allergy develop in one years old, who drink cow's milk for the 1st time?
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 What is the best treatment for a sinus headache?
Bad allergies, and my allergy pill does not seem to be cutting it..any ideas?
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Umm..Moses, don't you have a burning bush to tend to?...

 i am allergic to penicillin, should i wear a bracelet to tell people?
or is that not nessecary nowa days
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had penecillin when i was 4 and came out in a rash and spots. and i don't think i have ever had it again, my doctor and dentist ...

 After I eat, I sometimes get a clear fluid leaking from both ears. What is this?
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 Can you be allergic to Egg?
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 my poor sister is sick and we don't know what to do??? Her throat is very red?
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 my son's hands have been all red since about dinner time. he says they hurt. what are some possibilities
it could be? are there allergies that can cause this? he had been bitten by an ant on the hand. they did not swell up....

 can someone be allergic to water?
i don't know really?...

 A cat scratched me! Now its red and swollen?
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 I'm allergic to detergents,what should I do about it?
Is there any way to simply get rid of that allergy? I'm quite troubled by it....

 can you get a sore/ itchy throat when you have allergies?
its spring and my throat is a little bit itchy....if you have allergies, can you have an itchy throat and no runny nose (mines not running)........my throat isn't severely itchy but im worried ...

 How do I get rid of my sore thoat. I think it's from allergies or a cold. Lozenges don't seem to help.

 Should I get a nose job?
ok so PLEASE do not tell me stuff about:
being superficial

please just tell me if you think that ...

 Sore Nose? Any advise?
Okay. So two days ago, I woke up with the right side of my nose sore. If i touched it, flared it, or wrinkled it, it would hurt. It feels like a got hit, but the thing is I didn't. Should I see ...

 Can you be allergic to the smell of popcorn?
My boss claims that she is, so we can't eat it in the office...I've never heard of that before...do smell allergies exist?...

 Is there a test you can take to see if your allergic to cats?
can your doctor do a test to see if your allergic to cats? I think my daughter is allergic to ...

When i'm around cats why do i itch??
I like cats but if i touch one or even go into a house where 1 lives i get really really itchy! evn my eyeballs and throat itcheds for like 10 hours afterwards! it happens with rats too, but not dogs i have 2 dogs and they never make me itch.
I think it might be the fur.
Why does cat hair make me itch, but not dogs?
am i allergic to it?
why cant my skin handle cats?
why am i allergic to it???

you are allergic .... your body doesnt respond well with cats .... but its cool because cats are lazy pets anyways

Danielle L

NittyNora(Dawn) (BCA)
You sound as if you are allergic to them you probably are allergic to rabbits too,

cats fur, or hair is dusty, has mites, and sets you off

Your probably allergic to it. You can go to an acupuncturist and they may be able to put your alergy into remission or even cure it! Good luck! btw Its the dander not the fur! : )

grumpy old git
Yes you`re allergic to moggies

You're allergic to cat fur.

Cat fur is different from dog fur and you should go to your doctor if you are concerned.

ur alergic duh!!!!!

Usually when you have a allergy to an animal, you're actually allergic to the dander and hair that they release. Not all animals coding for their dander are alike, that's why you are allergic to cats and rats but not dogs.

some people are allergic to different things. it just so happens your allergic to cats and rats but not dogs. someone in your family have allergies to cats? it could have been inherited in your family!

Andrew W
it is because of there dander i am allergic to cats and not dogs too

It's not actually the fur that most people are allergic to, but the saliva which is on the fur (since many animals lick themselves clean), and also elsewhere around where cats live.

The allergy is a reaction to proteins in the saliva, which will differ in dogs and cats, and also other animals. Either the allergenic proteins aren't in your dogs' saliva, or it's simply that having been exposed to them for so long, your body has gotten used to them and doesn't react to them.

yo mamma
This is because you are allergic to cats. Tell your parents and go too the doctor. see if the doctor will give you medicine. I'm allergic to cats to. When I'm around cats, my eyes start itching, and if I haven't taken my medicine for a while, I have to use my inhaler. I didn't like it when I found out because cats are my favorite animal.

Chelsee is Stellar
maybe u are jus allergic to cats?



It is just an allergy to cats. Take some benadryl, you will stop itching in about a half of an hour or take it before you are around cats.

I used to be the same way with cats, but I started a new allergy med that pretty much eliminates the symptoms, unless I rub a cat all over my face or something. (Zyrtec, btw)

Winchester Uni Chick
Yup cat allergy my freind

You have an allergy to cat and rat dandruffs. I know there are topical ointments that you can use to relieve the itch. I suggest consulting a doctor for what will work the best for you. It sounds like what you have is a pretty server reaction.

Allergies, sometimes people even get hives...

You're mildly allergic, Yeah it's the fur on cats, too long to explain but shave the cat and you'll be ok. Dust gets trapped in cats fur, you're probably allergic to dust as well.


Hello, you are allergic to cats fur and rats, ask your doctor for some antihistamine tablets, they will help you, in the meantime don't touch any cats,

because different people have different skins and different senses this happens your body has probably got use to dogs seen as you have some living with you but cats are different everyones skin is different yours just dont get along with cats thats all cats hair is different to dogs aswell and so is rats so all you need to do is keep away from them unless you want itchy skin itchy throat and eyes
i hope i helped

you just are

Firstly, this is common in most people, you are not allergic to the cat itself, but it's saliva, because Cat's unlike us do not take baths, but washes itself in it's spit (saliva)

And you may be allergic to Rats because they to wash themselves in there saliva

Tina G
You are allergic to the cats fur. Your having a minor reaction, as long as you don't inhale their fur you should be okay. Just stay away from them or don't hang around them too long. And take medicine, it helps.

Ugggghhh! I hate that feeling. I have the same thing and I think we're allergic to it. You're right cause dogs don't make me itch either. I think they have some type of chemical in their fur that our body reacts to......I bet I'm wrong but that's what I think.

yep, you are most definitely allergic to cats misterrrr
same things happens to me, the best thing for the itchy throat is to drink water, it soothes the itch
its life

The Dude
The SAME EXACT thing happens to me my friend, but not quite as bad. You are defenetly allergic to them, specifically 9 times out of 10 it's their hair. And another thing to keep in mind is that if you're in an area where cats usually are(say the living room for example) then your body is very likely responding to animal dander, which is basically animal hair in the air or on the surface that has accumalated dust on it. And for people with allergies that stuff is bad. Anyways, if you are allergic to it, which seems to be the case, you were born with it in your body and basically all that means is that your body is very sensitive to it. The only way to treat it is too take allergy/sinus medicine to supress those very keen senses of yours. And obviously this isn't always availible at the moment when a cat or furry animal is around so you'll probably have to live with that the rest of your life just like millions of people around the world including myself.

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