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 My son is allergic to...?
cow's milk, gluten, oats, wheat, egg whites, peanut butter (he has eczema). Now my concerns are cooking. Do any of you know where and what brand I can get goat milk products (not just goat milk) ...

 I'm allergic to cats, is there any way to get rid of this allergy?
I'm allergic to cats, but I don't wanna be, where I live there are LOTS of cats, and I can't touch them without havine to sneeze and scare them away (Im not allergic to dogs though, I ...

 Every morning i have itchy eyes, tickly throat,blocked nose, and sneezes.DO I HAVE AN ALERGY/ALERGY PROBLEM?
i have cats and dogs in my house, so could i be allergic to them?
Additional Details
i do have hay-fever, but it's horrible weather, raining, so it couldn't really be hay-fever ...

 am i allergic to weed?
okay well yesterday i had smoked weed (marijuna ) for the first time and i took about 5 puffs . i got high and everything then i went home and fell asleep i woke up the next morning and i had rashs ...

 Adults only please.?
Last week, I noticed that my hands where getting a rash on them. I found out that I'm allergic to the latex gloves I wear at work.
If someone is allergic to latex gloves, would they be ...

 Food allergy possibility....?
My son was with his father for the weekend and he had a food allergy while with him. His whole body turned red. He said it was because he ate broccoli. My son is 3 years old and at my house we eat a ...

 How to cure my blocked nose?
ive had a blocked nose for around 3 days now.
it gets much worse at night when im lying in bed, so bad that i cant even slightly inhale through it.
Ive tried the vix inhaler but its not ...

 How can you tell if you're allergic to a certain food?

Additional Details
Every time I eat onions (of all things) I get horrible stomach aches, acid reflux, nausea, and vomitting. My parents thought it was just an onion thing but not ...

 What's wrong with me? Allergies or something else?
My right ear is clogged and I can't hear very well, as if I have water in it, my nose is plugged up and kind of runny at the same time, and my head feels like its going to explode and hurts all ...

 Is it true that butter causes lung cancer????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

 Can a person who is allergic to peanuts eat peanut butter?
I know it sounds like a dumb question but let me explain. This couple I am friends with used to be my roommates. The girlfriend says she is allergic to peanuts. Well I have seen her eat peanut butter ...

 I cut and cut and idk don't know why?
Ok before anything is said I AM NOT EMO ok get that through your head now.

ok then now that we have that ...

 How do I keep bees away from my yard, with a child that's allergic?
allergic to all types of bees, I live in the country in a subdivision....

 How to get swollen eyelid to go down?
Me and my daughter just wike up this morning and I noticed her left upper eyelid is swollen. I tried holding a warm rag over it, but it isnt helping. Shes only two, should i take her to the doctor or ...

 How do you no if your allergic to milk?
EVERYTIME I drink milk my stomach starts hurting real bad!! so i didn't drink it for a week and I was fine.. now just now i tested it and I thought I will try a glass now and see my reaction so ...

 Can someone become allergic to something that the person has never been allergic to before?

 Why was my snot orange?
The other day my allergies were really acting up and I had to blow my nose like a million times that day. Once I blew my nose and my snot was orange! I didn't have a nose bleed or anything, it ...

 Is it possible to be allergic to alcohol?
I very rarely drink. Just the occasional half-glass of red wine with a meal, and even that is only about once a month.
I just had half a glass with my meal, and I could feel myself flushing, my ...

 every time i eat ice cream i get a Reaallyyyy bad cough ! help. im worried and i dont know yyy. ?
ate a ice cream i dint get it so i thought i was fine but today i went to the store with my friend and i got an ice cream and like an hour later i started coughing like crazy and i still am! and my ...

 I get sick when i eat bread?
whenever i have bread, or any thing that has flour in it i find i get sick! why is this?...

When I wake up my voice is gone? Throat filled with mucus?
Every morning I wake up and have no voice. My throat is filled with mucus and I have to drink two cups of hot chocolate (no milk, just the powder and boiing water). I have to clear my throat continuously for 3 hours. It also happens for the last 3 hours of the day. I took Zyrtec and it did nothing for allergies. I am taking Allegra and its okay for a week, then it stops working, but this issue still happens. How can I get it to stop?

You have TB. Please take it back to Mexico.

Sounds almost like...chlorine gas poisoning...

It might be the infection of the lung. Do you have difficulty breathing? Do you cough a lot? These are early indicators of more underlying problems.

I suggest you consult a local physician; what appears unworrying could turn awry quickly.

You need a doctor, maybe tonsils or something else, hopefully nothing bad.

Gargle with hot water and salt atleast thrice a day. First thing when you wake up in themorning...drink a hot glass of water (as hot as u can) and then gargle ur throat. Do the same before sleeping. Also have Mucolyte cough syrup...am sure it will help you.

Ken S
have you been to see your doctor? its possible that he could recommend a throat spray to help with your problem

maybe the medicine isn't working for you. talk to your doctor and change your medication? :) hope i helped a little.

yeah, it's because of the season change...it happens to me every fall and spring...just try to keep a humidifier on at night, and keep your air clean. try not to use alot of chemicals to clean with, or it will irritate your throat again.
if you want, you can go to the dr, but i'm sure he'll tell you the same thing

go to the doctor. there are viruses that cause throat infections that require antibiotics.

and get a air cleaner- (good investment)
dont sleep under the a/c vent
and make sure your fan isnt blowing on you.

that's not good if you wake up EVERY morning with no voice. i'd say allergies. and lots of green tea.

i believe you should go see your doctor and get checked out. i had a similar problem and it turned out to be somthing more serious. dont take a chance, please get it checked out by your doctor.

you know what? that might not be just a simple sore throat. It's not good to have some experiments with medicines, either. It might make it worse.. My suggestion is, see your doctor.

Cyrus E
Take a 1/2 glass of water and put 10 - 15 drops of Homoeopathic Medicine, Rhinopulsan R-47 from Dr Reckeweg, Germany.

Sip the water slowly over a period of 15 minutes before going to bed.

Within a day you will be better.

Don't take any any anti allergic drugs as you will not cure the problem, only suppress it, to come back some other time with more ferocity.

Allegra D may work better. Try something with a decongestant like Psuedophedrine. The mucus in your throat is post nasal drip. I have the same problem and I take Claritan D. I take it at night before I go to bed and I wake up with no problems. It may also take a good 10-14 days for the decongestant to start working. So don't give up on it!

I have had the same problem lately. You should try Mucinex. It is over the counter and it helps dry up all of th mucus. It has worked very well for me.

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