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What works best for you?? Claritin, Zyrtec or Benadryl?? Please someone all I want is sleep!?
I haven't had sleep in about a week, my dr. said that I have a viral infection (it's like the flu and will last anywhere from 6-8 weeks) She said that I should take an antihistamine to dry me up. I've tried Claritin and it doesn't seem to do anything for me. Please any advice would help, all I want is sleep!!

Benadryl is known for making people drowsy, but studies show it's bad for your brain activity. I think Zyrtec and Claritin are non-drowsy. The best choice would be Sudafed; they have multiple formulas so you can choose the one that's best for your symptoms.

I tried all three and Zyrtec is the only one that made a difference for me. Sadly, it was the last one I tried..

Hope you feel better soon. Have you tried one of the over the counter PM cold meds? It may just help.

For sleep and antihistamine purposes - Benadryl is the best! I've used it to dry me up, as well as a sleep aid when I feel fine. :) Claritin is OK, but it doesn't do much for me, and Zyrtec is non-drowsy I think.

I would try Benadryl - and you can buy the store brand, get double the pills, for half the price, and it still works great :)

Down With Bottled Water!
Do you live in Canada or in the States?

If you live in the States:
The law changed about 5 or so years ago, and now all medicines that actually WORK for bad congestion are kept behind the counter where the pharmacist is. You don't need a prescription to get them, but you do need to ask for them and show ID and sign a form. So go see the pharmacist and ask her what she recommends.

If you live in Canada:
There is an amazing nasal mist medicine called Drixoral. It is in a silver box. It is more expensive than other nasal mists, but TRUST ME it is worth it! It will help you breath, help your sinus headache, help everything!

Good luck!

if you have taken ibuprofen then as your doctor about xyzal or zyrtec
benadryl is fast but it tastes bad and you have to take it many times a day. unlike zryec wich is once daily

There is no one fit, everybody is different. Try Zyrtec, if that doesn't work try benedryl. There is a different antihistimine in Nyquil also. good luck.

Zyrtec is really good for allergies, but benadryl makes me more sleepy then it actually helps. try nyquil

when i'm sick i take tylenol pm it has benadryl and tylenol, benadryl for the antihistamine and tylenol for the aches and pains. Also get a humidifier with some vicks vapo steam and that will help keep your nasal passages moist. I guarantee it will make all the difference.

Cake Batter
After I take 2 benadryl I'm out for the night. It works so well. I find that if I'm taking it because I want to sleep I get SO happy when it starts to kick in.

sparkle and shine
Benadryl always works the best for me. The others have never done any thing for me. It makes me tierd when i take it so it's perfect.

try the benadryl it makes me drowsy but DO NOT TAKE MORE THAN 2 PILLS taking more than 2 actually will keep you awake and make you all pent up and edgy too it says so right on the package

nikki n
Claritin. I would also try some sort of Nyquil or something.

NyQuil always always gives me the best night sleep but out of the 3 you've named I've had Benadryl and that worked for me too but nothing like NyQuil to get my ZZZ's!!

benadryl, will knock you out ;D

Bored Now
Benadryl is the most effective, but also has the strongest side effect - sleepiness. Claritin doesn't make you sleepy and is slightly less effective as an antihistamine.

Seems like Benadryl might solve both your problems.

: )
its not an antihistamine but nyquil always knocks me right out!

try taking two Benadryl. it always makes me sleepy.

nyx コト
Benadryl really knocks me out, but if you're sick you should try Nyquil. That is sure to make you feel better and get you some sleep!

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