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 If you're allergic to penicillin can you still eat blue cheese?
Im allergic to penicillin, and as penicillin comes from mold,i was wondering if mold found in food such as cheese would effect me? i obviously dont go around eating moldy things but was just ...

 Can You Have A Big Nose and Still Be Hot?
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 Can a milk allergy develop in one years old, who drink cow's milk for the 1st time?
I breast fed my baby for the 1st year w/no problems w/dairy allergies; now she is having major skin reactions that are similar to what is described w/dairy allergies now that I have introduced cow...

 What is the best treatment for a sinus headache?
Bad allergies, and my allergy pill does not seem to be cutting it..any ideas?
Additional Details
Umm..Moses, don't you have a burning bush to tend to?...

 i am allergic to penicillin, should i wear a bracelet to tell people?
or is that not nessecary nowa days
Additional Details
had penecillin when i was 4 and came out in a rash and spots. and i don't think i have ever had it again, my doctor and dentist ...

 After I eat, I sometimes get a clear fluid leaking from both ears. What is this?
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 Can you be allergic to Egg?
The last few times I have eaten egg... say on toast or scrambled or an omelette or something I have been really sick and thrown up. But i have eaten things containing egg and been fine... is it ...

 my poor sister is sick and we don't know what to do??? Her throat is very red?
My sister is young and she has a cough a sore throat and is losing her voice. I feel really bad because it hurts her when she breathes. What is it? And how do we cure it?...

 my son's hands have been all red since about dinner time. he says they hurt. what are some possibilities
it could be? are there allergies that can cause this? he had been bitten by an ant on the hand. they did not swell up....

 can someone be allergic to water?
i don't know really?...

 A cat scratched me! Now its red and swollen?
Okay so my cousins cat scratched me a week and 1 day ago. From what I know, they have never taken the cat to the vet before to get checked up. When the cat scratched me, my wrist didn't bleed ...

 I'm allergic to detergents,what should I do about it?
Is there any way to simply get rid of that allergy? I'm quite troubled by it....

 can you get a sore/ itchy throat when you have allergies?
its spring and my throat is a little bit itchy....if you have allergies, can you have an itchy throat and no runny nose (mines not running)........my throat isn't severely itchy but im worried ...

 How do I get rid of my sore thoat. I think it's from allergies or a cold. Lozenges don't seem to help.

 Should I get a nose job?
ok so PLEASE do not tell me stuff about:
being superficial

please just tell me if you think that ...

 Sore Nose? Any advise?
Okay. So two days ago, I woke up with the right side of my nose sore. If i touched it, flared it, or wrinkled it, it would hurt. It feels like a got hit, but the thing is I didn't. Should I see ...

 Can you be allergic to the smell of popcorn?
My boss claims that she is, so we can't eat it in the office...I've never heard of that before...do smell allergies exist?...

 Is there a test you can take to see if your allergic to cats?
can your doctor do a test to see if your allergic to cats? I think my daughter is allergic to ...

 I don't have a cold so why is my nose constantly clogged?
my nose is always clogged and runny, sometimes i even start sneezing non-stop. it says on the bottle its not good to use the nasal spray frequently, what can i do? could it be that i have a cat?...

 Don't you think that all these people who claim they have a food allergy is all a big con?
it was unheard of 30 years ago. now you have people who are allergic to nuts, mils , eggs, even if they see nuts or smell them they claimthey can have an attack....

Charley G
What the best way to keep mosquito's from biting you? I am getting munched alive?

Bite them back.

rub lard all over

screen porch!

Spank it. That's what I do. Spank it hard. Make the little critter know it's not socially acceptable to bury it's spiny nose in other people's skin.

I come from Scotland and we have midges here....with big teeth.
My advice run.....very quickly.

Skin-so-Soft by Avon. I swear by it. Used it for 3 years now. Either get the oil and mix with water in a spray bottle, or get the spray. It is great, also my kid hear and tried, rubbing a Bounce dryer sheet on your skin. He did try it and it worked too.

cover yourself in guinness. apparently this works

James N
Drink Gin & Tonic

the quinine in the tonic keeps them away

and the gin makes it taste nice ;-)

need to know
I find deet is the best. I use a brand called Muskol and it seems to help. I also use citronella. Without out these I am a walking mosquito bite from head to toe. I have also been told to stand next to someone who doesn't get bit. (I didn't find it as effective)

Happy lil gal!
put garlic in your diet and / or drink pernod or ouzo

Josh's Mummy
Avon's insect repellant is really good! Its cheap too.

garlic and spicy food 6 years in the balkans afganistan and iraq and i've never been bitten

Use ethnobotanical insect repellent, even safe for babies.

Epoch Body Armor, tho only available in some countries:

http://www.nuskin.com/cgi-bin/imweb/imerge/[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@&BV_EngineID=cccfaddieddllifcefecehhdfjfdfki.0

gangadharan nair
I electrocute mosquitoes using Mosquito hunter (a bat-like electrical equipement) in the morning and evening in the environment in which I live. Only a few mosquitoes come in my bedroom. Sometimes, I spray diluted Dettol (antiseptic germicidal) in my bedroom to keep the mosquitoes away.

mother of 5
Mosquito repelant and plenty of it. Reappling every four hours. They make spray for yards too ---this does help.
Don't leave any standing water---if you have animals put a very little bleach in the water bowls this will clean mosquito larvae. Stay inside. Lavender candles work believe it or not. Small bug lights also kill mosquitos.
Avon has a repelant made by Skin so Soft and it is real good.

Good luck----------they are bad where I live too--so I know the feeling

That Ultra-Thon mosquito repellent works really well. It's better than OFF.

citronella or off bugspray. but citronella smells better.

For a natural soultion rub a lemon against the esposed skin, it works and softens your skin, donn't get it in your eyes though.

eat bananas and some garlic
like u can have ur bananas in a fruit salad and put some garlic to give some taste to ur bread or your meal ... that should work

Just Ducky
The chemical DEET, which is in OFF bug repellant. Spray it on, they won't bite.

Use a repellent. There are several good ones on the market.

i started buying lemon eucalyptus lotion last year.
works good without deet.and inexpensive.

Try Brewers Yeast. You'll find in the vitamin section.

You'll have to take it for a few days before it becomes effective

Works form the inside out!

put lemon on your wrists and ankles.(you wont smell it!) no SERIOUSLY it works.

Definately plenty of garlic in your diet.Please note that the garlic does not work immediately but has to get right through your system.
I believe tasteless/odourless garlic capsules are now available which you may find more acceptable but I don't know if they are as effective.

Ray H
Lots Of Garlic The Downside Is YoU Will Walk Around Stinking Like Garlic Not Only Does It Keep The Misquotos Away it Also keeps the Ladies Away! But Garlic Will Do It (Garlic Comes Out of your Pores If You Inhjest it To Much but I Promise You No more Insects!!!)

pennyroyal essence of oil works pretty good for me. Do not ingest!

MOSQUITO BANDS available at all airport shops my wife never
has a holiday withoct these bands

I live in northern Sask. where our mosquitoes are vicious. I have found several solutions:
-wear clothing that covers you
-put citronella essential oil (4 or 6 drops) in 1/8th cup carrier oil such as olive or grapeseed and put it on exposed skin
-don't wear scents or wash clothes with scented soap- use washing soda or borax only for clothing as this doesn't attract the bugs
- put dirt on your skin...just rub it on. They don't like that
- set a fan beside you if possible
- notice how some people seem to get bitten more than others? Besides the scent thing, there might be a problem with your large intestine. Find a jin shin jyutsu practitioner who will correct the energy flow through your large intestine and that may fix the problem
OR move to the coast where there are few to none.

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