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What relieves a cold??

Additional Details
Please answer!

lots of vitamin c

Get some vapo rub, boil water and put 1 drop of the vapo rub into the boiling water. wait until it has denigrated. put a wash cloth in the water the take it out and drape it over your head. the steam will relive your cold and wont prolong it.

Bedrest and stuff. usally i take an advil and wait.

I have found Zicam nasal swabs very effective in decreasing the duration and symptoms of a cold. In fact, I use one daily, and I haven't had a cold in five years!

Sweat it out.

Gena S
4 daytime: dayquil
4 nighttime: nyquil

Time. Usually 10 days to 2 weeks.

Cold medicine! Like I had these ones from Bayer, they melted on your tounge. Very yummy, and did the job! Hope you feel better!

Unfortunatley, the cold is a virus which means that antibiotics will not kill it. I have seen the commercials for Zicam but I do not know how effective it is. The best thing that you can do for a cold is to try to prevent them by proper hand washing, especially when out in public. Also, if you are running a lowgrade fever, try to tough it out...LOW-GRADE being the key word. If your fever gets very high, then you might want to seek medical attention because, most likely, what you have is NOT a cold. Running a fever is your body's defense mechanism and it is your body's own way of trying to kill the virus.

ok. no resting then, a good sweating exercise helps. It did for me everytime I have a running nose. But dont overdo if you're very sick.

try Advil

rusty s
Doing healthy things like healthy foods,and drinking lots of fluids.Chicken soup is a good go between when you struggle to eat or drink.But your body has to fight it off,and cold medicines are symptom relievers,and the cold can linger or come back even worse,maybe even as pneumonia.

most medicines just relieve the symptoms, but that can actually make the cold last longer.

I started using this "Zicam" product a few years back, it does better than anything else at actually getting you over the cold faster.

of course, also make sure you are getting enough rest, eating right, plenty of fluids, etc.

I have done so much research over the last month because every patient I see has these crummy symptoms.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for the cold symptoms. It is almost always viral, rather than bacterial, so antibiotics don't do any good for it. Even though there isn't a good "cure," at least you can treat the symptoms to help you feel better.

First of all, antihistamines like Chlor-Trimeton or Benadryl seem to do a very good job. Even though it isn't an allergic reaction, it still has some good effects when used because of the inflammation. These should generally be used at night, because they can make you drowsy. Also, Ibuprofen is good at reducing a fever as well as inflammation in your sinuses or throat. It also helps to reduce the pain or general discomfort of your symptoms. If you have kidney problems or take a blood thinner, you can take Tylenol instead.

A nasal saline spray is useful to reduce the blockage of your sinuses. When you put it in your nose, point the nozzle towards your ear before spraying, rather than directly up. This will help prevent your eyes from burning. If that doesn't work well, a steroid nasal spray helps reduce the inflammation there and allow your sinuses to drain. Afrin or Neosynephrine are good decongestant sprays, but you can't use them for longer than 3-5 days because of the risk of rebound congestion.

Pseudoephedrine is a good decongestant, but don't take it at night or you won't sleep well. Also, if you have high blood pressure, you may not want to take this. Mucinex is good for chest congestion, and helps to dry out your mucus membranes. Lastly, a cough is a good thing because it helps to get rid of the junk, but at night it can be bad because the cough keeps you up at night. A cough suppressant like Guiafenesin is good to use at night, just to help you sleep well.

You can expect the symptoms to last for about 5 days or so, and the cough itself can last as long as two weeks or so. Usually, they are not needed, though. You should at least not feel so crummy after about 3 to 5 days, though. If the congestion lasts for over 1-2 weeks, you may have developed a secondary bacterial infection, and antibiotics may help you. There is some anecdotal evidence that Echinacea and Zinc help with cold symptoms, but these are not studied well enough to know if there is proven benefit.

Hope that helps. Good luck with everything

better check with your doctor,because he can do better,maybe
the doctor can check everything,but if you have done that and nothing good happen,maybe it is time for a second opinion.


antibiotics... tylenol cold and flu.. DRUGS of any kind.. my GOd.... do u live in a box?

t 4
I had a european roommate a long time ago that used to make me tea with lemon, honey and a tiny bit of ginger in it when I was sick - it always made me feel so much better.
The honey is soothing on the throat, the lemon eases phlegm and the ginger simmers down the tummy.

get well soon!

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