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 If you are lactose and tolerant what kinds of cheese can you have?
I have just discovered that I am lactose and tolerant and my mom found out that people that can't have dairy are able to eat gouda cheese. Is that true? Are there other cheeses that people can ...

 Do you need to wear a medic alert bracelet if you're allergic to penecillin?

 What can I give my 1 yr old if he's allergic to diary? How will he get calcium?
My husband has this allergy too, but its not just dairy hes allergic to. He can drink fresh milk from a farm that has not gone through the homogenizing and pasteurizing process. These processes ...

 I don't remember anyone having peanut allergies growing up, now i hear it all the time. Why the increase?
I grew up in the 1980's for the record....

 I have dandraf .i been use lot of anti dandraf shampo.but stiil i'm suffering this thing. how could i reduse ?

 Major sinus problem...help please?
I don't remember the last time I was able to breathe out of my nose. I've taken every allergy medicine out there. I went to a ENT doctor and he gave me Xyzal...he said it was the best one ...

 Help asap please!!!!Gluten free and casein free?
I am trying to put my son on the "AUTISM DIET" but I have a problem being that he only drinks milk he really doesn't eat any real food and I need a milk like product does any one know??...

 itching in the throat is it an allergy or acidity?

 Does Hay fever Ever Go Away ?
Okay so I have hay fever and have suffered with it for as long as I can remember. Im 14 now.

Will I have it for the rest of my life ?
Do I stop being allergic to it with age ?... If ...

 i havent eaten for 4 or 5 days is there something wrong with me?
im not every hungry every time i bring food to my mouth i just end up putting it ...

 I've got a question about allergiesÂż?
This time of year is really bad for me and it always has been. I wake up with a sore throat. I'm always congested, if i work out doors i can't stop sneezing. I was wondering if anyone else ...

 are you allergic to anything?
are you allergic to anything? im allergic to benedryl, doctors always laugh because i got a allergic reaction to something that was sapposed to help my allergies. =)...

 What medicine should I use to treat my son's allergy?
Nothing works. He is almost 5 years old. He has itchiy nose and eyes. I have tried Children's Benadryl, Claritin, and Reactine (Zyrtec) Is the American Zyrtec the same as the Canadian Reactine?...

 Do you ever get bloody noses?
I get them all the time and im just wondering but how do you no if its a problem??...

 I'm allergic to dark chocolate, does white chocolate have the same ingredients?and could I eat it?
I don't know if it is the coco in the dark chocolate or what, I don't like nor drink coco, so could it be the coco that I am allergic too?...

 Can a person become allergic to cats (cat hair) even if they weren't when they were younger?
I wanted to know if I might be allergic to cat's because I am taking care of a cat for my friends and I get really congested and/or have an annoying runny nose. I used to be around cat's ...

 Im sick...:'(?
My nose is red. and it hurts from bloeing my nose what can i do or apply to it?...

 Is it possible to be allergic to cigarette smoke?
I DON'T smoke, but my mom does.
When I'm around her and she smokes..
I find it hard for me to breath..
And I get really bad headaches..
and sometimes I feel like I'...

 If a person was sick, (sore throat, and cough) how long should they wait to go visit the doc?

I don't know what I did wrong.... I have used it before and I needed to get rid of unwanted hair above my upper lip so I left it on for the time it told me and now it is BRIGHT red! HELP PLEASE! ...

What is your opinion of head &shoulders shampo ?
What is your opinion of head &shoulders shampo ? I see that it really cleans but it is too veavy on the scalp and sometimes it itches it .

Never used it, cant comment

loose ur ur hair 4m head to shoulders !!!! lol

If you need a dandruff shampoo, Selsun Blue works better. Head and Shoulders shampoo is too mild for serious cases of dandruff. On the other hand, the tar shampoos are too harsh.

Madame M
It doesn't work at all for me -- makes me itchier and flakier.

What really helps me is a vinegar rinse -- about a cup of vinegar mixed with two or three quarts of warm water. I swish my head in that, and it's wonderful! But I smell like a salad.

Chamomile tea is much nicer smelling and does almost as good of a job (scalp-wise) as the vinegar.

I've been plagued with a flaky and itchy scalp for years. I found that none of the dandruff shampoos helped, and regular shampoos made things even worse. I've tried Head and Shoulders, Panteen Dandruff Prevention, Selsun Blue, etc.

I recently switched to Melaleuca Naturals shampoo. The shampoo doesn't contain all the man-made chemicals that are usually found in our regular personal care products. It's all natural and it contains Melaleuca oil, which is a natural soother and healer. It has made a big difference for me. It's light and conditions as it cleans. I'll never go back to my other stuff.

If you need to know where to buy it. Feel free to e-mail me :o)

Bruce W.
It works well for the first or second time. But there is a problem. If you use it more than three times, the pH level of your scalp could raise, so when you stop using it, the dandruff would appear again, then you will need a stronger shampoo or highest amounts of H&S. It is strongly recomend to use a medicated shampoo or a smooth shampoo for the dandurff.

It`s just another trade mark.

I use it because I get flakes, I use a conditioner afterwards.


its normally fine but you need to get something a little milder and use conditioner afterto revive your scalp

Head and shoulders works great if you don't use it as your everyday shampoo. use only about 2-3 times a week and use regular shampoo AND conditioner between washing with head and shoulders.

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