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just curious :)...

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Peggy B
What is the best way to handle a nose bleed?
I take care of my Grandma most weeks and she occasionally gets these nasty nosebleeds that won't stop. Any suggestions? Is there something I should be doing besides using kleenix, pinching the bridge of her nose, and having her sit up? Thank you.
Additional Details
She has already seen a doctor about it.

I always stuff kleenix into my daughter nose when it happen
it will take a couple of minutes and it will stop

my daughter have it 2-3 times a week

Why R sum so selfish
Take her to the doctor and ask them to pack her nose, that is very common procedure to stop nose bleeds. Im not quite sure what is all involved in the packing but my family member had it done and he has no more nose bleeds. Ever VS daily for years.
It may be a new medication she is on too, sometimes meds thin out peoples blood and can really play games with your blood.

Greg E
Well... thats about all you can do honestly. Sounds like you're doing a good job. :-)

Does her doctor know that she has nose bleeds this often? If not, please get her checked out as it could relate to blood pressure. As far as stopping them, leaning forward and direct pressure are the right things so it sound like you are doing everything. For each nosebleed if they last longer than 10-12 minutes she should be getting checked.

Pinch the nose with a tissue, while laying DOWN. Have her stay down for about 5-10 minutes until clotting occurs. If she is on blood-thinners (which many older people are), that could be part of the problem. Cold weather is also a cause.

If the bleeding becomes profuse, please call her physician.

Love & Blessings to Granny!

Apply pressure on top of the nose and make a small tissue make it a ball and stick it in the nose and breath normal. good luck

pour cold water on head.

Prof. Carl PhD
Just apply pressure to it, and instead of asking yahoo, try asking a doctor. I'm sure they know more about it than I do. I just want points.

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