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 I have been sneezing since morning and it just wont stop. Any suggestions?

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Are u born with allergies or can they develope during life?
Additional Details
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 Does this mean i'm allergic?
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 My nose is running. Where the h#$% does all the snot keep coming from?
If I have an allergic reaction or catch a cold, my nose keeps running. It seems there is an infinite supply of snot. The box of tissues can barely keep up. Literally.

Where does all ...

What is the best otc remedy for a toddler's dry cough? May be weather allergies too...?

Lori K
Humidifer. It's probably dry air from the heating system.

Lisa J
Use a humidifier (not a vaporizer) and use honey thinned to cough syrup consistency with warm water.

Penny M
Don't use cough med. it can be dangerous for toddler.

vicks vapor rub a humdifier and some dimetapp for coughs. and plenty of fluids rich in electrolyctes like powerade or gatorade.(no lemon lime flavorand no milk whatsoever, it produces mucus)

try two teaspoons of maple syrup or honey. They will coat his throat and allow him to rest. Cough medicines are no more effective and can be dangerous

Goddess of Laundry
A recent study has shown that a teaspoon of honey is more effective in cough control than any cough syrup or medicine. The researchers believe that there are medicinal properties to the honey, which has been used for centuries, topically, to help heal cuts.
They don't really know why....
They just know it works...

Vicks is good and a dab in each nostril with some rubbed on the chest at night helps as the body heat vaporizes it and help to clear sinus congestion. Also a humidifier if the house is dry. I wouldn't give honey to a toddler without asking a pediatrician. Prior to one year it's a definite no no. The FDA has just recently advised against giving OTC cough and cold remedies of any kind to young children. The ingredients can be life threatening in some cases.

I use Triaminic thin strips with the pink on the box. For a natural remedy, use a tsp of straight honey (Do not give honey to children under 12 months of age)

Get a humidifier.

Teaspoon of honey or peanut butter. It will coat his/her throat and trap post nasal drip. It also will sooth any irritation that forms on the throat from coughing.

Then lots of fluid to break up mucous.

A cold-mist humidifier is a great help with relieving cold symptoms.

Also, a sippy cup of water is great at bed. They can just reach over and get it and relieve their dry throat.

You may talk to your pediatrician or an allergist. 1/2 t. of Claritin Syrup (the target generic is cheaper) has really helped mine. They no longer get that post-nasal drip that seems to cause that dry cough.

Good luck...and I wish you a full-night's sleep!

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