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Hojatollah M
What is the best medicine or cure for my wife's allergy?
my wife is 30.it's about 3 years that she is suffering from sth like allergy specially in summer.she sneese alot and throat and ear itching.sometimes it makes her very weak.physicians give her a lot of medicines like spray and even antibiotics but it has a temprary effect.we really beg your help ???

a tablespoon of local honey each day is a natural remedy that worked really well for me. It has to be local, you can usually find it at a beekeepers store or a farmers' market.

I have the same problem,there is know cure.Tell your wife stay away from flower and perfumes and strong smell.

Lawrence R
Seems like a simple warm salt water gargle twice a day and daily deep breathing exercises should help.


Has she tried allergy medicines like Claritin (non-drowsy) or Benadryl (causes drowsiness but works great for severe symptoms)? If she has she might consider asking her doctor about allergy shots. They did miracles for a friend of mine.

She needs to go to an allergy specialist and get tested. Then she needs allergy desensitation shots. They give you a tiny extract of the allergin and slowly build it up over a few years till she is no longer allergic. I used to have bad allergies too. I had desensitation shots. I had shots for 9 years. I stopped 5 years ago and I still have the benefits. It took 2 years for the shots to start helping me. They really work.

I live with BAD allergies. Ive tried everything, and I find that benedryl has worked better than anything.

same as above

Ugh, that's no fun!

Yes, if you can, you should find out what she's allergic to so she can be treated for it. In the meanwhile, an air cleaner for inside your house and a mask for when she has to be outside might help: My husband and I have similar sensitivities, and he wears a mask when he mows the lawn. It saves him from a lot of misery.

prevention is better than cure,...try to avoid her all the things that triggers the attack....

mike L
maybe black mold in the house someplace. find out what she is allergic too. maybe see another Dr. There maybe something else going on too.

Claritin. I get the seasonal allergies as well, I am actually suffering from it right now. It dries you up really bad, though, so I sleep with a humidifier. Good luck.

There is no cure - but it can be controlled with the right medication. Ask your doctor to give her an allergy test and ask him what the right medicine would be to treat that specific allergy.

I take 2 seperate ones for mine.

Know it all
The key to allergies is strengthening your mast cells, they are responsible for allergic reactions. If they are not strong then allergies and asthma will happen very easily. Luckily there is a simple cure, Grape seed extract will strengthen the mast cells along with many other benefits, there is no allergy that can't benefit from it, the trick is finding the right dose. Starting with 1mg per pound and working up until you get results then you can start to tapper down the dose until the symptoms start returning then just bring the dose back up a little and that is your maintenance dose.
I know of a patented version of this that is six times more potent than any store brand but mentioning it here would be soliciting.

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