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 Does hypnosis for sneezing fits work? I'm at my wits end!?
I suffer with what can only be described as "break out sneezing days" where I wake up one morning every few weeks and my nostrils are sensitive to absolutely everything. By the end of the ...

 How long before you know you're allergic to a medicine?
I just started a new medicine tonight, topamax for migraines. I took it 2 hours ago, and I'm worried I might have an allergy to it because my throat feels a little swollen... I can still breathe ...

 Can strawberry make you itchie and cause allergy?

 Does this seem like an allergic reaction to a shot to you?
Swelling and a lot of redness right where the vaccine was given and it only got worse in both swelling/size and redness in the next two days. It looks like a huge lump and it's feels pretty hard....

 What are allergies ? Are they harmful?
Now a days more and more people are suffering with different kinds of allergies.Some of the commenest are dust,pollen ,food etc allergies.some allergies even cause suffocation which may even lead to ...

 everything i eat makes me sick?
ive noticed for the past two weeks or so that everything i eat makes me sick to my stomach and i feel like i wanna throw up but i dont...
what is this?...

 Why does my mouth itch whenever I eat certain foods raw?
I can eat plums, pears, apples, carrots and almonds cooked or with something else; but I want to know why they always make my mouth and gums itch when I eat them raw....

 I think i'm allegic to fruit......?
Is that wierd?? Everytime I eat fruit either my throat gets ichy, my stomach hurts, a starts feeling week, or i get heart burn. Are there any doctors out there that can tell me whats going on??...

 How do I stop a cold in it's tracks?
I think im getting a cold and i want top stop it before it gets worse!!!...

 What can I be allergic to?? Completely perplexed.?
I went to an allergist and did scratch testing for about 40 different common allergens. Everything came back negative, but I am experiencing terrible allergy symptoms. Has anyone had the same ...

 Is everyone in the world allergic to poison ivy? VOTE!?
My friend(bob) says everyone is allergic to poison ivy because they have a reaction to it. I(Fred) say that everyone will have a reaction but the people who are allergic will have a more severe ...

 I'm Allergic to Bananas, any solution?!?
I haven't had a doctor conclude I'm allergic but I'm pretty sure seeing how every time I eat them:
1. my throat gets itchy
2. my nose gets stuffy
3. my stomach hurts

 Please name some antibiotics medician for allergy.. Thanks!?

 Sinus Infection, Sinuses, Mucous & Drainage..?
Alright, so, for probably about the last week or so, I've had what I think is a horrible sinus infection. Every 5 seconds, I'm hacking and spitting up post-nasal drip. I hardly have to blow ...

 is it possible that my son is allergic to nesquick the Chocolate powder you put in milk and not to Chocolate?
candy? thank ...

 I seem to be allergic to all cosmetics. Is there an organic line anyone knows of that I might try?
I have used all the cheaper products for years (Maybaline, etc.) Then it seems my body chemistry changed, cause I can't use certain hair products, body soap, or cosmetics. I have since tried A...

 i have itchy bumps, what are they?
I have tiny itchy red Bumps randomly on my legs and arms and a few on my stomach they itch what are they? they are about the size of a bug bite but have stayed much longer than one. they itch bad ...

 What is the best allergy medication when you have watery eyes?
I have allergies just want to know what kind of over the counter medications work best for your eyes. Others that I have tried are for runny nose, sneezing etc....

 Have you had allergy testing for migraines?
My dr said he wouldn't test for food allergies for my migraines. Has anyone been tested and what were the results? Also did you have a hard time convincing your dr to try an allergist?

 Why does sunlight and other bright light make me sneeze?

What is going on with allergies? My kids can't bring food to school now?
First it was peanuts,then sea food,then eggs,then milk,then wheat,there are so many banned foods at my kids school I am at my whits end at what to put in their lunches.If it is good for you it is most likely banned there. Maybe it is time there were schools that were exculsively for allergy afflicted kids. That would make it safer for them and more compassionate to those fortunate not to have allergies. I have family with peanut sensitivities so I am very understanding but there has to be a better way. I am not rich I can't buy fancy nut free,gluten free what evers. Anyone have the same difficulties?
Additional Details
grades jk through 8

Mrs Magoo
This sounds like its getting out of control I think but after reading your post at least I know what to expect to happen in Australia at the moment its peanuts or things that may have nuts in it. I am allergic to penicillin so would that also mean if I was still in school nobody could bring in mouldy bread or cheese Just been a little silly but where is the world going to don't do this don't do that. silly isn't it

The Gadfly
It is a very difficult problem to deal with, however, I've heard that children outgrow allergies.
I became allergic to all my favorite foods in my forties. I think it was because those were the things I was eating all the time.
The good new is, there is a medication that can combat the allergic response and symptoms.
The bad news is that you can't get it in the USA because it's made in Canada and US drug companies do not like Canadian medications being imported. It is also very expensive. It cost me $3 per meal and the capsules cost $1 each.
It is called Sodium Cromoglycate, also Nalcrom, and Cromalyn. (I'm not certain about the spelling, but it's close)
For intestinal allergies, you need to take it orally. As far as I know, it is harmless and has no side effects.

I know this must be very frustrating, but you already know about how serious some of these allergies like the peanut allergy can be. We really need to know why so many kids are developing peanut and other food allergies. ( I have a 20-something child who has just recently developed food allergies to onions and garlic who never had a food allergy before.)

The simplest anwer in this case is to ask the school to provide a list of permitted foods as well as telling you what you shouldn't send. That would be the most practical solution. Another would be for parent groups to work with the school to protect the allergic kids while allowing other parents to be able to pack lunches. Is the cafeteria also as restricted as bring along lunches are? If not, the policy makes no sense.

Allergic kids could be seated in a separate area of the cafeteria and all lunches should be supervised by teachers until lunch and after lunch to prevent allergic kids having access to what they should not have. A strict "no sharing" rule would need to be taught and water fountains might need to be replaced by bottled water. (One child died after drinking water from a fountain previously used by a child who had eaten peanut butter,)

BTW, there is a safe peanut butter substitute called PeaButter available that is supposed to taste like the real thing. It's available in some stores and over the internet.

One thing bothers me: you want the kids with allergies shipped off to separate schools to make them safe, but what on earth makes you think they should be made to feel guilty for having a medical condition and be "more compassionate" for healthy kids? If anything, those healthy kids need to learn compassion for those who are put at risk from simple foods.

Isn't it ridiculous? Things are so over-regulated these days!

I agree that kids with severe allergies have a right to be safe from exposure while at school, but come on! Peanuts & seafood can cause anaphylactic reactions, but wheat and dairy just usually cause those who are sensitive/allergic to them to get a rash or stomach ache. It's not like a child that touches something made of wheat will stop breathing! With such limitations, what on earth do they serve for hot lunches at school?

Our school has some food resrictions, though not as severe as those at your school. However, kids aren't allowed to celebrate their birthdays with cake, cupcakes or ANYTHING sugary. We have to bring a bag of pretzels or a "loot bag" full of pencils and stickers to hand out. Woohoo what a party.

I feel sorry for the kids growing up nowadays. They are so over-protected that they don't get to live. : (

We had a second grader die a few years ago when he was given a bag-lunch by the school for a field trip which contained peanuts in a cookie. The boy had a fatal reaction. The school was sued by the parents, as his condition was known to them and the cookie was included in all the bag lunches and no exception was made for those who were allergic. The parents won a large sum of money, but there's no winner here. All that can be done is totally seclude the allergic kids from the general population and make them feel even more ostracized. It sure is a dilemma. If the schools have to worry about a child bringing food and then trading for something that they may have a reaction to, then of course, they have the right to deny any outside foods be brought in. Try to get involved with the lunch program and make sure there are healthy choices and not just junk food available.

At least you can still do fruits right? Apples, oranges, grapes are all good snacks, vegetables too would be good snacks or foods for their lunches. Lunch is probably harder to think of. Is this a school for younger kids (like kindergarden)?

Juices would be good drinks that would provide good sources of nutrition (apple juice, orange juice, raspberry juice, etc). Surely there are alternative foods for lunches? Maybe turkey or chicken, or those quick cook rice. There should be plenty of alternatives for your kids to have a safe and healthy (and hopefully tasty) lunch.

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