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 How can I minimise dust in my bedroom?
Ok we have one of those air purifies downstairs and I don't really want one in my bedroom because I hate the sound it makes. Is there anyway I can minimise the dust without an air purifier?...

 For the past two years I have been clearing my throat and nothing seems to help me overcome it, what's wrong?
I have tried medicines and nothing works. It seems to happen more after I have eaten. It is not painful but rather painless fixture in my day. Any advice or help?...

 Can allergies (runny nose, sneezing & watery eyes) turn into a sinus infection?

 what's the difference between a cold and allergies?

Additional Details
wow all great answers thanks
my son has allergies and he has them all year we got a apt to find out what exactly causes it i think dust and this house gets it ...

 Why do I get hives if I'm not allergic to anything?
They just appear usually on my head. Then I take prednisone which I don't like. Any reason or treatment?...

 I just found out my son is allergic to dogs and cats, but I don't want to get rid of my animals.?
Is there any way to manage his symptoms?...

 Why do I get light headed around cigarette smoke?
I work around smokers in a machining plant... The past few days I have been getting light headed around the smoke. When I go home I am fine. I walked into work today and felt fine. I started working ...

 Can you be allergic to Benadryl?
I took 2 pills one hour ago and now I am dizzy and nauseous. Is this normal?
Additional Details
Thanks everyone! Turns out that it was making me incredibly sleepy. That was definitely ...

 For those of you with food allergies, what would you have done?
When a grocery store is giving out free samples, if you ask the person in charge if it contains a certain ingredient because you are allergic to it; if the person assures you that it does not and you ...

 Help .. Red itchy kind of swollen eye?
ok, well it's like an on&off symptom really. If i dare touch my eye i know it will start to get very irritated and start to itch and then i start to rub it, and afterwards it would be quite ...

 will a vinyl matress cover keep dust mites from coming in or out of the matress?
i have bad allergies, and have ruled out most everything except dust mites... i think this is the problem... i'm sicker in the morning, which could be attributed to dust in the mattress... ...

 Throat's sore & my left ear won't clear when I hold my nose & blow them out. What do u think is causing this?
And what over-the-counter meds do you think I could/should take to combat this weird cold....

 Is it possible to be allergic to mosquito bites?
I was outside for more no more than 10 minutes and got FOURTEEN mosquito bites. Ridiculous I know!
Well, whenever I get mosquito bites they get really big and hurt and itch really bad. They ...

 how come im not allergic to anything??
from good to medicne im just not allergic what does this mean??...

 Skin hurts after shower. I use a moisturiser and vaseline after shower, but skin burns and hurts. Why?

 What's the best way stop itching mosquitoe bites?
my husband welps up really bad about 5 minutes after he gets bitten and we want to know the bset way stop the welps and itching them....

 My whole family has allergies/asthma.I've heard all my life that moving out west(US) cures them.Is that true?
If it is and you could point me to some information about moving out west to cure allergies/asthma I would really appreciate it
Additional Details
Maybe I wasn't specific enough, I ...

 I'm allergic to cats, but I have one! Besides getting rid of the cat, what can I do to help me?

 Help me plz?
well im like sneezing every five min and im takeing this tyenol allerge but its not working give me some help ...

 I woke up death in my left ere help what could it be?
I woke up and im death in one ear?! Im really worried! im only 15 is there any illnesses i might have?


Cosita Rica
What are you allergic to...?
and how you get by everyday?

Pablo (Argentino (H) )
hjaja gracias
te dejo mi msn ;)

[email protected]

y mi flog



Im Lactose Intallerant. Tht means im allergic to dairy products. It is hard, but i can eat ice cream and chocolate, just not too much. andd i cant drink Regular milk at all or i will get sick. I have to drink Lactose Milk. it is gross. lol

book luva
im not allergic to anything

But i just have to live with it!

Luv Addict37
I am allergic to basically every type of trees (I got tested) I get allergy shots once a week :-(

Leizl T
my sister is allergic to seafood.
she just stays far away from it when ever we eat it.
but my sister doesn't eat it.
she eats something else like chicken.
i am allergic to my pet lizard so my dad gave him away.
my sister is allergic to him too.

im allergic to:

grass and

i just live. triethanolamine is in almost everything but i just live with the burning and stinging. it hasnt been that bad lately though. i just sneeze when im around fresh cut grass and thats not that bad. and im using hypo-allergenic soap.

and im lactose intolerant! i can only have a small amount of dairy products!

watermelon, pollen, dust, penicillin.

Benadryl and a watermelon free diet.

latex, avocado, kiwi, banana, tomato, pineapple, and cats. I have had an anaphalatic episode with latex. You just stay away from whatever you are allergic too. Not that hard. I have a medalert bracelet too.

Your One & Only source :)
For some reason now. My body has been changing so much in the way that I've been getting allergic to things I've never been allergic to. Like Cinnamon ( which i hate to eat so i could care less). But I mean I just don't eat anything that contains cinnamon. I told all my friends to not give me any cinnamon.

I've never had anaphylaxis to anything, but i'm pretty sure i'm allergic to:

Yellow melon
Kiwi Fruit
And more..

And then i have hayfever, and fur allergy and smoke allergy... rahrahrah.

I'm getting allergy tested soon... so we'll see...

Oh and then a ton of intolerances. My body hates me.

I'm allergic to basically everything outside: molds, pollens, spores, weeds, grass, etc. I'm also allergic to dust and dust mites, as well as the natural yeast that our bodies produce (so I'm basically allergic to myself :D).

This summer, I went through my third sinus surgery. Allergies were part of the cause of my nasal polyps, as well as anatomical problems. I take OTC Alavert everyday, use Veramyst nasal spray, and I'm receiving allergy shots.

The best thing you can do is visit an ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor), or an Allergist. They can help isolate what you're allergic to and then decide how to treat it. It's done wonders for me, although I still have problems during bad allergy season.

Hope this helps!

I'm allergic to:

Reglan (anaphylactic reaction)

Grass pollens

I also have asthma.

My dogs now live outside (except when weather conditions don't permit it, then they stay in a specific area of the house). I have an air cleaner, a device that reads the humidity in the house, a humidifier and a dehumidifier and someone to clean my house on a regular basis.

I also take a number of medications for allergies and asthma and get a flu shot each year.

I do my best to avoid allergens or things that I know will trigger my asthma (like dust, certain chemical odors, etc.). I also have changed my lifestyle to add more exercise and healthier eating habits.

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