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 I've broken out, had a sore/swollen mouth/throat and my skin felt like it was on fire after i had peanuts?
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 Can't stop Coughing?
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no symptoms of cold or fever
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also have no allergies, despite the mistakened ...

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 i get a tight chest when theres dust in the air is it serious?

 i think my stuffed animal is sick?
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what ever shall i doo!?...

 i have been sick, and now both of my eyes are blood shot red,what do i do to get get rid of the red eye?
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 Help! Woke Up With Bloody Nose..?
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 My eye keeps itching me really bad. How can i make it stop?
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 i have a habit of picking my nose and eating it and i can't stop!!!?
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 What type of shower is better for itches; hot or cold?
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 what are you allergic to?
i cant eat fish. ...

 Can a school ban all kids from brining food w/nuts if one kid is allergic to nuts?

 What are you allergic to...?
and how you get by everyday?...

 Best medicine for Allergies?
My allergies have acted up so much recently, this year in particular. I've tried Claratin with next to no help, it worked at first but now... not so much. What is, in your opinion, the best?

 i have a wheeze sound inside an it have me coughing a lot?

 Can you recommend a good treatment for hayfever?
This is the first time I've got hayfever so don't have a clue what to buy. bendryl, piriton, clarityn, eurux cream, lanacane cream, various nasal sprays....it all confuses me. Just need ...

Theres something in my throat that really smells. Please Help?
theres something in my throat that looks like a piece of chewing gum. I have to spit it out once every 4-5 months. i guess it takes time for it to develop in my throat. when i know its there, i could feel the discomfort in my throat especially when i swallow. Its like a lil fish bone got stuck there. It really smells when i spit it out. i dont think this is serious cuz i look good, im doing fine, no health issue here. I just wanna to know if this is normal
Additional Details
how do i cure this? how do i prevent this from happening again?

I'm sorry but when I read this I almost laughed out loud.

That is just WEIRD :P EWWW

I have never heard of anyone with that before.

My only advice is to SEE A DOCTOR IMMEDIATLY!!!


Candice D
Go to the damn doctor.

Its called idkmyrbffjill? syndrome
Go see the doctor...

Melissa S
No I don't have little fish bone looking things that smell coming out of my throat . Go see you DR that AINT normal.

odds are it may be an infection. or a problem with your lymph nodes. (AKA tonsils) They could also be Adenoids~
I would go see your local GP
odds are you may need a course of antibiotics. or even the surgical removal of your adenoids.

But I don't know it all. I don't have a degree, so as I said, go see your GP!

eheh, like my rhyme? fairly lame I know, but maybe it will stick in your head.

Woaaah (:
that's disgusting.
go see a doctor. now.

go to a doctor


I can totally tell you what that is! Okay so I myself used to get those to, i kind of figure it would be this when i saw the weustion they are little white balls in the back of your throat lots and lots of people get them and you cann scrape them out they are a collection of sinus draingage

DEFINITELY not normal. No one produces things they need to spit out every so many months.

Go see an ENT (eye nose throat doctor) as soon as possible and describe what's happening. Just because you aren't sick now doesn't mean you are 100% healthy.

That is normal. I spit them out too. Could be concentrated flem or old food particles.

BTW, I've been getting them for years and I'm perfectly fine. I am studying speech language pathology, so a lot of our study emphasizes on the lungs and larynx (throat/ voice box). This was never mentioned before, so it may not be too serious. The most likely thing it is are old food particles.

Chew your food thoroughly. A lot of people get this when they don't chew their food enough and food particles get stuck in little crevices in the throat and it begins to rot causing you to have halitosis, aka bad breath.

You have TONSIL STONES. So sorry! :(

Don't worry, you won't die from it. But if you get your tonsils removed, that will cure the problem.


I have this same problem. It's called Tonsil Crypts, and can be described as swollen tonsils with "crypts" or cavities in them which catch food as you swallow it. This is gonna sound gross, but eventually the food starts going bad - it will turn white and become hardened and give you bad breath because of the bacteria in your saliva breaking it down (at that point, they are called "tonsil stones"). Unfortunately, the only way to cure it is to get your tonsils out.
Note that this is not the same as tonsilitis, and you will not feel sick or have a sore throat or any other symptoms. It also has nothing to do with lymph nodes.
It's gross, I know, and I'm sorry to say it doesn't go away on its own - in fact it may get worse if your tonsils get more swollen or the crypts get bigger. If it really bothers you, you should get your tonsils removed.
Don't listen to the people on here trying to freak you out saying you need to go to the doctor ASAP - they don't know what they're talking about - it's not dangerous, no more than a neusance. The worst it could do is give you a scratchy throat from time to time.

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