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The Lone Wayfarer,aww,so ...

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 i have a purple spot on my nose but nobody punched me in the nose?

 is my nose really horrible?
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Sore Nose? Any advise?
Okay. So two days ago, I woke up with the right side of my nose sore. If i touched it, flared it, or wrinkled it, it would hurt. It feels like a got hit, but the thing is I didn't. Should I see a doctor, or just watch it for two days more? I live in Arizona if that has to do with anything and I'm 13. Can maybe it be allergies even though I'm not allergic to anything?
Additional Details
Its on the the inside it feels like.



You might have a pimple inside your nose. Check it out with a mirror.

Soul Warrior
Steam, hot vapor


Baby Cakes
i would say wait for 2 more days and if it doesnt clear up, see a dermatologist

Put a dab of 'savlon' on it over night, it will work wonders for a sore nose.

loli pink
You should quickly see a doctor, because this might be danguras, or a spreedable germ!

Alecs B
yea, see a doctor before it gets any worse, u c, small things can make you a freak sometimes.

Li Ann
It may be because of the dry climate in Arizona. Try to use some saline nasal drops, they're sold at most pharmacies. If it goes on for more than a few days, you should go to a doctor.

Sam W
Hi. I had that once, I think it was a sinus infection. I don't know if you have it there but it is called clarinitine and it helps get rid of the pain. You can also leave it and it should go away after a week or so.

Ryan T
I have had this too!! just leave it, it'l go away

Yes, see your doctor. It may be a deviated septum. Possibly a sinus infection, though those usually cause pain behind the eyes, and forehead.

i think i know what has happened, but add in details, is it on the inside or outside or middle of your nose? because if its on the out side or middle, it might be a spot basically growing under your skin, a bacterial infection though, if it was a regular spot it would be on the outside, this thing will rise eventually into a spot, and believe me, leave it and it will go away in about a week and a half, touch it and maul it and it will grow and stay for a month-4 weeks- and then leave a scar.

Could be dry air. try running a humidifier while you are sleeping.


Go to the Doctor

maybe a pimple, u picking ur nose, using rought tissue, the weather, try not to touch it and leave it alone if the pain gets worse go see a doc.
hope u get better

stop picking it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley A
Perhaps there's a pimple trying to break through.
It happens to a lot of people...
it's not gross... Normal.

sounds like a pimple LOL

if it WERE allergies, it would be a pain on both sides, towards the top of your sinuses (near the bridge of your nose) and your nose would feel super dry and really tender. then you can take over the counter allergy pills, or see a dr.

really sounds like a pimple tho- pimples in ears and in noses are very painful.

grow some mj

you should just wait for awhile you might be sick.If it doesn't go away in a couple of days than you need to see a doctor.

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