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 My husband has wedding ring dermatitis, how do we cure it??? We've tried everything!?
We've been married almost 6 years and my husband has semi-sensitive skin. Over the past 4-5 months his wedding ring finger has become rashed, red, painful and swollen at the area his ring sits ...

 I have the flu or a bad cold and need to clear mucous?
I need something to help clear out some of this mucous dripping in my throat.. Occasionally after a coughing fit it gets lodged right in the back of my throat. I dry heave and gag on it, loosening ...

 I ate some prawns yesterday morning and felt very ill just 10 mins after. Can food posining happen so quickly?
I felt dizzy, and everytime I moved my head I felt like if I was going to vomit. Although I vomit at least 3 times yesterday....

 insect bites....?
this is a picture or insect bites that i have on my face(this obviously isnt a picture of me,but they are the same bites as i have on my face,...

 Is Pepcid used for itching?
I think I MIGHT have had an allergic reaction because I broke out and it started itching a lot so I went to the doctor and he prescribed me protozone. He also said for me to take a benedryl and if ...

 Cow's milk vs. soy milk...?
I've been allergic since I was little...my symptoms now aren't nearly as bad as when I was younger. (I get small breakouts if I have dairy now, and when I was little I got eczema that ...

 do animals suffer from allergies or is it just a human 'thing'?

 My nose has been congested for like 7 months?
it's been almost fully congested every day. nasal sprays dont work, and i dont know whats wrong :[ any ideas on what it is and what i can do to help?...

 I used generic febreze and now my son has rash could this be a allergic reaction . that is the onehting new ih?

 I'm allergic to something in my house, but I don't know what, what should I do?!?
I've been staying at a friend's but I can't stay there every day and I don't have an allergy test until next week. I have no idea what I'm so allergic to....

 Milk Intolerance?
I have an unusual intolerance to skimmed/semi skimmed milk. More than the amount used in a cup of tea/coffee gives me stomach cramps. I'm perfectly ok with whole milk. Does anyone else ...

 Could i have a nose job at 14?
this isnt my naturall nose.. my nose was perfect until the age of like 10/11 then my bro pushed me into a wooden table and i broke it=(
Additional Details
i probably will want it.. but ...

 may i know the tips how to cure dry cough?

 Well I am getting a lot of stuffy nose and watery eyes and I also have a itchy nose!?
What could it be? I can't even sleep at night until I have turn to the right direction....

 What are the best medicines for human cat allergies?
I don't know many, but what are the best medications for humans who have allergies with cats....

 What's the best hay fever cure?
I have been trying local honey this year instead of those horrible tablets that make me feel rotten. what have you tried?
What works?...

 I just ate something expired,should I be worried?
I just ate expired noodles & the date was 2/18/08. Will I get Sick or Something?...

 I really want to become a vet in the future as I love animals however I do have mild asthma.?
I really really want to become a vet in the future however I do have mild asthma. I am thinking whether to do A-Level Biology as I am very keen on it. My uncle has a parrot and I have no reactions, ...

 How do you eat wheat, gluten and dairy free at a wedding?

 What kind of Dessert can I make for someone with wheat & dairy allergy?
I'm going to my Dad's for Thanksgiving, and his new wife is allergic to Dairy & Wheat. I want to bring a dessert that she can eat too, because she's been the nicest step-mom I'...

Sinus Infection!?
My sinuses has been acting up real bad lately. What is the best medicine OTC that you have tried?
Additional Details
EARS DO NOT HURT! Just asking what meds is best for sinuses and allergies.

there is a nasal spray that you can get over the counter in any chemist called ovitrium that is really good and can help keep sinus infections away as well as making them better

Ok this is gonna be uncomfortable but it works. Mix a solution of about 1/8 tsp salt and 8 oz of water, put it in a syringe and blow it up your nose.

Claritan is great. But, Tylenol cold and sinus works great as well.

I used to have sinus infection about 20 months ago. Now I'm 23 and I used to live with a bad nose since I hit puberty. Back then I live in South East Asia- extremely hot (average 95F) and extremely humid. Now I live in upstate New York and my sinus infection has totally disappeared. I think the weather has much to do about it. Humidity is the cause for bacteria and fungi to grow in our nostrills. I suggest you stop using the humidifier if you do use one. Topical medicine doesn't work if you still provide the right condition for bacteria to grow in your nostrills.

O.k. so this sounds gross, but try a neti pot. I know people who swear by this thing. It originated in India I think. It's this little pot you use to wash your sinuses. If you use it regularly, it is supposed to prevent infections. Best of all, it doesn't involve any kind of medicine.

If you think you have a sinus infection, that means that yes, there is an infection, most likely caused by bacteria. So, do yourself a favor, pick up the phone, and GO to the doctor. This is not the time to experiment with old wive's tales and self-medication. So, the saline washes can help, but if any you use are designed to 'flush' (not a simple spray) do not use them if your ears hurt (which I'm assuming they do) as they can make things worse when there is fluid in the ear canals. Bottom line: GO TO THE DOCTOR!

Do you want over the counter meds specifically or are you open to natural methods/medicines? If so go here http://www.jentleearthhealing.com/medherb.html and enter in your details and I will get you some help. List things about your diet and so as well as sinus flare ups are usually allergy related.

Craig - Naturopath.

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