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Sick or just Allergies?
Okay June 20th I went to Kings Island in Ohio, and ever since I came back I have had this cough, first I had a sore throat but it only lasted like 2 days at the most and then I just had this horrible cough with a horrible migraine but not all time, maybe every 4 days or so...Anyways then my fiance got sick too, and now Im sicker then ever. At first I just thought it was my asthma acting up, but now Im thinking its worse. I cough, my throat hurts off and on, my allergies are all messed up, and I guess its possible that thats what is wrong, but tonight I got sick then I felt really weak...I been also thinking I could be pregnant and not because of the cough and allergies either, because Im pretty sure Im late, I cant remember my last period but last year I missed it for the whole year and then I got it back this year and it last like 2 weeks out of a month, and Im pretty sure its been almost a whole month...and I just been having the feeling but I dont want to get my hopes up either but Im thinking that could be why I got sick and got weak and after I took some cough medicine and took a couple asprins I dont feel as week...but I dont have any money to go see a doctor, and I was just wondering if anyone thought this sounded rare, or that you agree it might just be my allergies...cause I do have bad allergies and asthma. Thanks so much..

go to a doctor, not only because you think your pregnant but anytime asthma acts up, go. it's pretty serious.

and if your pregnant could affect the fetus.

go to a doctor ASAP! This could be serious.

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